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[YesAuto Use Car Collection] When it comes to child safety seats, everyone is familiar with it. With the growth of safety awareness, more and more parents are still aware of the importance of safety seats. However, even so, in actual use, Existing rear-mounted child safety seats still face a lot of embarrassment; such as the weight is too large, and it is inconvenient to disassemble and assemble, especially when women bring babies, and now everyone basically lives in buildings. If the child does not sit often, the seat will be idle Occupies a large degree of rear space, allowing you to “turn into a three-seater sports car in seconds.”

Is there a more friendly and flexible choice for moms and dads? Of course, with the attention of car companies, the front-mounted integrated safety seat ushered in a new opportunity. Today, let’s take a look at it first. How does “it” do it?

The safety seat of the VV6 configuration supports children between 4-12 years old, which can basically help many people save the cost of at least two sets of seats, and because it is an integrated design, it is not used to return even when it is not commonly used. Handling and disassembly, and it will not cause the embarrassment of turning the car into a three-seater because of the idling state. Judging from these situations, the one-piece design of the safety seat does solve a lot of embarrassment in use.

From a design point of view, the integrated safety seat of VV6 meets the national 3C certification, and different designs and refinements have been made on the seat belt fixing points to better meet the requirements of younger children and older children. The applicability, including the way of adapting to adult passengers after restoration, largely avoids the safety hazards caused by insufficient consideration of the seat belt fixing points.

Editor's summary: flexibility or maximum advantage

If there are any shortcomings of child safety seats, inconvenient disassembly and assembly, heavy weight, and low usage rate, these typical situations are relatively embarrassing. Combined with the current popularity of child safety seats in China, in fact, you You will find that it does have some inconveniences in use, and these inconveniences are enough to give many people enough reasons to “stop here.”

At this time, the front-loading field will launch an integrated safety seat. I think it is also fully considered. In addition to the promotion of the second-child policy, many models that emphasize the home and emphasize the attributes of the dad will naturally become good fields for the promotion of such products. As for whether it can be successfully promoted and popularized in the end, I believe that in addition to the price, whether the matching models are comprehensive, whether the selection is reasonable, and the after-sales conditions will all be considered for these all-in-one products. It is reported that the initial VV6 will be an exclusive model. Launch this product, let us wait and see.