[YesAuto News] After GM was layoffs, Ford followed suit. According to foreign media reports, Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas predicted in an investor report that Ford Motor’s recent “restructuring plan” may lay off 25,000 employees, nearly two of the number of layoffs announced by GM last week. Times.

Morgan Stanley's report shows that Ford's so-called “restructuring plan” will focus on the European market, and Morgan Stanley valued Ford's European business at -7 billion U.S. dollars. At the same time, Morgan Stanley speculated that Ford will also have a major restructuring in the North American market, which will involve a large number of American and Canadian employees.

In response to Morgan Stanley’s prediction, Ford spokesperson Karen Hampton responded that Ford is indeed undergoing “structural restructuring”. About 70,000 employees have been notified of this situation. Some positions may be cut by mid-2019 due to the impact of the restructuring. But this move will only be carried out outside of North America, and Morgan Stanley announced the number of layoffs only out of speculation.

On November 28 this year, Ford publicly stated that it would cut the production shifts at two US plants next spring and transfer affected workers to nearby factories that produce SUV models and transmissions. (Information source: AutoNews Compiler: Car Home/Wang Lin)