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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] Many successful products often don't just stop at their own aspects, and those surrounding objects with thematic nature have always been particularly eye-catching. Prior to this, Volkswagen launched a GTI version of the baby stroller that the car fan dad will love.

This stroller was launched by a German baby car company commissioned by Volkswagen. The entire vehicle is built entirely around the style of the Volkswagen sports car series GTI. The exterior uses GTI exclusive checkered cloth and red and black color. It is completely one. The shape of a “sports stroller”.

The frame uses a high-grade lightweight aluminum alloy frame, the height-adjustable armrest restores the style of the car steering wheel, and is also equipped with an “in-car cup holder” and exclusive gloves. What is even more exaggerated is the ability to adjust the softness and hardness of the baby carriage suspension .

The big and small wheels at the front and rear use GTI's iconic Tomahawk rims, and are also equipped with a foot brake system. The “sports seat” part can be adjusted to a lying mode or a sitting mode, and the canopy can be completely closed or modulated into a “panoramic sunroof” state.

In addition, the stroller also has a storage box under the stroller, and can also be equipped with a rain cover and an exclusive backpack, suitable for ages before 3 years old. This is definitely not a good-looking baby stroller. The overseas price is about 1,000 Euros (with accessories). (Zhu Xuran, Home of Wen Auto)