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[YesAuto Shanghai Test Drive] This week, the “BMW&MINI Experience Day 2010” experience day event was officially held at the Shanghai International Circuit. Among them, the media session will be held on August 30th, and the customer session will be held from August 31st to September 4th. Five BMW dealers in Shanghai invited BMW VIP customers in Shanghai to experience most of BMW and MINI models.

The “BMW&MINI Experience Day 2010” event has been held for 10 years. As far as this year is concerned, the event has been held in Zhuhai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Kunming, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hefei and many other cities. The event was officially held this week. Landed in Shanghai for 5 days. After that, the event will continue to be held in Taiyuan, Shenyang, Dalian and other cities, and will end in Beijing at the end of October. Friends who are interested in the test drive part can directly enter ==》 pages 2, 3 and 4

Before the official test drive event, Ms. Zhao Yijia, senior manager of BMW China, took the stage and delivered a welcome speech. She said: “Feeling perfection” is one of the unique brand experience activities that BMW China has been working hard to create. It is to give all fans and friends the opportunity to experience the “BMW Joy”.

After the leader's speech, the instructor of BMW's test drive training team introduced today's test drive grouping arrangements and precautions to the guests. At the same time, the Queen's trainer also introduced BMW's new technology in recent years.

After the prelude to the leader's speech, safety explanation and test drive training, the climax of this event is ushered in the “on the field” track test drive experience. The guests here were divided into five groups A, B, C, D, and E according to the different test drive models. Under normal circumstances, each person can take turns to drive the various models in the group and go around the stadium under the guidance of the safety car. The F1 line makes a lap. After the entire test drive is over, the test drive will be exchanged according to the rules.

The corresponding car models of the five groups A, B, C, D and E in this test drive are: two BMW Z4s in group A, two BMW 130i and one 335i (later changed to 330i); group B is MINI series ; Group C is two 528Li and three 5 series GT; Group D is a member of the BMW X family, including two X1, two X5 and one X6; Group E is two 6 series, two 730Li and one 5 Series GT.

After the grouping is over, the following will enter the formal test drive link. During this process, the safety cars (X5M, X6M, two 335i and X1 28i) driven by professional drivers cleared the way. The test drivers participating in the event were all accompanied by professional sales personnel selected by five BMW 4S stores in Shanghai. .

In the test drive session, the editor conducted a test drive experience on most of the models, but mainly the BMW 730Li, 5 Series GT and MINI models were driven more in-depth. Among them, the BMW 5 Series GT has left a very good impression. The whole car is very easy to drive, and the steering wheel is moderately strong, not as heavy as the 3 Series. At the same time, the N55 3.0L single-turbo twin-scroll engine does not have a lot of effort to drive the huge 5 series GT, even in the acceleration of the big straight, the car's acceleration performance is still satisfactory.

Due to the overall safety issues of personnel, equipment, vehicles and activities, and in accordance with relevant safety regulations, all dynamic photos in this article are taken inside the car through glass. At the same time, all BMW and MINI models are in green or blue. Insulation glass, so the photos failed to achieve the desired effect, please understand.

In the test drive session of the large car group, the editor's impression of the BMW 730Li was very good. The driving experience of the car on the track is just one word-stability, and the car's body posture is very elegant whether it is in the hairpin bend or in the high-speed bend. Neither the driver, the escort on the side nor the passengers in the back row showed too obvious side-to-side swinging movements. Driving a BMW 730Li on the track does not feel that this is a large luxury car with a length of more than 5.2 meters. At the same time, although the power of the BMW 730Li is not strong enough to accelerate on the track, at least it can basically keep up with the previous 630i with the same power but with a lighter body during the acceleration on the big straight. The more powerful 5 Series GT, X6 and other models will open a significant distance.

In the sports car, the driving feeling of the BMW 130i on the track can be said to be truly “a human-vehicle unity”. Whether it is cutting corners, accelerating, or going high-speed on the straight, all the actions are exceptionally smooth. The smoothness of driving can be said to be the best among the models offered in this event. Here, the editor strongly recommends that those who participate in the “BMW&MINI Experience Day 2010” experience day event in the next few days, be sure to test drive the 130i model.

After experiencing some BMW models, the editor also conducted a test drive on MINI models. The drivers are MINI Cooper S and MINI Clubman Cheer. In terms of power, there is a clear difference between the MINI with 1.6L naturally aspirated engine and the MINI with 1.6T engine in the acceleration process below 160 km/h, 1.6T power comes faster and more direct, while 1.6L The engine can only be said to be not suitable for running on the track.

After getting on the big straight, especially when the speed is between 150 km/h and 190 km/h, the difference between the two engines is not so obvious. For the “large displacement is king” straight road acceleration, no matter it is 1.6 The acceleration feeling of the L or 1.6T engine is reasonable, but the durability is not bad. When the speed exceeds 190 km/h, there is still room for the throttle at the foot.

As for the handling, after driving most of the BMW models and driving the MINI, I can only say that it is not that the MINI is too weak but that the opponent is too strong. Among them, in essence, a front-wheel drive car can do the MINI control is very good, the steering is accurate, the vehicle is also very flexible, and there is no drag.

But as a front-wheel drive car, the power can still be clearly felt when cornering on the accelerator. At the same time, the body posture of MINI after refueling in or out of a corner is not as elegant and smooth as a rear-wheel drive BMW. The editor still wants to say that: it's not that MINI is too weak, but that the opponent is too strong.

For various reasons, the drift performance of the BMW M series that was originally arranged at the end of the event was cancelled, but in exchange, a professional driver drove the BMW 335i to perform some drift performances on the track, and also invited some media colleagues to try it out. Multiply.

Edit comment:

For BMW fans or car owners, it should not be a difficult task to test drive BMW, but go to the only F1 circuit in China, Shanghai International Circuit to experience BMW 1 series, 3 series, 5 series, 5 series GT, Opportunities for many models such as 6 series, 7 series, X1, X5, X6 and MINI series are relatively rare. Therefore, friends who are interested in this event can contact 5 BMW 4S stores in the Shanghai area to see if they can participate in this “BMW&MINI Experience Day Feeling Perfect” Shanghai Station event.

How to contact 5 BMW 4S stores in Shanghai ===> Click to enter http://dealer.autohome.com.cn/pr2_c649_f15.html

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