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[YesAuto Race] Dakar enters the second day of the race. The second stage starts from St. Louis and finishes at San Rafael. The car group has a total distance of 798 kilometers and a stage of 433 kilometers. The X-RAID team's Dakar 11 champion Peter Hansel won the second stage, which took 3 hours, 52 minutes and 05 seconds. The Harvard driver Sosa, who won the first stage championship, has not yet returned to the camp due to a mechanical failure.

It is understood that in the second stage, Sosa drove the Haval 306 car to 30 kilometers when the turbine failed. In the previous stage, Sosa's car had a turbo failure. It seems that this problem has not been resolved. And his teammate Christian finished in 8th place for the second time, and his overall result rose to 7th.

The Chinese driver Zhou Yong of the MINI X-RAID team drove the No. 319 car to finish 40th in this stage, and the total result was 31st, which showed a slight decline.

As of the second stage, the top 10 results of the car group:

On the 3rd day, the race will start from San Rafael and finish at San Juan. The race section is 373 kilometers. This section will pass by the Agacongua Volcano with an altitude of 6962. The track is covered with pits and rocks. , It is easy to damage the vehicle, which is another difficult stage for the drivers.

More exciting pictures in the second stage:

[YesAuto Race] The first stage of the 2014 Dakar Rally ended early this morning, Beijing time. A total of 147 cars, 174 motorcycles, 40 quad bikes and 70 trucks participated in the stage, and all completed the competition. . Harvard team driver Sousa won the first stage championship in 2 hours, 20 minutes and 36 seconds. This is the first time a Chinese team won the stage championship in the Dakar Rally.

The Dakar Rally is still held in South America. The first stage of the first day starts from Rosario, Argentina, and the end point is in San Luis. The total mileage is 405 kilometers and the stage is 180 kilometers. The drivers need to cross the narrow forest section. Most of the whole course is sand and gravel road, it is difficult to overtake this stage.

The first stage champion Sousa said after the game: “Our race was very smooth but the whole stage was very difficult. The weather was very hot and our car did not have air conditioning. After 50 kilometers, our turbine broke down, so the entire air coming in from the engine Pounced directly at me. I estimated that the cabin temperature was 70 degrees. We drove well and made no mistakes, so we won the championship. I am very happy to help the manufacturer get this result. “Sosa has represented Haval twice in the competition. The previous best result was 6th. I hope he can play stably this time, and his total score will go further.

Peter Hansel, the former champion of the MONSTER ENERGY X-RAID team, drove a MINI car and finished 6th in the stage, 4 minutes 21 seconds behind No. 1 Sosa. And his teammate, Terranova Orlando, who drove the No. 307 car, won the second stage, only 11 seconds behind Souza.

Chinese driver Zhou Yong, this time Dakar also joined the MONSTER ENERGY X-RAID team, won the 25th result in the first stage, 13 minutes and 07 seconds behind.

The top ten results of the first stage of the Dakar Rally car group:

The second stage will start from St. Louis and finish at St. Rafael. The driving section is 365 kilometers and the competition section is 359 kilometers. The last 100 kilometers of the stage are dunes; the road conditions are the first dune section in Dakar this year. , It is a test of the rider's adaptability. Let us look forward to the second stage of the game.

More exciting pictures in the first stage: