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[YesAuto Industry] On December 17, 2020, an advertisement about Mercedes-Benz engines quickly spread on social platforms. This advertisement used the story of a well-known NBA basketball star to promote its 1.3T engine. This move caused dissatisfaction among many basketball fans, and the star's domestic agency also issued a lawyer's letter to Mercedes-Benz.

According to the description of the lawyer’s letter, on December 17, Beijing Mercedes-Benz Sales & Service Co., Ltd. released an automobile product advertisement with the title “Height is not the only standard for basketball” through multiple social platforms. The distorted and insinuating methods used the name and portrait of Allen Ezail Iverson, and made a derogatory evaluation of Mr. Iverson's physical characteristics.

With reference to the evidence provided by the lawyer's letter, the silhouette of the person used in the advertisement does have a high degree of similarity to Alan Iverson, but the English name on the back of the clothes has been changed to “IVERSEN”. Up to now, Allen Iverson’s certified Weibo has forwarded the news of the lawyer’s letter, but Mercedes-Benz has not yet responded.

Edit comment:

Mercedes-Benz, with its hot sales and frequent price increases, seems to be surrounded by negative news. After hot events such as the “engine cover door” and “A 45 S power failure door”, its official advertisements are also suspected of infringement. It is undeniable that the originality of this advertisement is worthy of recognition. If you can use uncontroversial materials, it could have been a very successful cross-border marketing. This is not only a respect for Mercedes-Benz products, but also a respect for Alan Iverson, the great NBA star. (Image source: @MUHO Behind the Scenes Basketball, Mercedes-Benz; Compilation/Car Home Jiang Che)