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[YesAuto in-depth experience] As a luxury sports sedan under the Lexus brand, the GS model has now been extended to the fourth generation. Compared with the previous generation GS model, the new Lexus GS has not changed much in body size, but has improved appearance and interior. A radical change has taken place, and even if you don’t look at the logo, you can’t even recognize that this is a Lexus GS sedan. Today we will take you to take a look at the new features of this new Lexus GS in addition to the appearance and interior innovations.

The Lexus GS250 luxury version we experienced today is a brand new model sequence in the GS car series. It uses a new 2.5-liter V6 engine with the latest D-4S direct injection system. It is also the first time Lexus has reduced the displacement of the GS to Below 3.0 liters, while saving energy and reducing emissions, the purchase threshold of GS models has been lowered.

◆ Appearance design: The size of the body is basically unchanged, and the spindle-shaped design of the front face makes GS glow with youth.

In the current trend of the “strengthening storm” of major brands, Lexus has always adhered to the concept of building its own cars, sticking to the standard size of its models in the traditional model level, and dare not go beyond the leichi half a step. And this is reflected in the new GS “incisively and vividly”. I thought that this generation of Lexus GS models would follow up with its competitors' long-term measures, but surprisingly, Lexus did not do so. The focus of the renewal is on the design innovation of exterior styling and interior decoration.

Because most brands in this level of models generally adopt the method of extending the wheelbase, the stubborn Lexus suffers a lot from the body size. After all, even its Japanese compatriots-Infiniti M series models are no longer reserved. The wheelbase has been directly extended by 150mm, and it has reached 3050mm, and it has crossed the 3m wheelbase mark with the top three in Germany. It seems that this time Lexus is indeed a bit too conservative. After all, in the current situation, even if it is compared with the Audi A4L and the BMW 3 Series Li, it does not take any advantage.

“Front face of CT200h model” “Front face of new ES series model”

“Front face of new RX series models” “Front face of new LX series models”

Compared with the conservative body size, Lexus is quite open and radical in appearance innovation, and even feels a bit too much. The family's latest spindle design concept basically covers all its models except for the IS model, even the family's flagship product LS. The series has also used this appearance in the recently released official pictures. It seems that this time Lexus will carry out the “spindle” to the end…

In terms of headlights, the new L-shaped daytime running lights are also another symbol of this generation of Lexus cars. It seems that more and more brands are beginning to focus on the unity of family styles. This is in the case of Volkswagen and Audi. Especially obvious. In terms of headlight configuration, the all-new Lexus GS is equipped with a full range of integrated bi-xenon automatic headlights as standard, and the GS250 luxury version we experienced is also equipped with an AFS adaptive lighting system, which can make driving at night and have a better driving sight. .

In addition, in order to highlight the sporty style of the new GS, the rearview mirror has been moved from the old A-pillar to the door, which has some sports car charm. In terms of functions, the Lexus GS250 Deluxe Edition is also quite rich. Basically, it is currently available on the market. Owning all of them, as Lexus, which pays attention to driving comfort, will naturally not slack off.

In terms of the side lines of the body, although the changes of the new Lexus GS are not as obvious as the sharp style changes of the front face, the design of the rear can still see the subtle changes in the body curve of the new GS model, compared to the old fastback coupe. Obviously, the new GS adopts the line design of returning to the traditional car, but the slightly upturned duck-tail design of the rear end makes the new GS more sporty.

The Lexus GS250 luxury version we experienced uses 18-inch multi-spoke aluminum alloy wheels. Although not as strong as the visual impact as the front of the car, the collocation of the whole vehicle is still fairly coordinated. In terms of tires, the Lexus GS250 Deluxe Edition uses Dunlop SP SPORT MAXX sports flagship tires with both visual effects and performance specifications of 235/45 R18, and the full-size aluminum alloy wheel spare tires also reflect the manufacturer’s configuration Kindness in terms of materials.

The rear of the new Lexus GS also uses a lot of sharp lines, which form a better response to the front of the car. Compared with the old model, the rear light of the new GS has a sharper shape, and the light source is also in line with the trend. LED bulbs with better visual effects, after all, electronic products are the strong point of the Japanese.

