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[Interview with the owner of YesAuto] Since the launch of the Great Wall WEY brand, consumers have always paid attention to VV5, VV7 or this brand. We have done a detailed experience and evaluation of the VV7 before, but when we showed its 0-100km/h acceleration time of 9.35 seconds and a braking distance of 100-0km/h of 37.94 meters, it attracted a lot of attention. From the onlookers of friends, many people think this report card is too beautiful to be believed.

Well, in this case, today we invited three car owners who have just mentioned the VV7 to share their experience with them. At the same time, we will test the VV7 again in front of them to see the authenticity of our results. .

Our VV7 was purchased by Autohome itself. The reason for this is that we believe that buying a commercial car directly from the market can be more objective and true to all aspects of a car. In other words, what we bought and you bought The results are the same, regardless of the channel or the model.

Today we asked three VV7 owners according to the principle of owner interviews. In addition to letting them know about the testing process of Autohome, we also let them see how we tested a car. The situation has been introduced, we will officially start next.

The first project is to test the acceleration and braking performance of the vehicle. We need to test 10 times in a row for each acceleration and braking test of a car, that is, 0 to 100km/h and then brake with full force, and then the speed of the vehicle is 0. This is one time. The first of the 10 tests is to ensure the objectivity of the data, but also to test the performance of the car itself against thermal degradation, to see how the performance of the first acceleration braking and the last acceleration braking are maintained.

The final ten acceleration results have been listed on the table. Each time the test vehicle condition, weather, temperature, and humidity will have a certain impact on the performance of the vehicle, there will be a little bit of difference in the results.

It can be seen that in this test, our VV7, which has driven more than 2000km, has the fastest acceleration time of about 8.8 seconds, and the slowest time of about 9.3 seconds. The overall level is a bit faster than the test car we got before. This aspect should have a greater relationship with the temperature of the weather and the upgrade of the gearbox system later.

As for the brakes, the number of tests this time was basically stable at about 40 meters, and a few times even at 39 meters, and there was indeed no obvious thermal decline after 10 tests.

When the three netizens who came to the scene saw our entire test process, one of the car owners wanted to experience the feeling of a test, and also wanted to know whether his car can run such a result, in order to ensure safety, we A staff member of, sitting in the car with the owner, debugs the test equipment, and tells the safety instructions in advance. Of course, his car will not be as extreme as our test. He has experienced it twice and the basic acceleration result is about 9.2 seconds. The final result, I think, is enough to show the objectivity and fairness of our previous test of VV7.

In terms of braking, the second-top VV7, that is, the super luxury type, is equipped with 20-inch Michelin tires, which plays an important role. Communicating with several car owners, everyone agreed that the Michelin tires perform better in terms of comfort and noise than the 21-inch wheels used on top of them. Among the three friends, two of them are friends who chose the second best match. The configuration of Michelin tires is one of the important factors that affect their choice.

● Video content review

Finally, I found three VV7 owners, and I took this opportunity to chat with them about some of their experience from picking up the car to the present. However, this is also different from our previous car owner interviews. This time we directly invited car owners who have just mentioned the car. In addition to understanding their car experience, they are actually curious about why they chose this car at once. After all, the starting price is not low, and there are indeed many joint venture brand SUVs to choose from at the same price. So in what way does WEY or Chinese brands give them so much confidence?

● The owner Mr. Wei

Mr. Wei is our first car owner today. Because he himself has the experience of studying abroad, he has a more mature understanding and knowledge of automobiles. From his mouth, we know that the VV7 is the first vehicle he has owned. 12 cars. Speaking of the reason for purchasing VV7, Mr. Wei humorously said that his surname is “Wei”. Of course, Mr. Wei also explained his reason in detail afterwards, and we continue to look down.

Since Mr. Wei's car concept is relatively mature, he can comprehensively consider its advantages and disadvantages when choosing a vehicle, so when Mr. Wei chose VV7, he did not pass the VV7 because of the original fuel consumption storm. Mr. Wei’s car purchase demand is to buy a car for his family’s urban commuting. If this is the main assessment condition, the VV7 relies on its high appearance, rich configuration advantages and the same surname as Mr. Wei laughed. He resolutely chose to purchase VV7.

