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[YesAuto Test Drive] A few days ago, I drove the Roewe W5 3.2 top with the Beijing-Ejinaqi-Qiyi Glacier route. I wrote a lot of travel notes. I suggest that you read the travel notes first and understand the ins and outs. Reading this article will be more fluent.

As someone who drove 5,000 kilometers of Roewe W5 within 10 days, the feeling of this kind of rapid and high-intensity car is really impressive. It is a pity that this experience is not shared with everyone, so in this article I will talk about the W5 in detail. The driving-related content will be written as an article about the most realistic driving experience except for the specific numerical test of acceleration and braking. I hope it will help you whether you choose this car or not.

● Let’s talk about descent first: good news for W5

Manufacturer friends seem to be quite taboo to say W5 pedigree, but I don’t think it is anything. W5 is almost a reissue of the old Mercedes-Benz ML. This is definitely good news for W5, even though it may be the Mercedes-Benz base a few years ago, it is using lean camel than horse. The big reason, I can guess before I get started with W5, this car will definitely not be as loose as some purely autonomous SUVs. Blood lineage is a good thing, manufacturers friends, don't shy away.

● The feeling of sitting up: the steering wheel is controversial

The steering wheel is large, a bit thin, and there are too many multi-function buttons. Generally speaking, I am not satisfied with the feel and operation of the steering wheel. When I first touched the steering wheel, I found that it could not be adjusted forwards and backwards. At first I found it inconvenient. After adjusting the seat, I found the steering wheel. It seems that the front and rear positions are very good. Adjusting the height is enough; the overall sitting posture is really high enough. This is the characteristic of the non-load-bearing body. The steel frame under the floor determines that the height of the car is naturally not too low.

● Views on configuration: the same level is not competitive

Various popular configurations are now common phenomenon. The 250,000-300,000 SUV range is even more scary. W5 has no bright configuration. Everything is simple and terrible. When I got in the car for the first time and saw these conventional configurations, I'm all worried about it. It seems that manufacturers are not in a hurry or afraid that their opponents will put pressure on it in terms of configuration. It seems that the voice-over or subtext is: “I'm not afraid.”

● Discussion on the space: the space is in line with the level of the model released in 2011

For this size SUV, there will be no big problems with the basic riding space. What I like more is that the rear seats of W5 are directly leveled with one button. This is very trouble-free and forms a complete flat space. The next night after the travel notes are returned I went to IKEA and brought my buddies a 2-meter-long workbench to go home. Except for the drawback that the lower edge of the trunk is too high from the ground, everything else is fine.

● Driving noise, vehicle vibration: good to scare people

To be honest, I didn't have an obvious liking for W5 before driving this car, the steering wheel had objections, and the configuration was not high. The car drove 5 kilometers and got on Beijing Fourth Ring Road. I was stunned for an instant. It was driving at a constant speed on the fourth ring road at 80 kilometers per hour. Except for the soft wind noise of the huge mirror, there was no sound or extra body vibration. The car is quiet and terrible. This feeling has been experienced in Mercedes-Benz S cars.

I was very hopeless. I found an exit and drove out of the main road. I stopped the car to see what kind of tires I was using. At the time, I thought that this car must be equipped with high-end tires to be so quiet, and it broke me again. , The tire is a very ordinary Hankook K406, the pattern is ordinary minced meat, it is absolutely impossible to be quiet and vibration-free caused by the quality of the tire itself… I am entangled.

At this time, I started to travel on the road. I always wondered how a 300,000 car can achieve this level of quietness. It is necessary to know whether a car is quiet or not and the truth is that a girl is not in vain, and the truth is that “one white hides a hundred ugly” It can be re-engraved on the car to “cover a hundred ugliness in one quiet”, although the configuration is not as powerful as the opponent, but the sense of grade of driving has completely recovered the disadvantages. I took advantage of the first night of the travel blog to come back and talk to our editor about this. During the test drive meeting, I heard the manufacturer's model introduction. The editor said that it seems that noise suppression is the focus of W5 design, and where there is a soft connection in the frame. In short, He also felt extremely quiet.

In the following journey, we basically drove between 120-150 kilometers per hour, and the noise control was also much better than that of cars of the same class. The excellent mute also makes the bad sound system of W5 naturally upgraded to several grades. No matter how good the sound is, it can't help being noisy. Once the environmental noise is low, the bad sound will definitely be upgraded, hehe.