◆ Interior configuration: The brand-new interior has a greatly enhanced sense of fashion without losing a luxurious atmosphere.

Coming to the car, the new integrated center console design dazzled us, which not only greatly enhanced the fashion sense of the interior, but also brought the luxury of the car to a whole new level. The wood decorations no longer use the old red style that is too exaggerated and old. Instead, they are replaced by the dark brown wood decorations that have been increasingly favored by major luxury brands in recent years. The effect is particularly improved when combined with beige interiors. While bringing a fashionable and refreshing atmosphere, it also gives people a sense of stability.

Not only that, the new Lexus GS also enhances the luxury atmosphere in the car through practical and higher-end interior materials, especially the leather stitching stitching process on the central control instrument panel, which makes the sense of class in the car almost comparable to luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz S. The one-button start and electronic handbrake are equipped to upgrade the car's interior grade, while also making the layout of the car's center console look more refreshing. It’s just that the design of the electronic handbrake on the driver’s right knee makes people feel a little awkward, and brings some inconvenience to daily operations.

Although the same is a three-spoke steering wheel, the new Lexus GS250 steering wheel has a new visual feel by adding a silver decorative panel. In the actual experience, this model has an outstanding directional grip, and the leather is soft without losing friction. The standard shift paddles for the entire series are good news. After all, as a sedan positioned for luxury and sporty temperament, the paddle shifters can still enhance some driving pleasure.

Speaking of air-conditioning systems, all Lexus GS series are equipped with S-FLOW smart air-conditioning energy-saving technology, which is rare in the market at the same level. Its main function is that after turning on this function, it can detect the riding area through the sensor. When a passenger is a passenger, the air conditioning system automatically closes its corresponding air outlet to improve the cooling efficiency of other air outlets.

In terms of audio, the design of the audio control panel of the new Lexus GS250 Deluxe Edition is extremely simple, and its metal polished knob reminds me of the feeling of home audio systems in the 1980s. In terms of the number of speakers, in addition to the 17-speaker Mark Levinson premium audio system on the top GS450h, the remaining models are equipped with a 12-speaker high-fidelity audio system.

In addition, the Lexus GS250 luxury version that we experienced is also equipped with G-BOOK smart co-pilot and Remote Touch information operating system. In the actual experience, the function of this intelligent co-pilot system is still quite powerful, and basic operations related to driving and car use can be adjusted and set. In addition, the Remote Touch system designed to mimic the mouse operation also has an automatic variable damping feedback design. When the cursor is placed on the map, the mouse does not have any damping feedback, and you can easily move to any place you want on the map. When the cursor moves to the menu bar, the side joystick will have an obvious sense of damping, and there will be an obvious sense of gear when selecting each function to prevent misoperation. It seems that Japanese manufacturers are still working hard on the human-computer interaction experience.

When it comes to sunroofs, Lexus GS250 feels as incredible as its constant wheelbase size. After all, ES models will be equipped with panoramic sunroofs at the lower level, but you can’t see it on the GS. Look The designer really believes that the panoramic sunroof should be the configuration that a business executive or luxury car should have.

Compared with the shrinking and shrinking on the sunroof configuration, the new Lexus GS250 Deluxe Edition is quite generous in terms of safety configuration. The whole system comes standard with 10 airbags with knee protection for the main and passenger seats and an emergency button. Provide the most complete safety protection measures for the occupants in the car.

◆ Riding and space experience: The front seat adjustment function is very powerful, but the riding space is still not satisfactory.

The full range of Lexus GS250 Deluxe Edition is very luxurious in the seat equipment. The seat with semi-aniline high-grade leather perforated is soft and supportive, and the friction control of the seat surface is also relatively good in actual riding. Not only that, all GS models are also equipped with seat heating and ventilation functions as standard, bringing a very comfortable ride experience for all seasons.

In addition to the exquisite materials, the seats of the Lexus GS25 Deluxe Edition are also very powerful in function. Both the main and co-pilot seats have 3 sets of 18-way electric adjustable seats with memory functions, which can make the seat and your body perfect. fit. Except for the memory function key on the door, the other buttons are on the side of the seat. For the first time users, the many buttons on the seat need to be adapted for some time.