● Car selection experience

Mr. Wei recalled that when he was choosing a car, he also watched CR-V, Guandao and Trumpchi GS8 in addition to VV7. Mr. Wei talked about the reason for not choosing them. The new CR-V had a brake failure recall soon after it was launched; the size of the crown channel exceeded its actual needs, and the cost-effectiveness of the configuration and so on was not the highest; Trumpchi GS8 power There is a gap between the system technology and the current mainstream level, and the engine sinking incident was also seen in the forum, so in the face of various problems, Mr. Wei gave up the idea of choosing them.

● Car experience

As for styling, Mr. Wei has a very mature understanding. Although the beauty and ugliness of design vary from person to person, coordination or not is where the designer is required to pass the postgraduate entrance examination. Mr. Wei believes that the VV7 is very balanced in design details and does not have particularly obvious strengths. There are no obvious shortcomings.

Since Mr. Wei has more than one car at home, when choosing a VV7, various choices depend on his own personal preferences. After all, he wants to buy a car for himself, so small issues such as trunk space, window lighting area, etc. Mr. Wei readily accepts the imperfections.

In the interior, Mr. Wei pointed out that the central control system is not very easy to use, and also pointed out the design flaws of the storage compartment under the central console. However, Mr. Wei said that for the central control system, he usually uses Bluetooth music the most, and he doesn't use it for navigation, mobile phone interconnection, etc., so this issue will not have any impact on Mr. Wei's car.

In terms of power, Mr. Wei has his own understanding. First, the power is strong and weak. Mr. Wei said that he also loves auto sports very much. There are cars dedicated to “playing” in the professional racing track. Therefore, the power part is not needed. VV7 comes to meet. The second point is that in terms of space, Mr. Wei also has an RV at home. When he occasionally needs to go hiking, he usually uses the RV, so the space is not part of his needs. In the end, he stated that choosing VV7 is because of its quality and his trust in Chinese cars. These two points made him determined to buy VV7.

● Mr. Che Yuan Rui

The second owner is Mr. Zhang Rui, and the VV7 is the second car (or the third car) he bought. Previously, there were two Mercedes-Benz GLAs in the family. The blue one was driving by the wife and the white one was used by Mr. Zhang Rui. Later, Mr. Zhang Rui planned to sell the white GLA and buy a new car to drive. The story between him and VV7 began.

Speaking of the reasons for buying the VV7, Mr. Zhang Rui said frankly that it was completely because of his appearance. The first time I saw the VV7 on the Internet, he was in the same position. He thought that the VV7 was even more pleasing to the eye than his Mercedes-Benz GLA. After that, he also paid attention to the test videos of many car critics. He was worried about the quality of domestic cars and the fuel consumption of the VV7. In the end, his sensibility defeated rationality.

● Car selection experience

Although he is a luxury brand owner, Mr. Zhang Rui has a strong interest in Chinese brand SUVs. He considered Geely Boyue before the launch of the VV7. Of course, the joint venture brand SUVs such as Crown Road and Explorer are also in his consideration. He and his wife went to 4S stores to see and test drive many models. The appearance of VV7 made them give up all other options.

● Car experience

It was the first time I went to a 4S shop to see a real car. The front design of the VV7 left a deep impression on Mr. Zhang Rui. The simple big-mouth grille made him fall in love at first sight. In addition, he is very satisfied with the rim style of the VV7. The 21-inch bigfoot is unique among the same class models, making the whole car look very domineering. Mr. Zhang Rui also affixed a red decorative line to the rim to highlight the sporty sense of the car.

Another highlight of the VV7 front is the dynamic turn signal, which Mr. Zhang is full of praise. Although it is not a high-tech equipment, but with it adorn the VV7 instantly has its own unique temperament, Mr. Zhang also specially posted these small surprises in the car home forum.

For Mr. Zhang Rui, the power of VV7 is sufficient for daily use, but compared with the 2.0T engine of Mercedes-Benz GLA, the gap is also obvious. Before buying the car, he was ready to be a “guinea pig”. According to his own words, the fuel consumption of the VV7 is not much higher than that of the GLA. Even if it is 100 kilometers, the difference is 4 liters, it is only 30 yuan, but the VV7 price Relatively low, and the configuration is so rich, a slightly higher fuel consumption is naturally acceptable.

