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[YesAuto original test drive] Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda launched a total of three models in China: Jingrui, Octavia and Haorui. These three models correspond to the small, compact and medium-sized markets with high domestic purchase rates. Just yesterday, the manufacturer arranged a test drive event for all Skoda models, and I was also invited to attend this event.

Skoda is a brand in China, and consumers' recognition is average, and even many friends regard it as our own brand. This makes many Skoda owners dumbfounded. For its own brand and market positioning is not what we want to focus on today, let's focus on the car itself.

2012 Jingrui

At this test drive meeting, the manufacturer provided all Skoda models. The Jingrui brought by the manufacturer was the 2012 model that the manufacturer just launched not long ago. Our colleagues have already introduced the 2012 Jingrui entry-level models to you. Next to us is the 1.6L automatic crystal sharing version. Now I will briefly introduce the changes of the 2012 crystal sharp.

The biggest change between the 2012 Jingrui and the old models is the bumper. The lower air intake of the front bumper adopts a horizontal strip shape, which abandons the original vertical strip shape; the newly designed fog lights make the front face layout more full , And the straight waterfall-style air intake grille has increased spacing, which is composed of 19 vertical chrome-plated decorative strips, which visually creates the effect of increasing the area of the inlet grille.

Coming to the side of the body, the overall line shape is no different from the old model, but the style of the wheels is somewhat different. The 2012 Jingrui adopts more spoke wheel styles, which increases the car's visual sense of grade. The tires use Hankook's 185/60 R15 tires. For models of the same level, this size should not be too small. Compared with the front of the car, the rear of the car is much more low-key, but the layout of the lights itself has undergone some changes.

In terms of interior, the 2012 Jingrui instrument with a chrome-plated decorative ring is more refined than the instrument of the previous model. The steering wheel adopts the same style as the Octavia and Haorui. After being wrapped in leather, the thickness is suitable and the hand feels very good. The 1.6L automatic crystal sharing version we tested is also equipped with fixed-speed cruise and other configurations, and the adjustable headlight height has also become the standard configuration of the 2012 crystal.

The operation switch of the air-conditioning panel has been changed. Compared with the previous knob style, the new Jingrui air-conditioning panel is easier to control, avoiding the phenomenon of slipping during use. The gear lever also uses more black and chrome decorative rings. Although there is no change in essence, the sense of cheapness brought by the old models has disappeared on the 2012 models. It is more for people to see it. The exquisiteness. The upper and lower double-layer glove boxes increase our daily storage space.

In addition to enhancing the visual sense of hierarchy, some of the designs of the 2012 Jingrui launched this time, more importantly, some configuration changes have improved the convenience in daily use. For example, the inner side of the car door that we often encounter is made of more stain-resistant black.

Venue competition

This test drive event was arranged at the Beijing Golden Port Circuit. Through the form of the game, we conducted competitions among our test drivers based on the characteristics of Jingrui, Octavia and Haorui. These games are four items: fuel consumption test, perfect handling, 100-meter horsepower and graceful turn.

Before the start of our competition, the referee first gave a detailed explanation of the routes of our various competitions today, including the meaning of various flag colors and safety issues in the competition. After the introduction, we were divided into 5 teams, and all team members registered separately for different competition projects.

Fuel consumption competition

The fuel consumption test is today's first competition. Each group of four drivers will drive 3 laps on the previously set route, and then change to another driver. During the whole process, everyone drove very carefully, and the speed was basically controlled at 40km/h.

Of course, for such a game, although we may not deliberately do it in our actual daily use, it is beneficial to the vehicle itself and fuel economy compared to gentle driving. Facing the track, let us run the fuel consumption test. It is really a pity. Looking at the red and white shoulders, I really want to have a good run, but in order to ensure that our team can achieve good results, everyone’s driving style They are somewhat convergent than usual.

During the whole process, the driver follows the principle of slow refueling, downhill oil supply, uphill oil collection, and the entire process without braking as much as possible. In the end, the on-board computer of our group showed 6.2L per hundred kilometers. Our race was conducted on a professional track, with many corners and limited mileage. I believe that if it is on a loop with good road conditions, the overall fuel consumption per 100 kilometers should be lower.

Perfect handling

The rule of this competition is to load these items into the trunk of Octavia within a limited time. Each item has a different score set according to the size of the item. The final score is accumulated to determine who is the final winner. By. Octavia is a compact car for home use. The large trunk and hatchback opening method bring great convenience to our daily use.

Seeing these items, I think that as long as the rear seats of the Octavia are down, these items can be put in very easily. However, it was only at the beginning of this competition that the rules of the game did not allow the rear seats to be put in. Seeing so many things, whether they could be put in, I hesitated.

Under normal circumstances, the trunk of the Octavia can reach 560L, which is comparable to the one-level Hao Rui. At the beginning of the game, everyone was thinking about how to cleverly put these items in the trunk of the car to make full use of the space.

Octavia's trunk cover uses a hatchback opening method, so that we can fully use its trunk volume, even if we place these large items above, we don't need to get into the trunk to adjust their position. However, in the end, I was able to load all the items in the trunk without putting down the rear seats, which really surprised me.

After all the items are loaded into the trunk of the Octavia, the trunk lid can be closed very easily. The spacious trunk space of the Octavia is very practical for home use, and more importantly, the hatchback shape makes it easy to put in and take large objects, not like some sedan, which has a big The volume of the trunk, but due to the restriction of the opening, it is powerless to face some large-volume items.

Hundred meters knows horsepower

By testing the accelerated results, we can experience Haorui's performance in power. The participating model is Haorui 2.0TSI. The 2.0TSI engine has a maximum power of 147kW (200 horsepower) and a maximum torque of 280N·m. It is matched with a 6-speed automatic manual gearbox. Everyone is very familiar with this kind of power combination, and this power system is also equipped on the old Magotan.

Turn around gracefully

This competition also uses Haorui 2.0TSI, as a medium-sized car that focuses on space and comfort. This kind of piling is not its strong point. After all, the narrow body and the tire restrictions make it easy to enter the limit prematurely.

Although the above two dynamic competitions are not too difficult for Haorui, for a medium-sized car that focuses on comfortable riding space, Haorui is more suitable for a gentle driving style, which is too bold for the above. I believe the driving style is not what Haorui owners like.

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The day’s test drive activity quickly ended. With everyone’s efforts, our team won the first place in this test drive activity. Of course, the ranking is not important. What's more important is that through today's test drive, I have a deeper understanding of the Skoda brand and also a better understanding of its models. Although the gold content of its domestic brand is not superior to many joint venture brands, it is such a restrained and low-key temperament that makes many people like this brand, coupled with the characteristics of paying more attention to actual performance and higher cost performance, it is also Many consumers choose it.

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