“Audi A6L 35 FSI luxury rear armrest” “BMW 530Li luxury rear armrest”

For the rear seats, the configuration of the Lexus GS250 Deluxe Edition is also unambiguous. This can be appreciated from the dazzling array of function keys on the rear center armrest: rear electric sunshade, seat heating, audio, air conditioning control and other functions. Everything is available. In contrast, although the Audi A6L’s multi-function buttons are more beautiful in style, the air-conditioning control needs to be adjusted at the air outlet, which is slightly less practical than the Lexus GS; in contrast, the BMW 5 Series Li, although the central armrest is only equipped with storage and The cup holder, but its side window sunshade is electrically controlled, which can be regarded as saving some face.

In terms of space, as the new Lexus GS has not changed in terms of body length and wheelbase from the old model, the rear seating space is still not ideal, and it is not at all the performance that the mainstream models of this level should have.

In addition, due to the front rear drive of the Lexus GS, it is impossible to avoid the raised problem of the rear center floor. However, such a height has a great impact on the comfort of the third passenger in the rear row. When sitting in the center of the back row, even if the experiencer lowers his head, he still touches the roof of the car. It seems that this place is only suitable for children or those who are not tall. Passengers take a temporary ride.

◆ Storage space

Compared with the cramped seating space, the storage space of the new Lexus is much better, not only in terms of quantity, space, and convenience, it has a better performance than similar models.

Among the many storage spaces of Lexus GS, the storage function of the front center armrest is the most flexible and practical. Not only the space is larger, but the freely sliding central partition is also very practical, which effectively improves the conditioning and utilization of the space. rate.

In terms of trunk storage, although the Lexus GS is generally flat due to the rear suspension, the actual storage capacity is still good, but the absence of the electric tailgate is a bit regrettable.

◆ Power system: The parameters of the new 2.5-liter V6 engine are mediocre.

In terms of power system, the entire Lexus GS250 luxury version is equipped with a new 2.5-liter V6 direct injection engine. This is the first time the model is equipped with an engine with a displacement of less than 3.0 liters. In terms of parameters, this engine has a maximum power of 209 horsepower and a maximum torque of 253N·m. , It is only enough for a medium and large car with a dead weight of nearly 1.7 tons; it is matched with a 6-speed automatic manual gearbox. Compared with models of the same level, 8-speed CVT and 8AT have been popularized. Lexus is in In this respect, it seems a little unpretentious. After all, even the compact BMW 1 series uses 8AT, but Lexus still holds 6AT all the time. It is a bit unreasonable.

In terms of suspension, the new Lexus GS has not changed in the suspension structure, but added the AVS adaptive adjustable suspension system that we once appeared on the cash Reiz. The highlight of this system is that it can be adapted to different road conditions and driving. The operator's operating state automatically adjusts the damping rate of the suspension shock absorber, thereby reducing the vibration of the vehicle body on bumpy roads, adjusting the driving comfort and control accuracy to the best state, and achieving a higher level of ride comfort and control stability Sex.

◆ Competitiveness analysis:

Lexus GS model, as a wonderful flower in medium and large cars, has always been shown to consumers with its unique sporty temperament, and at the same time it has better avoided the top three German sales in this class. The newly redesigned Lekdas GS has a more youthful and fashionable style. It can be said that in addition to the obvious style difference with the current Mercedes-Benz E series, it is in style with the new BMW 5 Series Li and the new Audi A6L. There are still some intersections. In the price range of 600,000 yuan, the competitive advantage of the BMW 530Li Luxury Edition is quite obvious. In terms of power, handling and space performance, BMW is far ahead of the Lexus GS250 Luxury Edition, although Lexus has better interior texture and fineness. , But it can't make up for the flaws in its price and power system. The new Audi A6L relies on strong domestic brand recognition and good power matching. It is better than Lexus GS250 in terms of power output and gear shifting smoothness. In addition, it is combined with panoramic sunroof and BOSE audio and other luxurious comfort configurations. It is easier to get the hearts of consumers.