Rich configuration is a major advantage of VV7, but these configurations also bring another inconvenience, such as streaming media rearview mirror, although it is a bright configuration, but because the display screen is integrated on the traditional mirror, so When looking at it, it is easy to cause the gaze to find the focus. I originally wanted to look at the screen in the rearview mirror, but I saw other images reflected by the mirror.

In terms of space, the overall performance of the VV7 is quite satisfactory. The riding space can meet the needs of the family. There is no problem. However, there are certain shortcomings and unreasonable designs in the storage space. For example, the cup holder will affect the central armrest to slide forward, and the central control The storage compartment under the counter is inconvenient when taking mobile phones and other items. However, although VV7 still has some small shortcomings, but overall, VV7 still has the strength that cannot be underestimated in the same price model.

● Mr. Che Yuanfan

Mr. Zhang Fan is our third car owner today. He was the owner of a Camry before. At the same time, there is also a long-year-old Hafei Racehorse in the family, which meets the national scrapping standards, so he decided to replace it with a brand new SUV. . Because of his work, Mr. Zhang Fan often comes into contact with large-scale machinery produced in China. In his field, Chinese machines are among the best in the world. Therefore, Mr. Zhang Fan has a high degree of trust in Chinese brands.

Mr. Zhang Fan's car selection experience can be described as twists and turns, during which he considered a variety of SUVs of different brands and different prices. Since buying a new car is for home use, his family values space, comfort and safety. He set himself three standards for buying a car. First, it must look good, and second, it must have a large seating space (the trunk space does not matter). Three must be SUV models.

● Car selection experience

At first, Mr. Zhang Fan considered Highlander, CX-5, Loulan and other joint venture SUVs, and focused on the Loulan (hybrid version) with the most comfortable ride experience. However, Loulan's price was too high, which prevented him from making a decision. Determined to shoot. Later, he and his lover began to focus on more affordable Chinese brand SUVs, and inspected Chery and Haval brand models. When he was entangled in whether to buy Haval H8, VV7 came into his sight. Mr. Zhang Fan, who was attracted by the high cost-effectiveness and good looks, did not consider more and became the first batch of car owners who booked VV7.

● Car experience

Due to the nature of his work, Mr. Zhang Fan has driven many cars that can be seen on the market, and he himself has always paid close attention to the development of Chinese brand cars. During the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show, he saw VV7 related reports on the Autohome website. Although he was attracted by the appearance at the beginning, after in-depth understanding, he found that the VV7 was the model he wanted to buy.

The configuration of this super luxury version of Mr. Fan Zhang is different from the previous owner. The size is 235/55 R20. The brand is from Michelin. The tire noise of the vehicle during driving is relatively smaller, which is just what he wants.

The first time I went to a 4S shop to see a real car, Mr. Zhang Fan’s intuitive impression was that the new VV7 car had almost no peculiar smell, the seats were very comfortable, and the overall design and material of the center console gave him a sense of high quality. It's different from the domestically produced cars I've seen before, which deepens his favor with VV7.

Since Mr. Zhang Fan uses his car in better daily conditions, he has more opportunities to run at high speeds and rarely encounters traffic jams. Therefore, his VV7 has lower fuel consumption performance than other VV7 owners.

In addition, in terms of safety configuration, multi-directional airbags, tire pressure monitoring, traction control, body stability control, active braking, front/rear parking radar, reversing images, etc. are all available, which is fully in line with his and his family’s car purchase demand.

● Full text summary

Through the communication with the three car owners, we can find that although they are all new owners of VV7, their knowledge and recognition of VV7 is very profound. In the early stage of the VV7 launch, they began to pay attention to this car and gave the Chinese brand a high degree of trust. After the VV7 fuel consumption turmoil, they are still willing to continue to call for it, which shows that the VV7 itself has good strength and attractiveness.

This car owner interview is a brand new attempt. The three invited car owners chatted with us about their car selection process and car experience as soon as they bought the car. We will keep in touch with them and try to invite them to the car home again one year later, and share with you a more detailed car experience during the year. (Photo/Text/Photo by Yuan Lu and Shen Jiaxu of the car’s home)