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[YesAuto Travel Notes] Many friends asked me: You always go out with off-road vehicles, can this car like my house go out like you? Do you use it for a lot of things? In fact, these kinds of problems have been circling in our ears in recent months. In fact, we have always wanted to publish the content to tell you the truth: not only off-road vehicles can go out, you can also go over the mountains, camp out for a picnic, and enjoy it comfortably. The blessings of nature. Don't worry, don't hesitate!

Now, by chance, the Ruiji, who was called the little Porsche by the car-watching master, suddenly came to the editorial department. The above-mentioned confusion finally has an exit. We plan to drive this advertised performance family SUV in a decent way. Take a self-driving trip on a camping trip, and don’t even change the AT tires to convey a message; “Actually, you can also, you don’t need to change the off-road vehicle, just have a good time”! Let's go~ Stop watching TV at home, take the key and set off!

Why is this issue of Ruiji this car? In fact, there is also a short story; not long ago, I participated in the execution of the Hengping JV compact SUV led by colleagues in the evaluation team. During this period, Ruiji's performance was very impressive, not only in the four-wheel drive. , The performance on the Kaiser off-road test field is worthy of recognition. After all, these models are only urban-oriented SUVs, not off-road. However, with the hot demand for self-driving tours today, can these SUVs that are more family-oriented and even sporty Open out to play? Can you drive through? How should I play? These problems have become very confusing for ordinary consumers. To sum up, combined with the results of this Hengping Review, we decisively chose this Ruiji.

The editor said: Traveling is an attitude, not car models

For many people, it is not easy to own and master an off-road vehicle, and then drive it out for a long journey. The pressure and rhythm of life make many people stay away, but this does not stop it. Our footsteps, whether traveling far or off-road, should be regarded as an attitude, a way of life, rather than a specific behavior.

This time I have the opportunity to drive this Ruiji camping, which is actually our first attempt. How to make a family car can also climb mountains and mountains and follow the beautiful scenery. This is what many people have been yearning for, but Because of reality, it is a big problem that is confusing. We hope that through our practice, everyone can have a new understanding. As long as we prepare properly, consider thoroughly, and basically corresponding forward thinking, no matter what car you are, it can go far away with your heart. More beautiful scenery, more challenges, more sharing, we will continue in the next issue!

[YesAuto Travel Notes] If the previous episode was a warm-up, then the dry goods in this episode is a compulsory course for outdoor camping! We drove this Ruiji to the top of the mountain, not only through a very beautiful windmill, but also through a lot of steep trails that hardcore SUV dared to take! Finally we set up camp at an altitude of 2,000 meters! Fully share with you all kinds of small dry goods about camping in the wild! If you are too suffocated at home and plan to travel in the near future, then this issue of “Mountain Notes” full of dry goods must not be missed!

Editor's summary: The distance is under your feet

Although it was only a light camping trip, it also allowed us to see the enthusiasm of the majority of car owners for self-driving travel. Along the way, you can really see more and more non-hardcore family cars occupying a larger Proportion, everyone is passionate about nature, and in the process of crossing and building camps, we have indeed attracted a lot of people who are concerned. In fact, for ordinary consumers, everyone does not want to play, but it is because of past recognition. I know, I can't get through this hurdle in my heart. As long as this hurdle is cleared, many people are willing to try more reliable and avant-garde gameplay. It is precisely because of this that I realized that this trip is really worthwhile.

how about it? Seeing this, is there any inspiration for you? If you are also interested in camping self-driving, or have any doubts, please leave a message in the comment area or my editor blog, let's discuss and make progress together! ~ See you next time.