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[YesAuto Test Drive] Kia SOUL made its global debut at the Detroit Auto Show in 2006, and until today this domestically produced version of SOUL that basically maintained the shape of the original concept car parked in front of me, I can only describe it in two words It, that is “personality”. Indeed, people nowadays regard the pursuit of individuality as a fashion, and when cars have gradually become consumer goods in our lives, their individual needs have also become a manifestation of the quality of life, so they have individuality, cross-border, and SOUL with fashion elements came into being.

In my previous concept, personalized models were classic models such as the Beetle, MINI, etc., and today SOUL, also produced by the Beatles designer Peter Cyrill, can be said to be another masterpiece of this type of model. Although the new car will not be officially launched until next month, I have had close contact with it.

Maybe you just read our real shot article about this new car the day before yesterday. Friends who haven't read it can click on the picture above to read the article, then today I will take you to feel this new car in more detail.

I don’t think I need to say any more about SOUL’s appearance design. Personality and fashion are the most common words we say. It can be seen that Kia has really done a lot of work on this new car, even the appearance of the color is as many as ten. Kind. In order to meet the needs of users who have a higher level of personalization, Kia also provides more personalized original modified customized models.

All of the original modified customized models use Kia original kits, and the most conspicuous is the fancy personalized wheels. The style design is good, but the only drawback is that it feels a bit cheap. In addition, the main additional components include a small rear spoiler, front and rear bumpers with chrome decoration, as well as side skirts and customized bodywork, headlights and fuel tank caps.

The grille shape that everyone is familiar with is reflected in Freddy and the new Sorento, and Kia will also use this grille design as a logo for its future model brand, which means that all Kia that will be listed later All models will adopt this grille style, which is also part of the brand strategy.

In addition, SOUL’s pursuit of individuality is also reflected in many details. For example, the model displacement logo at the rear is not the number we usually see, but an abstract concept, where 2U stands for 1.6L car, and 4U represents the 2.0L model, and Kia will eventually name the product model with GL and GLS in writing.

SOUL not only has a variety of body colors to choose from, but also provides three different options including the interior, pure/black, red/black and rice/black, which is really a bit dazzling… and I personally prefer pure black. Very good grade.

Of course, the car is not only used to satisfy the visual effect, the practicality of space is also important! So first of all, let's take a look at SOUL's performance in the interior space.

First of all, the sitting position of the front seats is very high, which also brings a good view. Even then, there is also room for more than a punch in the front of the head; the rear space is more abundant, with the head and legs already exceeding With two punches, the wheelbase advantage is reflected here.

Although the wheelbase is dominant, the length of SOUL's body is relatively short, and when you think of the ample rear legroom, you can imagine that the trunk is easy and not very large. The actual experience is the same, 3 standard backpacks are enough to fill the trunk! Of course, if all the rear seats are reversed, the space will suddenly become clear.

After seeing the performance of the space, let's examine some SOUL's performance in storage capacity.

Among the front and rear doors, only the front door has a storage slot, and the storage slot of the front door is very narrow, unable to put a bottle of mineral water. Fortunately, there is a special water cup slot, and the other parts can only put thin things. It feels like here. It can be designed to be wider, and it is not a complicated matter.

The design of the center control panel can be regarded as a design highlight of SOUL. In addition to the curved shape and huge knobs, it is easy to operate. There is an openable storage box on the top. Portable mobile phones and cigarette cases can be placed in it. Convenience. In addition, the following AUX and USB ports are very convenient for everyone to connect to their Walkman, and it can also support iPod.

The glove box adopts a double-layer design, but the upper and lower heights are a bit narrow, and some relatively large items cannot be accommodated. So it seems that the integral type is better; there are two cup holders, one large and one small, in the middle. It is relatively convenient; the glove box is not large in size and the depth is average, and a bottle of mineral water will be placed.

It can be said that SOUL's interior space can definitely give full marks, and although storage capacity and some humanized designs are still lacking, they can also meet our basic needs for daily use. We can give 80 points. This is the end of the description of the details of the vehicle. Let us go on the road together to see how it feels when it drives.

Kia SOUL uses two displacement engines, 1.6L and 2.0L. The 1.6L engine has a maximum power of 90kW (123 horsepower) at 6300 rpm and a maximum torque of 155N·m/4200 rpm; the 2.0L engine has a maximum power of 104kW (142 horsepower). /6000 revolutions, the maximum torque is 186N·m/4600 revolutions. From the data point of view, these two engines still have certain advantages compared with the same-level displacement engines on the market.

There is a detail problem here. The 1.6L model has an engine hood. After opening the engine compartment cover, the inside looks more tidy, while the 2.0 model is not equipped with an hood. There is also the official comprehensive fuel consumption of the two models with displacements of 6.6L and 7.6L respectively, and we are not sure about this before we conduct the actual test, and we will discuss it after we get the test car in the future.

Due to some objective reasons, we only experienced the 2.0L model in this test drive. It can be said that the performance of the SOUL engine is quite comfortable. Although it is not so violent, it will definitely not feel weak, and the low-speed torque performance is more prominent. , Especially at the moment of starting, you can feel a little push back, of course it is only a moment.

SOUL's automatic transmission models are equipped with a manual transmission, and the manual transmission models are equipped with a five-speed manual transmission. Through a short experience, the performance of the four-speed automatic transmission is better than I expected. The frustration is not strong, and it matches the engine quite well; as for the manual transmission, it looks a little thin, and it may be because of it. Because of the new car, the shifting process is a bit jerky, but the gears are still very clear.

In the actual driving, SOUL gives me a very relaxed feeling. First of all, it is reflected on the accelerator pedal, which feels very light, including the clutch pedal of the hand gear model. The accelerator response is very positive and the power response is good; in addition, the steering wheel feels very light. It is also effortless, and one hand can be turned easily when turning.

One thing about SOUL that surprised me is the noise. It stands to reason that the square body should have obvious wind noise, but the interior of the car is actually very quiet, most of which are engine and road noise. It can be seen that SOUL is redundant. The transition treatment of some dead corners on the car body is still in place.

The above are some of the feelings about Kia SOUL during this test drive. I think it is still the most appropriate to describe it with the word “personality”. From the inside to the outside, it seems that they are deliberately creating such a personalized atmosphere. As for I think it’s positioning, regardless of age or gender, as long as you like to pursue individuality and express yourself, then you will definitely be sure that SOUL is your ideal model; and if you are accustomed to being well-behaved, then you will definitely sneer at it, and this This kind of polarized population positioning can also be boiled down to a kind of personality…

Of course, SOUL is not flashy, and there are many things that still deserve our attention. The 2.0 model is equipped with 18-inch 225mm wide tires, which is rare in the same class; the 8-speaker configuration in the car is definitely worth showing off. Space is its strength. It is indeed tempting to say so many advantages in one breath, but one thing we cannot ignore is the price of the product. No matter how rich the configuration is, it will not help if there is no reasonable price. The answer can only be revealed after the listing, no Do you know if you are looking forward to it?