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[Interview with the owner of YesAuto] Baojun 730 is a very competitive product in the 100,000-yuan MPV market. Compared with rivals of the same level and price, it has certain advantages in design, space, and configuration. Because of this, Baojun 730 has maintained a good sales volume since its launch. In 2014, it has been sold. More than 120,000 vehicles were sold. So for such a hot-selling car, how do its owners comment on it? This is what today's car owner interview will bring to everyone.

● Mr. Ji

Mr. Ji was the first to arrive at the interview location among the three car owners, and it was also the one who drove relatively more among the three car owners. Although I didn't communicate with him for a long time, I could feel his diligent and serious attitude towards things. For the pragmatic Mr. Ji, Baojun 730 is a good helper on his entrepreneurial road.

Car demand and car selection process:

Baojun 730 is already Brother Ji’s third car. He has driven the old Santana and Geely Emgrand before. With the development of his career, his requirements for vehicle space are getting higher and higher. The configuration of the NV200 is indeed too low, and the Haval H6 cannot meet his needs for space. After repeated considerations, he finally chose the Baojun 730 with a more balanced space and configuration performance.

Review your car:

In Brother Ji's view, Baojun 730 is a cost-effective product that is unmatched at the same price. For a car price of less than 100,000 yuan, you can get a stylish appearance, a large space and a rich configuration. It’s good to change to other models to meet the two requirements. When using a car in Beijing on weekdays, Brother Ji will remove the second and third rows of seats to maximize the loading space, and every time he goes back to his hometown during a break, he will install the back two rows of seats for the convenience of family and friends. Friends ride.

Although the car is carefully selected, it is inevitable that there will still be some unsatisfactory. According to Brother Ji, after the vehicle has driven over a certain distance (about 150 kilometers), the engine's operating sound will change, and the power will also decrease at this time. However, in the 4S shop, because the mileage is not enough, it can’t be done. Reproduce and solve the problem. Brother Ji has always worried about this.

Brother Ji is the one who drives relatively harder among the three car owners. In his opinion, the daily power of the Baojun 730 1.5L model is sufficient, but once the air conditioner is turned on, it is a bit meaty. Poor reverse gear seems to be a common problem of Baojun 730, and the owners interviewed this time basically mentioned it. In addition, when the car exceeds 90km/h, the noise inside the car will be a bit loud.

Due to work reasons, Brother Ji doesn't have any fixed commute routes when driving, and he travels all over the city, so the road conditions are always good and bad. The apparent fuel consumption is only 5L/100km, but the actual calculation is almost 8L/100km. At present, I have gone through two maintenances. The first guarantee is free, and the second guarantee is about 300 yuan. The price is acceptable.

Personal summary:

Brother Ji scored 80 points for his car, and 20 points were deducted from the power system and the service level of the 4S shop. He feels that Chinese brands have made great progress in products in the past two years, but there is indeed a certain gap between the services of 4S stores and joint venture brands. Although Baojun 730 has some minor problems, he is still quite satisfied with his car.

● Mr. Liu

Mr. Liu is the most witty and talkative of the three car owners. This should have a lot to do with his career as a wedding host. Just before our interview, he also presided over and witnessed the marriage of a new couple, which can be said to come with joy. I learned from the interview that Baojun 730 has provided him with great convenience in his work and life, and he is also the one with the highest satisfaction among several car owners.

Car demand and car selection process:

Due to work reasons, Mr. Liu often runs all the hotels and restaurants in Beijing, sometimes hosting weddings, sometimes communicating, and rehearsing. After the business volume was relatively stable, he decided to buy a MPV with a large space, which can improve mobility and improve mobility; secondly, he can bring in the wedding audio, lighting and even video crews to facilitate everyone's travel; thirdly, it is also for home use Consider that you can take the whole family out when you are resting, and it is convenient to pull people and things when you return to your hometown during the New Year.

When buying a car, I mainly saw Wuling Hongguang, Changan Onuo and Baojun 730. After considering the appearance and configuration, Baojun 730 was chosen. When buying a car, Mr. Liu also participated in a discount event of SAIC's own car-buying platform Chexiang.com, and received an extra reward of 1,500 yuan gas card, which also made him happier.