“Audi A6L 35 FSI Luxury” “BMW 530Li Luxury”

In addition, models like Mercedes-Benz E300L, Cadillac SLS, Infiniti M25L and other models also have their own unique skills. Lexus has to face many difficulties and dangers if it wants to break out of the competition-inspired medium and large car market, and its biggest The obstacle may be the price. Therefore, if the GS model, which has always been lacking sufficient price competitiveness, wants to kill a bloody road, I think that while upgrading the product configuration, the price must be adjusted to be more competitive. After all, the domestic high-end The market has gradually matured, and it is no longer the era when auto sellers made wild demands. And 600,000 yuan to buy Mercedes-Benz S300 is the best example.

◆ Full text summary:

In general, the new Lexus GS is still a medium-to-large car with very beautiful exterior and interior. Compared with the old model, the exterior and interior are also significantly improved. The only downside is that its space performance is still not satisfactory. And the price that makes people feel high. As for the new 2.5-liter V6 direct-injection engine, although its performance is not good, it is somewhat like a small horse-drawn car for a vehicle weight of close to 1.7 tons. And how the actual dynamic performance is, please pay attention to our recent Online review articles. If you want to know the more detailed configuration of the 2012 Lexus GS250 luxury version, you can click here, and the staff of the 4s shop will contact you in time; or if you want to know more discount information from dealers, please click on the car quotation , And see which 4S shop offers more attractive offers. (Picture/Text Auto Home Jinxin)

[YesAuto Evaluation] I really like the shape of this generation of Lexus GS. The fierce gaze, domineering spindle grille, and aerodynamic kits all over the body completely broke the tradition of Lexus’s gentle and elegant. The lean and vigorous figure is accompanied by a sporty body. The attire, GS is particularly eye-catching among the “L” luxury medium and large cars full of business atmosphere.

However, lengthening surgery in the domestic luxury medium and large car market seems to have become a necessary condition for the success of new cars. That’s right, if you want to win the market, you have to compromise with it, so not only the traditional top three of the German department, but even Volvo and Infiniti have launched their own “L” models in the Chinese market as representatives of high-end Japanese brands. Lexus does not have any plans to make it domestically or extend it. The reason is very simple. Lexus has always been known for its quality and quality, and the lack of domestic extension means that the products retain the original flavor, and the quality and quality can also be consistent. Imported with original packaging is more conducive to maintaining its biggest advantage and tradition.

Obviously, the positioning of Lexus GS is far from that of “ABB” long-wheelbase models, and Lexus does not expect it to gain a share in the long-term commercial vehicle market. In the luxury sports car segment that GS focuses on, consumers don't care too much about whether the rear seats can lift their legs. The driving texture and controllability are what they are most concerned about. So today the protagonist, GS's entry-level model GS250 can surprise us in handling and athletic ability?

For detailed static experience, please click the picture below

Power: There is still a distance from sports, reducing the displacement is not a wise move

GS250 is equipped with a 2.5L V6 naturally aspirated engine, the engine model is 4GR-FSE, which integrates dual VVT-i and D4 in-cylinder direct injection technology, compression ratio 12:1, maximum power 154kW (209 horsepower)/6400rpm , The maximum torque is 253Nm/4800rpm, the data is not inferior to its opponents (BMW’s N52B25 inline 6-cylinder 2.5L engine has 204 horsepower, Audi’s 2.5L V6 FSI has 190 horsepower, and Infiniti’s VQ25HR is slightly stronger with 235 horsepower. horsepower).

For the gearbox, it still has 6 gears, but it has also undergone a new design. The torque converter has a larger locking range, and the gearbox has a faster shift response. It also has an automatic downshift and replenishment. Features. Although the LS was the first model to use the 8AT, Lexus today has fallen behind its opponents in the arms race of gearbox numbers.

About Toyota's GR series engines

GR is the code name of Toyota's V6 engine series. Ding Xingwang is a member of the family. The largest displacement is the 4.0L V6 engine code-named 1GR-FE. The long-stroke design can provide sufficient torque and is mostly used in off-road SUVs such as Prado and FJ Cruiser.

