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[YesAuto factory secret] Shenyang's Brilliance Jinbei factory, which was established at the beginning of the technical cooperation between Jinbei Bus and Toyota of Japan in 1989, has experienced 27 years of development. This is considered to be an earlier establishment in domestic commercial vehicle factories, and the Jinbei Sea Lion and Grace series models produced by the factory are also well-known products. Earlier, we made a simple graphic introduction to the factory. So today, we will start with a steel plate and see how it is cast into a complete vehicle.

The three fully automatic stamping lines in the stamping workshop of the Brilliance Jinbei factory provide stamping parts production for the Jinbei Sea Lion, Ge Ruisi, and even Zhonghua and BMW series models. The welding workshop is mainly divided into two production lines, Jinbei Sea Lion and Goruisi (including Huasong 7), which are assembled into the body-in-white of Jinbei Sea Lion and Goruisi through manual welding and robot repair welding. During the period, carbon dioxide shielded welding is also used. And special production processes such as stud welding. After visiting the first two workshops, we found that although the old workshop is slightly outdated, the internal equipment and procedures have been upgraded and updated many times, so the production quality and efficiency can be guaranteed. In the next episode, we will enter the paint workshop and the final assembly workshop behind to witness the final assembly process of Jinbei Sea Lion and Ge Ruisi.