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[YesAuto Model PK] Perceptual PK is rational. This topic seems a bit big, but it is everywhere in our daily lives. Shouldn't you chase that girl, take the subway or drive, or not eat staple food for dinner? Almost every choice we make is accompanied by a struggle between sensibility and reason.

There is also a reason for choosing a car. “Perceptual” urges you to pay attention to the design and driving experience of the car, while “Rational” has been nagging about space, fuel consumption, and configuration. Your heart may hold MINI's steering wheel tightly, but your body sits in the Audi.

Fortunately, today’s two protagonists are not so distinct, and they are both excellent and comprehensive luxury SUVs. No matter which one you choose, you can get wonderful driving experience, good off-road performance, plenty of space, and passersby. Envy, but they are completely different, prepared for people with different moods and pursuits.

Two comparison models and prices
Model Selling price (yuan)
Land Rover Aurora 2.0T 5-door Shining Edition 628 thousand
BMW X3 xDrive28i luxury 59.60 million

The protagonists are now on stage. One of them is from England and the other is from Germany. This sounds a bit like the opening remarks of this year's Champions League final. Although Aurora was born in the remote Halewood, it was already full of the breath of the capital of London; not to mention the BMW X3, no matter where it was born, it is an out-and-out Munich guy. With the blood of Bavarians. Maybe it's a coincidence, in short, the battle is imminent.

Comparison of dimensions

The different orientations of the two cars have determined that they are destined to embark on different roads. Aurora regards beauty and stunning as its top priority. Both the interior and exterior of the car have a sense of design, and even boldly adopt the concept car. Copy as it is. This kind of visual impact is further magnified in the Land Rover showroom. Imagine a car with such a graceful guy parked between a bunch of big guys with square heads and square heads. It’s no wonder that many people fall in love with it at first sight. The various return rates on the road in the future have also become the best return for Aurora to car owners.

For the BMW X3, the appearance is just an opportunity for it to reveal its family identity. As long as you can tell that this is a BMW, by the way, the strong muscles on the body are considered qualified. After replacing the generation and increasing the size, the new BMW X3 has become more domineering. It is no wonder that many people call the BMW X5 directly when they see it.

Aurora does not have the characteristics of the big eyebrows and big eyes of the genetic family brothers. If it were not for the two elegant diamond-shaped grilles on the front of the car, Land Rover owners might think that they had carried the wrong child. The BMW X3 undoubtedly achieved the task of the first BMW, but it is far from the standard of first-sighted beauty. I remember my reaction when I saw it for the first time: “Khan! Can it be uglier?” And even if I see it now, even if it is fortunate to play with Brother Tom, I can't always associate it with the ambiguous words of attraction and temptation.

In the rear of the car, the Aurora gives people the feeling of a robot or flying machine from the future. The hidden D-pillar with a long spoiler is particularly eye-catching. The area of the guard plate under the car is exaggerated, which seems to tell everyone that it is too. It's a bit hard work. The rear of the BMW X3 is a bit like a raised 3 series, especially the iconic taillights are really lacking in new ideas. The Germans rely on strong mechanical performance to lead the automotive industry, but they have set a bad example in design. .

The preferences of the wheels vary from person to person. Those who like complex designs may like this Aurora, while the petal wheels of the BMW X3 are simple and dynamic. In terms of tires, Aurora continues the “bigfoot” style of the concept car. The size of the 235/55 R19 is particularly domineering for an Aurora, which is a compact SUV at best. The BMW X3 xDrive28i comes standard with a size of 245/ The Pirelli run-flat tires of the 50 R18 are also BMW's consistent glorious tradition.

I remember that the last time the A6L was compared with the 5 series, I just criticized the small temporary spare tire of the A6L. As a result, Aurora hit the muzzle again today. Its temporary spare tire size is only T155/85 R18, so Aurora owners must protect their tires, otherwise one side 235 wide tires and 155 narrow tires on the other side, you are a big star can not hold this embarrassment. Scene.