2GR-FSE is the 3.5L direct injection engine used on the GS350. On the GS350, it is also equipped with Toyota's latest D-4S direct injection technology, which is the most technologically advanced in the GR family. The 2GR-FE is a 3.5L V6 designed for the front transverse engine platform. It is mainly mounted on the RX350 and ES350, and is not equipped with direct injection technology. There is also 2GR-FXE (GS450h) for hybrid power, and the rarer 2GR-FZE, this V6 supercharged engine is specially designed for Lotus Evora S.

3GR-FE is the 3.0L V6 engine of the domestic Reiz and Crown, with a displacement of 3.0L, and the dual VVTi does not have direct injection technology. The 3GR-FSE is an upgraded version of 3GR-FE, adding direct injection technology, which is used in the Japanese standard mark X and crown.

The 4GR-FSE 2.5L engine on the GS250 is relatively unfamiliar to everyone. Previously, only the slightly modified IS250 in China has used this engine, which is equipped with D4 direct injection technology. After improvement, this high compression ratio The direct-injection engine can also adapt to the poor domestic oil products, and the engine performance is between the 2.5L 5GR-FE and the 3.0L 3GR-FE.

The last is the 2.5L engine code-named 5GR-FE, which is based on the 3GR-FE, shortening the cylinder stroke and reducing the displacement. It is also used in the domestic Reiz and Crown. Since the two engines have the same cylinder block structure and the same cylinder diameter, their difference lies in the stroke and compression ratio. There are many modification players in China who can easily upgrade 2.5 to 3.0 by replacing the piston connecting rod and crankshaft.

Although the GS250 has not been lengthened, its own weight is still close to 1.7 tons. From the rough analysis of the data, we can also predict that a 2.5L naturally aspirated engine can only be said to be enough for the GS250, and its actual performance is also similar to ours. Expectations are almost the same.

Regardless of sports, only from the perspective of home use, the performance of this 2.5L engine is still very good. The addition of direct injection technology improves the low-torque performance of the engine. It can output 90% of the torque at about 2000rpm, which is sufficient for general acceleration and overtaking speeds below 3000 rpm. It's just that the engine will make a more obvious noise after more than 2000 revolutions, destroying the original relaxed atmosphere in the car.

As the speed increases, the power changes are also very linear, and the engine will not be fully awakened until 4000rpm. However, due to the limited torque output, the engine cannot provide much acceleration at this time, and the power is almost the same as the general 2.4L mid-size car. Fortunately, the sound of the V6 engine at high speeds is still surging, and the lack of power can only be made up for by sound. The high-power characteristics will only appear after the speed exceeds 100km/h. At this time, the power reserve of the engine is still abundant, and the acceleration ability of the rear stage will not be significantly reduced.

Obviously, this 2.5 V6 is still unable to bear the “high performance” advertised by the GS, and it has little to do with the power and movement similar to ordinary mid-size cars. If you like GS very much and have higher requirements for power, GS350 is the only choice. In fact, Lexus can directly equip the GS entry model with that 3GR-FSE 3.0L engine, which is also a D4 direct injection system, with a maximum power of 188kW and a maximum torque of 314N·m. This level of power is only the entry model of the GS. It is just right, and the price gradient of GS350 will be more reasonable.

The performance of the gearbox is not flawed. Although there are not many gears, the gear ratio is wide enough and the speed is only 2200rpm at 120km. The daily driving is conscientious, the shifting is smooth and silent, and it is considerate when you want to be cool. It responds quickly enough, and there are shift paddles behind the steering wheel for you to play, except that there are not enough gears, there is not much difference between it and those 7AT/8AT in actual performance. The only drawback is that in manual mode, the gearbox will automatically upshift when the speed reaches the red line. The driver still does not have sufficient autonomy, so the fun is also discounted.

 Driving mode options

Lexus has also equipped the GS250 with four different driving mode options. There are four modes: ECO, Normal, Sport and Sport+. In each driving mode, the gearbox shift logic, throttle response speed and suspension will change accordingly. .