● 3.2 engine: from the 3.2 engine of the old Benz

This batch of 3.2-liter engines was used in the earlier generation of Mercedes-Benz S with tiger head style. The 3-valve technology is definitely not advanced. Mercedes-Benz has always been unprincipled in engine technology upgrades (not proactive, not rejecting). The overall engine is not advanced enough. The disadvantage is that the fuel consumption control is not ideal. The advantage is that it is strong and durable. It is certainly no problem. This time we ate the W5 from No. 97 to No. 93, ethanol gasoline and even remote roadside stalls to get Coke bottles. Oil, this 3.2 engine takes all, not picky eaters.

The power output of the engine matches the level of the Tiger-headed Mercedes-Benz S, and it is certainly sufficient for the W5 now. The gearbox usually makes you not feel it. It is a successful gearbox. When a gearbox always makes you feel that it exists, it is really a bad gearbox, right? GM S6-6AT, what about you…

Oh, as for the 1.8T engine of the W5, I don’t know at all. I will report it to you after experiencing it in the future.

● Four-wheel drive and off-road performance:

The unloaded body and the low-speed four-wheel drive with torque amplification are enough to prove the off-road powerful ability of the Roewe W5. This has been repeatedly demonstrated in our actual travel notes, whether it is 4L climbing sand hills, 4H driving in the Gobi, or continuous 500 kilometers of bumpy roads. In the overall test of the body, the Roewe W5 gave me an excellent impression of off-road driving. The only thing that is not certain now is whether it has electronic limited slip between the wheels, that is, whether it can pass the cross-axis test, which will be brought to you in the future four-wheel drive test.

● In summary:

Appearance design: see for yourself
Interior design: 2005-2007 design style.
Interior workmanship: qualified workmanship, no surprises
Rich configuration: not as good as rivals
Use of space: qualified ride space, trunk combination/down 100 points
Power output: 3.2 version can meet the demand
Average fuel consumption: It has been tested for several times when driving at a high speed of 120-140 kilometers per hour, and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 12-14 liters, not low
Silent noise reduction: beyond the same level, do not lose all cars within 1 million ( yes, you see that is correct, including Lexus )
Four-wheel drive capability: low-speed four-wheel drive with torque amplification, plus a non-carrying body, the off-road performance can definitely be considered powerful

One sentence summary: W5-3.2 has three biggest advantages: silent noise reduction, solid non-bearing body, low-speed four-wheel drive system with torque amplification; two disadvantages: 3.2 engine is too old, configuration is low

The W5-3.2-liter model seems to be a limited model. It seems that the remaining inventory of the 3.2-liter engine from Mercedes-Benz is running low. Maybe the Chevrolet 3.2-liter engine will be available in the future. The power is not clear, and the fuel consumption is definitely higher than this 3. Valve engines are more affordable. What I want to continue to say is that I actually don’t care whether 3.2 is a Mercedes-Benz or Chevrolet. What I am more concerned about is whether Roewe can continue to invest in the quality of squelch, because too many cases tell us that the first batch of cars has passed. After that, limited to the market and cost, it is the practice of Chinese car manufacturers to shrink some invisible things, even if the so-called rigorous FAW-Volkswagen still shrinks like a flood, if Roewe can always reduce the cost of W5's noise reduction. Continue to invest, then I will always support this car in my life, because the sense of class and driving quality can't be achieved by changing the single-zone air conditioner to dual-zone. This kind of driving quality must be steadfast and careful. Work hard on the small parts of the vehicle, and I hope Roewe will not let us down. (Photo/Text Car Home Han Road)

    After reading it, many people replied that it was a Towen and received the money. A few of my views until I replied that this is Toven’s friends:
1/ I really drove 5000 kilometers, have you driven W5? Even 50 meters?
2/ Since I dare to praise the mute, it must be too good. If you have the opportunity, you can go to the 4S store to try it;
3/ I also admit that its configuration, engine, and fuel consumption are not ideal, please read the full text carefully; in addition, if you invite me to write Towen, I will write that your configuration, engine, and fuel consumption are not ideal, you still Do I check out?

● Roewe W5-3.2 top version parameters/configuration