Interior configuration comparison

Even for someone like me who loves black interiors, it is difficult to convince myself to prefer this interior of the BMW X3, especially when there is an Aurora parked next to it. Perceptually speaking, the interior of the Aurora is more refreshing, while the BMW X3 gives people a feeling of black face. Would you like to face a fresh beauty or a handsome guy with a black face every day, I think most people will choose The former, except for friends.

In terms of entertainment system, I naturally prefer BMW's new version of iDrive, which is also the simplest and most easy-to-use human-computer interaction system in my mind. The 8-inch touch screen of Aurora also has many functions, and the design of large buttons also reduces the difficulty of operation, but it is still relatively inconvenient to operate the touch screen while driving, and there is a safety hazard.

The next step is to reach the core of the two cars. Aurora’s cylindrical shift knob is exactly the same as its brother Jaguar. The operation is very convenient and innovative, but the 6AT is inevitably lacking when facing opponents; and the BMW X3's electronics The handlebar is more technological and the workmanship is more exquisite. The 8AT gearbox from ZF is equipped on a variety of German luxury cars. The ride comfort is extremely good and it is also very helpful to the improvement of the vehicle's performance.

Aurora can regain a city is the family’s all-terrain feedback system. In addition to the snow, sand, mud and other road conditions of the traditional Land Rover’s all-terrain feedback adaptation system, Aurora has also added paving for road conditions. The dynamic mode of driving. When this mode is turned on, the instrument and the atmosphere lights in the car will turn to red to create a fighting atmosphere. At this time, the suspension will better control the body's posture and dynamic response.

Another advantage of Aurora is the automatic parking system, which is also targeted for a model with many female fans. The BMW Group, which also has automatic parking technology, did not give the BMW X3 the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of technology. Why? Maybe it is because I trust the driver of the BMW X3 too much. Maybe it is because some big countries like the United States and China do not need these configurations at all.

“Aurora's panoramic sunroof is very large, but unfortunately it can't be opened.”

“Panoramic sunroof of BMW X3”

The panoramic sunroof of the two cars is not small in size. The length and width of the Aurora reaches 112cm×95cm, which almost penetrates the front and rear rows, and the lighting area exceeds 1 square meter. The disadvantage is that it cannot be opened; while the panoramic sunroof of the BMW X3 measures 95cm×76cm. The lighting area is 0.72 square meters, and the openable area is 0.34 square meters. Which one do you think is more practical? Anyway, I prefer the latter.

Model Land Rover Aurora BMW X3
Driver's seat airbag
Co-pilot airbag
Front side airbag
Rear side airbag
Front and rear head air curtain
Knee airbag

Aurora’s rear audio-visual system must make the BMW X3’s rear passengers envy, but BMW X3 has prepared a more affordable configuration for them, a pair of rear side airbags, which can better protect the rear passengers in the event of a collision. Aurora’s advantage in safety is the knee airbag in the driving position.

Ride experience

Aurora’s orange leather seats are also what attracts me very much. It is also essential for a sulky windmill. The seats seem to be tightly wrapped but are actually comfortable orientation, and the fineness of the leather surface is also Better than the BMW X3; in contrast, the black leather seats of the BMW X3 are a bit simpler, lack sensory stimulation, and ride hard.

For the space comparison, Aurora is obviously at a disadvantage, after all, its body length is nearly 300mm shorter than that of the BMW X3. Since the sunroofs of the two vehicles are very wide, it will not affect the head space because of the sunroof. The 175cm height experiencer has more than one punch on the head, and there is no pressure in the front row.

I don't know if Aurora users will care about the comfort of the second-row passengers, but I think if you choose the 5-door version, you want to at least find out. The wheelbase of 2660mm is quite satisfactory, providing legroom for about two punches in the back row, and there is still a skylight “shelter” above the head, so head space is also not a problem.