In economy and normal mode, the throttle response will be relatively numb, and the gearbox will be motivated to upshift, and the speed will always be maintained at about 1500 rpm. At this time, the compliant suspension, excellent sound insulation and almost perfect seats make the GS250 It has a nearly perfect driving texture. The S and S+ modes can give you more excitement, the throttle is more aggressive, and the gearbox will delay shifting. In addition, the S+ mode will also adjust the suspension damping and steering response speed to adapt to more intense driving.

Chassis and handling

The biggest selling point of a high-performance luxury sports car is that both civil and military are both dynamic and static, and comfort and handling must be grasped with both hands. To do this, an advanced active suspension system is essential. Lexus is also very kind this time. All models except the lowest GS250 leading version are equipped with AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension) adjustable suspension.

This set of AVS can automatically adjust the damping rate of the suspension shock absorber according to different road conditions and the driver's operating state, and adjust the driving comfort and control accuracy to the best state. Simply put, the shock absorber can automatically adjust the softness and hardness of the shock according to the different road conditions to ensure the unity of comfort and handling. The AVS on the GS can also control four wheels at the same time in an interconnected manner. The vibration situation, to achieve a better shock absorption effect. Of course, you can also adjust the driving mode to obtain tighter damping and increase the handling limit.

The new generation GS suspension uses the same structure as the previous generation model: the front double wishbone rear multi-link combination, but the entire chassis has undergone a new design, the front suspension uses more aluminum alloy swing arms to reduce unsprung Quality, the rear suspension also uses a large number of aluminum alloy connecting rods, and the geometric structure has been redesigned.

GS250 inherits Lexus’s consistent excellent tradition of comfort. With the help of adaptive suspension AVS, the body seems to be soaked in viscous honey. The damping of the shock absorber is both dense and elastic. It drives on bumpy roads. It can filter out all uncomfortable vibrations, but it also retains the basic road surface information when in good road conditions, and there will never be a sense of flickering in the boat.

However, due to the short suspension stroke, the body will inevitably shake when one-sided wheels pass through some large potholes. In addition, the GS is almost impeccable in terms of comfort. More importantly, the GS chassis suspension, seat and sound insulation of the entire cabin create a sense of grade that is better than that of the 5 Series and A6L.

When you switch the driving mode to sport+ mode, you can clearly feel that the suspension and the body immediately become tight and sensitive, the steering is more aggressive and the feedback intensity is heavier, and the vehicle dynamics integrated management system VDIM will also adopt a more sporty setting. At this time, the GS250 is completely in a combat state.

On mountain roads, GS250 finally showed its strong side. In Sport+ mode, the front pointing and steering are coordinated like mercury, direct and precise, and the tight body will not relax at all, while the suspension provides strong lateral support. . The GS has a high limit in corners, and what's even more rare is that its overall driving feel is soft and easy to control. This introverted and unobtrusive training style makes the definition of luxury sports very accurate. Even if compared with the imported 5 series, its chassis is not at all disadvantaged. It can be said that the GS replacement is really impressive.

Although it has not yet been officially confirmed, according to rumors, Lexus does intend to build a high-performance model for GS that is comparable to E63 AMG and M5. In the next two years, this rumor may become a reality. Imagine it. , What kind of results will the GS-F equipped with V10 engine 500+ horsepower achieve in the New North lap speed list?

Finally, let's take a look at the test results.

Speed up

The G value of the GS250 exceeded 0.6G at the moment of the start, and the rear wheels would also scream for a while, but the acceleration quickly returned to flat. The connection between the two shifts did a good job, and the final result was 9 seconds 08. , For a 2.5L V6 engine with a maximum power of 209 horsepower, it shouldn’t be that the score did not enter within 9 seconds.

The official score is 8.6s, and our measured score is 9.08s. It should be said that the 0.5s gap is still within an acceptable range. But if you compare it horizontally, this result is a bit unreasonable. You must know that the Camry 2.5 and Reiz 2.5 can easily reach the result of about 8.5s. The measured results of the 523Li with slightly inferior engine parameters are 8.23s, and the A6L 30FSI with CVT gearbox is 8.51s. The results are obviously superior. For the main sport GS250, this result is really a little bit meaningless. Therefore, if there is a requirement for power, the GS350, which can break 100 in 6 seconds, is the best choice.