Review your car:

Mr. Liu loves the appearance of Baojun 730, which is at least one grade higher than its counterparts at the same price. Usually there are more opportunities to pull people, so all three rows of seats are open to welcome guests. In this state, there is still a good space in the trunk, which can at least meet daily needs, which is commendable for an entry-level MPV that is not too big in size.

I bought a car and drove for nearly 10,000 kilometers. The mobile phone and the car's Bluetooth system are still not connected. This makes Mr. Liu a headache. In addition, when I drove Baojun 730 back to the northeast for the Chinese New Year, I found that the rear air outlet seemed to only give out cold air but no warm air, so the rear passengers would feel cold inside the car.

Mr. Liu is still a novice driver, so he usually drives mildly. He thinks that 1.5L of power is enough, but the car will feel a little drifting when going on high speed. As the road conditions are relatively smooth, Mr. Liu's own calculation of fuel consumption is relatively low, around 7L/100km. At present, I have also done two maintenances. The original free first insurance was fooled for an engine cleaning and it cost 150 yuan, and the second insurance was 292 yuan, the price was acceptable.

Personal summary:

Mr. Liu gave his Baojun 730 a score of 95, and he was very affirmed of the changes the vehicle had brought to his work and life. Before weddings, I often took subways and taxis, which not only worked hard, but also easily wrinkled the suits, which affected the image of work. Now I can take the entire wedding team to run around, which greatly improves the efficiency of the work.

● Mr. Wang

Mr. Wang is a family of three to do the interview. In addition to commuting to and from get off work, his Baojun 730 is also used more as a family travel car. If the previous two car owners were more involved in their careers with their cars, Mr. Wang used them more in his life. A family of three has more opportunities to use a car.

Car demand and car selection process:

When choosing a car, I also saw Changan Uno, but I encountered some problems when buying a car, and finally I chose Baojun 730 directly. The need for a car is also relatively simple, that is, commuting to and from get off work and traveling on weekends. My first car is the Songhuajiang Micro-surface, which is far from the Baojun 730 in all aspects.

Review your car:

Since the car is selected for his family, when looking at the car, Mr. Wang pays great attention to the safety of the car. Baojun 730 is better than its competitors in this respect, not only has the ESP electronic stability system, but also four-wheel disc brakes. These all played a decisive role in the final choice, after all, the safety of the family is the most important.

In terms of space, Mr. Wang also chose to remove a row of seats, which is indeed not allowed by law. We also communicated with him, hoping that he will put the seats back in as soon as possible. For a family of three, the third row of seats is indeed rarely used, but people who buy a car are always worried about “what if they are used”, so in the end they will try to buy all of them, which is understandable.

When Mr. Wang's car passed on bumpy roads or speed bumps, there was an abnormal sound of rubber friction. Later, the investigation revealed that the two layers of rubber strips on the door had a bad sound. The countertop of the center console will be somewhat reflective when the sun is strong, so the owner has installed a sun pad to protect the countertop and prevent reflections.

Mr. Wang's working place is near the Fifth Ring Road, so driving is not considered congested. Because the appearance is too ridiculous, he also calculated the fuel consumption by himself, which is about 7-8L/100km. At present, I have gone through two maintenance, the first warranty is free, and the second warranty is also recommended for engine cleaning. It took more than 200 to avoid working hours.

Personal summary:

Mr. Wang is also quite satisfied with his car, giving him a high score of 90. It is very much tied to the abnormal noise of the door seal and high-speed noise. Due to the gear ratio problem of the gearbox, the engine speed of the vehicle will reach 3750rpm at 120km/h. At this time, the engine noise is naturally not small. This problem is also mentioned in the previous evaluation article.

Full text summary:

The three car owners all chose the 1.5L manual luxury navigation ESP version with 7 seats, which is both coincidental and not entirely coincidental. Because this model is indeed the most concerned about Baojun 730, and it is also the most balanced in all aspects. For an MPV of less than 100,000, it is really not easy to have the attributes of ESP, navigation, and 7 seats at the same time, which reflects the excellent price-performance ratio of Baojun 730. Of course, no matter how cost-effective the product is, no matter how large the space is, the basic things cannot be relaxed. For example, the gearbox that has been mentioned repeatedly, I hope manufacturers can solve these problems as soon as possible, and further strengthen the product strength of Baojun 730.