The Aurora passed smoothly, and the BMW X3 is full of confidence. After all, its wheelbase has reached 2810mm. However, from the actual experience, the rear space performance of the two cars is not much different. The BMW X3 is only slightly better than the Aurora in leg space, and both cars are about a punch in terms of head space.

Because they are all four-wheel drive models, there is a relatively obvious bulge in the middle of the rear of the two cars, and the comfort of the passengers in the middle of the rear will be greatly affected. It is particularly criticized that Aurora simply omitted the middle headrest in the rear row. The reason may be to maintain the driver's rear vision, but it still leaves a safety hazard.

Trunk comparison

Let's take a look at the official trunk space data of the two cars. The Aurora is 575-1445L, and the BMW X3 is 550-1600L. At first glance, the conventional space of Aurora is larger than that of BMW X3, but is this data reliable? Let's take a look at the actual situation. Let's take the same trolley case as a reference to see the effect.

Model Land Rover Aurora BMW X3
Volume (L) 575 -1445L 550- 1600L
Expansion method 4/6 points folded down 4/2/4 points folded down

It can be seen from the picture that the BMW X3 is better than Aurora in both the depth and width of the trunk, which is more in line with the actual size of the two cars. In addition, the BMW X3 is down for 4/2/4 points, which is more flexible than Aurora’s 4/6 points. In addition, there is no storage space for spare tires, which can be said to be practical in the trunk. The BMW X3 wins the Aurora.

Power system:

Unfortunately, we do not have the test results of the BMW X3 28i, so it is not convenient to compare their performance here. Only the engine parameters are listed for reference.

Many people criticize the Aurora for being too expensive because of its engine, or because of its engine displacement, because Chinese people always want its displacement to sound more face when buying luxury cars with huge sums of money. The price of the Aurora is indeed expensive, but if you blame the engine for this, it seems a little bit upside down. This compact SUV equipped with 2.0T engine has become a trend, not only for fuel saving, but also for more stringent carbon emission standards.

Model Land Rover Aurora
2.0T turbocharged engine
3.0L naturally aspirated engine
Displacement (mL) 1999 2996
Intake form Turbocharged inhale naturally
Cylinder layout In-line four-cylinder Inline six cylinders
Maximum horsepower (Ps) 240 258
Maximum power (kW) 177 190
Maximum power speed (rpm) 5500 6600
Maximum torque (N·m) 340 310
Maximum torque speed (rpm) 1750 2600

The BMW X3 xDrive28i is currently equipped with a classic “straight six” engine. From the data point of view, we have no doubt that it can be evenly matched with Aurora's “four-cylinder engine” in terms of performance. However, in the traditional concept, the six-cylinder engine always gives people a higher-end feeling. But the BMW X3 xDrive28i will soon be replaced with a high-power 2.0T engine, and the two sides will be on the same starting line.

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1. Which one do you prefer, Land Rover Range Rover Evoque or BMW X3?
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

to sum up:

As mentioned at the beginning, these are two SUVs prepared for different people. They may overlap in price, but the mood of the corresponding people is different. People who buy Aurora are often relatively emotional, or at that moment their brains are taken over by sensibility. They may just be attracted by the advanced design of Aurora, and then they can see the beauty of Aurora in the eyes of the lover. , All kinds of powerful, as to what the sunroof can't open, the price is too expensive, and other issues have become less concerned. Most of the people who bought the BMW X3 were deliberate. It may be a decision made after comparing Q5 and GLK, but in short, this judgment is supported by detailed and meticulous logic, and it is a rational-led choice. (Photo/Photo by Liu Yuxin and Zhang Ke from Car Home)

Thanks to the vehicle provided by the following dealers:

Beijing Huadebao Address: No. 50, Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (1000 meters south of Dongjingtong Express Road, Sihui Bridge, East Chang'an Street)
Contact number: 010-8573 9999
Official homepage: http://www.huadebao.bmw.com.cn
Operating models: all BMW models

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The article is not over yet, there is a comparison table of the specific configurations of the two models on the fourth page, and interested readers can compare them in detail .