In terms of braking, the GS250 has resumed its proper performance. The 40.19-meter performance is satisfactory. The four 235mm Dunlop SP SPORT MAXX tires and the brake settings of the front and rear ventilated discs ensure the braking performance. The body posture during braking The control is quite in place, several braking results are also very stable, the final test results are quite satisfactory, in line with our expectations.

Circumferential pile

Sure enough, the performance of the GS250 around the pile did not disappoint. In Sport+ mode, the throttle response is very sensitive. Because the power is not strong, the control is also handy. The steering feel is still great, precise and direct enough. In S+ mode, the suspension damping is linear and the lateral support is strong enough. Coupled with excellent tail tracking, the GS250 has a very high limit between piles and barrels. Of course, it breaks the limit. There is also a slight tendency to oversteer, but the dynamics of the body during sideslip are easy to control. Compared with the slightly slow performance of the A6L and 5 Series between the pile barrels, the GS is obviously more talented in athletic ability.


In terms of noise, we don't have to doubt the strength of Lexus. GS250 is fully capable of competing with LS in terms of sound insulation. The handling of wind noise and road noise during driving is in place.

Fuel consumption

The fuel consumption performance can be said to be a big surprise. Although consumers of this level may not care about this, Lexus's sense of responsibility for energy conservation and environmental protection is still worthy of our praise. In the half-day test time, the whole air-conditioning, load one person, the total mileage of 135.3km, congested road conditions below 30km accounted for 30%, 30-60km urban road conditions accounted for 30%, and the rest are about 80km unobstructed loops and highways. The average speed during the test was 35km per hour. It should be pointed out that the driving mode selected during the test is the ECO mode. The final fuel consumption of 95# is 11.06L, and the average fuel consumption is 8.17L. This result is very rare for a 209-horsepower rear-drive car, and turning on the ECO mode is really helpful for fuel consumption.

to sum up:

As a luxury sports car built for niche consumers, the GS250 performs well in all aspects except that it is not very powerful. The excellent appearance design makes it have a return rate that is not inferior to that of a coupe, the interior materials are completely up to the LS level, the quietness and comfort are inherited from Lexus's consistent excellent tradition, and the excellent controllability allows us Admiringly. Fortunately, GS did not carry out lengthening surgery for the Chinese market, and this uncompromising stubborn personality and pursuit of perfection made me feel good about this Japanese brand even more.

Lexus GS's main competitors in North America are the A6 and BMW 5 Series, but the situation in China is completely different. In China, those long-wheelbase models with Chinese characteristics are the protagonists in the luxury medium and large car market, and the high price and poor rear space make GS simply unable to enter the eyes of mainstream domestic consumers.

I believe Lexus itself knows this very well. GS cannot sell those German rivals with the L mark no matter how hard it is. It was originally prepared for the small group of young consumers who pursue individuality and driving, and the comfortable ES is the real one. Models used to walk the volume (this is also the reason why the price of ES is much lower than that of GS).

However, even if niche car consumers don’t pay much attention to cost performance, the pricing of the new GS is still a bit overconfident. The cheapest GS250 leading version has been asked for 527 thousand, and the fully equipped GS250 luxury version costs 600,000, while the GS350 The two models are 776,000 and 839,000, and the price of the hybrid GS450h is close to 1 million. The price is indeed a lot of moisture. From the point of view of netizens I collected in the forum, it is relatively reasonable that the GS guide price should be reduced by at least 50,000-80,000 as a whole.

Compared with the domestically produced A6L and 5 series GS, the price is obviously a disadvantage, but if you look at the models that can show personality at this level, you will never find a good and cheap master. A7, E-class coupe, CLS and GS are actually all Half a catty. Consumers at this level are often impulsive purchases for niche personalized cars, so if you happen to like GS and its price is within your affordability, then don't hesitate. What's more, now all GS series have given more than 50,000 discounts at some dealers, and don't forget that it also has free maintenance for four years and 100,000 kilometers. (Photo/Text/Photo: Li Yi from Car House; Video: Zheng Yan from Car House)

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