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[YesAuto Smart Car Association Evaluation] As one of the many brands in the car series, Haval's H series, F series, and M series correspond to different car buyers. As a multi-spotted brand, naturally it is not possible to put all eggs in one. If you count down the basket, its intelligent networked systems are also provided by different networked suppliers, so today we are going to talk about the 2020 Haval F5. Behind its intelligent networked system, it has risen rapidly in the past one or two years. Tencent Autolink, as a compact SUV with a price range of around 80,000 to 120,000 yuan, how does its network perform?

Let’s talk about the results first. Since the evaluation and operation of the Smart Car Association, we have tested more than 50 models, which basically cover more than 80% of the car association systems on the market, but this is a compact SUV worth 80,000-120,000 yuan. The heroes refreshed the ranking list. In the previous generation of models, the network connection system was only at the level of the masses, and it was still a chasing after in the long river of China's automobile intelligent network industry. For the 2020 models, the Fun-Life intelligent network created by Xiandou Intelligent The connection system completely makes Haval F5 the leading role.

On the whole, the performance of Haval F5 at all levels is relatively balanced, and it has achieved good results in the large-scale human-vehicle interaction and function realization level, and in the relatively forward-looking evaluation dimension-service ecology and emotional communication. , Haval F5 also made a small gain, let me analyze how this car refreshed the ranking list level by level.

Human-vehicle interaction

At the human-vehicle interaction level, we mainly evaluate the performance of a set of vehicle-mounted systems and the human interaction process. These carriers include our common instruments, central control screens, buttons, and the main force of the new generation: voice systems, gesture control, biometrics, etc. . We mainly look at what kind of carriers are used in the system, whether these carriers have flaws and whether they have sufficient functions.

On the whole, Haval F5 has no obvious flaws in the human-computer interaction level. The interactive level settings, hardware quality, and voice system functions are very rich. It can be said that it has perfected the foundation, and only one voiceprint recognition has been added. Minute. If you have to be critical, I personally think that because the screen is 9 inches, the text displayed on some functions is a bit small, and drivers who are new to the car need to disperse some energy to familiarize themselves.

Function realization

At the functional realization level, we mainly consider the specific function performance of these human-computer interaction carriers, such as how much support the voice can provide to the application, and whether the built-in high-frequency application of the system is good or not. After all, no matter how beautiful the UI design is and how fast the system runs, if the application cannot meet the needs of drivers and passengers, I believe the entire in-vehicle system will be put aside.

At the level of online entertainment system, Haval F5 provides relatively rich entertainment resources. Books, online music, and online radio all have corresponding applications, and the voice supports the entire entertainment system to a high degree. Except for questions and answers, the answer is The method is also lively and vivid. When faced with unintelligible and unintelligible questions, it will almost answer you in a different way, and when you repeat the same needs, it can provide fresh entertainment audio in time. Although at this stage, the system is not smart, but the experience is very good.

Haval F5 provides users with two map navigation tools, in addition to Tencent, there is Gaode hidden in the depths. Although I am a user of Baidu Maps, I found that Tencent Maps is not that unbearable through the operation of the car terminal. There are everything that should be there, and it is easy to find. With the help of the voice system, common functions such as daily navigation, adding waypoints, viewing the whole journey, and northward can be satisfied.

The official version of on-board WeChat is basically the same, so it is functionally the same as most models equipped with on-board WeChat. From the actual experience, whether it is to wake up the WeChat function by voice or button, the operation is very convenient. After that, you only need to say the corresponding needs. The whole conversation process will not distract more energy, and set the navigation and search. The songs are almost the same.

In fact, in my opinion, letting WeChat get in the car is to solve some of the information that has to be replied, such as the wife asking how long to get home, the leader said to call back, etc. It is not for you to drive and chat. As for whether it is dangerous or not, it depends entirely on the user, just like a car.

In terms of function implementation, high voice support, in-vehicle WeChat, rich entertainment resources, and easy navigation are the highlights of this system. The clarity of the parking image and the too monotonous mapping of navigation information are also considered minor flaws. Of course, these do not affect the overall use. In general, Haval F5 performs well at the level of functional realization.

Service ecology

When the vehicle is connected to the Internet, it is no longer a simple travel tool. Through the binding of account number, license plate and even VIN number, the vehicle can communicate with offline merchants of travel service more conveniently, such as the more common senseless parking and senseless parking. Refueling, etc., their purpose is nothing more than to make the driver more trouble-free.

From the performance of Haval F5 at this level, although it did not get full marks, the overall performance is worthy of recognition. First of all, the system has certain service applications, and payment can be completed in the car. Refueling and car washing are also one of the services that are strongly related to the vehicle and have a certain coverage. In addition, the one-click rescue in the car and the maintenance appointment on the App also enhance the driver's experience. Finally, as many as dozens of smart homes can be linked with on-board systems to create corresponding small scenes according to the owner's own needs.

Communication Favorability

Communication Favorability We mainly consider the feedback of the voice system when the driver interacts with the vehicle through voice. Judging from the use experience during the test, the voice of Haval F5 has reached the standard of usability and love. First of all, the response speed is timely enough, and the information feedback is also answered as necessary. Even if it is incomprehensible or unintelligible, it can be explained to you in a different way.

Written at the end:

Auto Home Smart Car Association Evaluation
Rank Model Human-computer interaction Function realization Service ecology Communication Favorability Total score
1 Kai Chen Star Kai Chen Zhilian System 4.0 91.5 92.8 74.0 20.0 86.0

Haval F5

86.5 85.2 60.0 30.0 79.1

Roewe RX5

(Zebra 3.0)

83.6 81.2 66.0 50.0 78.1

Star Way LX

(Lion 3.0)

83.7 91.7 36.0 30.0 77.9
5 Changan CS75 PLUS
(Indus Car Association)
89.5 95.2 8.0 30.0 77.2
6 Territory S 87 93.2 20.0 40.0 77.2
7 Ideal ONE 101.5 86.2 10.0 40.0 77.1
8 NIO ES6 102.7 78.9 22.0 60.0 76.6
9 WEY VV6 88.5 84.2 42.0 20.0 76.0

Buick GL8 Aivia eConnect 3.0

89.5 86.5 30.0 20.0 75.7

Finally, let’s talk about the overall performance of the system. High-frequency functions and voice functions are not mentioned. Easy to use and easy to use is enough for drivers and passengers to put down their mobile phones, and there are things that others rarely involve in the service ecology, whether it is Refueling, car washing, these services that are strongly associated with car owners, or smart homes, are more advanced functions. The Haval F5 brings many possibilities in the service ecology. Of course, the nuances of this system still need to be adapted by the driver. It can be said that the Fun-Life intelligent networked system created by Xiandou Smart for Haval F5 can basically meet most of the needs of daily driving. Compared with blindly stacking functions, a practical and applicable system is undoubtedly what every car owner wants. needs. (Photo/Text Car Home Li Xiang)