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[YesAuto Tips for Using Cars] This time we bring you the introduction and usage instructions of the original Beijing Hyundai Sonata Eight original factory navigation. In the previous articles, most of the articles introduced were mainly Japanese, German, and American. The Sonata Eight is what we introduced Now let’s take a look at how its original navigation system is.

Note: It should be noted that the part we show is not all the contents of the original navigation equipment, but only introduces some information on how to use navigation and the usefulness of some options, and for some items that are not frequently used or have nothing to do with navigation We did not introduce it.

Beijing Hyundai Sonata Eight Original Factory Navigation Introduction

At present, only the 2.0L automatic top model and 2.4L automatic top model of Sonata eight sold in China are equipped with the original navigation system. Other models can choose to install, but the specific price has not been announced, and according to our understanding, there are many The navigation system installed in the 4S shop is not an original product. The Sonata Eight system uses a 7-inch screen that supports touch functions. There are also option buttons in the button area below.

Although Sonata Eight uses a touch screen, it still has navigation-related menu buttons, which are integrated with multimedia buttons. It is difficult to find them if you are just getting started. From the design and screen of the navigation menu, there are not too many complicated designs. The icons and text design are relatively simple, but they will not give you a humble and shoddy feeling. This is very similar to Korean products.

After reading the basic information of the map, let's experience the Sonata eight original navigation system with a real gun. Click the “DEST” button to enter the destination selection menu, and select the destination through multiple search methods. The most commonly used is to search by “name”, “address” and “facilities”. We will show you with pictures.

After selecting the destination, you can also change the route according to different needs, and finally click “start navigation”, the system will start to guide, accompanied by voice prompts. Although it is a navigation system that only the flagship model is equipped with, the interface and use process are not complicated. Except for the slightly messy buttons, the performance is quite good in other aspects.


For the Korean brand that has always been known for its high configuration, Beijing Hyundai is no exception to the Sonata Eight, but we are surprised that only the top models are equipped with a navigation system. Compared with ventilated seats and panoramic sunroofs, The cost of the original navigation is not very high, and it is really hard to figure out that there is no large-area assembly. Regarding the use of navigation, it is more consistent with the characteristics of Korean brand models. There are not too many fancy designs, no unfathomable menu options, and some are simple designs and functions that should be available, regardless of the age group of users. You can easily get started, but it's not easy to do it. If Beijing Hyundai is able to popularize this system in its products, it is bound to increase sales. (Picture / Li Yang, Auto House)

Beijing Hyundai Sonata eight-part model parameter configuration≮$9216,9540,9537,9829≯≮#9216,9540,9537,9829≯