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[YesAuto Design Decoding] New Year! First of all, I wish you all the bullishness in the Year of the Ox! Everything goes well! Since the Chinese New Year, let's talk about a brand that makes car fans “top”. In this era of “following the trend, you can't make mistakes”, “convergence” design and manufacturing seems to have become the mainstream. Although from the perspective of tools, a car should be like this, but from the perspective of fans, I really don't want the world of cars to become so dull and plain. Because of this, I resolutely became Alfisti four years ago. I admire the passion that Alfa Romeo brings. Regardless of the driving control level and the design details, it can be described as a rebellious one at the moment, exuding a kind of irresistible little All charm.

Some time ago, I was fortunate enough to have an online interview with Mr. Alessandro Maccolini (Alessandro Maccolini, hereinafter referred to as Maccolini), the chief exterior designer of Alfa Romeo's EMEA region, both of whom are Alfisti He seems to have a lot of future that he wants to share with us, so please feel the passionate art with me below.

○ This is really a unique brand with a lot of fans

As one of the few century-old car brands in the world, it has its own way to survive in the present. In my opinion, Alfa Romeo’s 111-year winning rule can be summed up in one word-Passione (Italian: passion). Of course, what we are going to talk about today is not the driving control level, but how to maintain this passionate tone in design.

As the origin of the Renaissance, Italy has never lacked artistic flavor. Under the influence of these cultures, the innate sensibility of Italians also affects the level of Italian industrial design, and the pursuit of speed, Italians also have theirs Obsessive, countless sports car brands make fans all over the world yearn, how to combine art and passion, this is too good for them.

Presumably, the first impression of many friends of this brand is the front face, the V-shaped front grille in the center, and the license plate layout on the side. It is not angry and expresses a sense of joy (doesn’t it look like this expression:- ▽—), the recognition degree is full. This slightly “extreme” approach is also a consistent feature of Alfa Romeo: Go with the flow? That is a lack of passion.

This sounds confident enough, but throughout the century of cars, Italians have indeed made a lot of masterpieces in design. These bold attempts have all affected our car design today and are worth digging deeper. And this unique collision of art and passion is also one of the keys to Alfa Romeo's fans. If you don't consider practicality, who doesn't want a high-profile car with a crooked license plate?

○ Times are changing, how will Alfa Romeo under new energy design?

Still that word: passion. No matter how the times change, car designers should not be limited to their ideas. On the contrary, because of the advent of the new energy era, the future can bring designers more attempts. As McCollini said: “When facing the unknown Tomorrow, don’t you think that challenging the future will be more exciting?”

So to ask what the design will become in the future, McCollini may give you many answers, but the eternal thing is still “keep the passion”, while inheriting the classics, boldly expand ideas and see the new era. What new possibilities can energy “unlock” them.

Although the Tonale is not a pure electric vehicle, McCollini said that the car will be Alfa Romeo’s first plug-in hybrid SUV. This is a new start for them, so they have high hopes for the Tonale design. I want to use this model to open up everyone’s stereotypes about new energy: It’s not just an exaggeration + a sense of science and technology that means embracing the future, why is inheritance + imagination not enough “new energy”?

○ Editor's comment:

I believe that every friend who loves Alfa Romeo has taken a fancy to its unruly, yes, how can an Italian car brand with a history of more than 100 years go with the crowd? From the race to the street, Alfa Romeo has brought us so many surprises, and we are also very pleased to see their determination to continue this passion into the next era. Two hours of communication is still not enough, and McCollini also has more secrets of design aesthetics he hopes to share with you. If you like this brand as much as I do, and you haven’t heard enough stories about the design, it’s okay! Chinese New Year! Our welfare must be in place! 2021 Alfa Romeo's official and genuine English e-book-“Passione” is free to share with everyone! Limited to 5 places! First come first served! Please consult my editor blog or Weibo @瓦罐宁子 for details. If you have any questions about the Alfa Romeo Giulia model, you can also consult, and the real owner will reply online.