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Peugeot e-Legend concept car

Last Update:2021-06-17 Author:yesauto

[YesAuto concept car real shot] The information on the mobile phone in the past two days is full of congestion, and the high-speed toll station is blocked into a parking lot. Every time I see or encounter such a scene, I think about the various concept cars. When will the concept of passing the time be fulfilled? No, as the host Peugeot released a concept car called e-Legend at this year's Paris Motor Show, which is a combination of retro styling and French brain hole.

Although the concept cars do not seem very realistic, the concepts expressed are actually constantly changing. The previous concept cars are more in terms of appearance design and genetic inheritance. In recent years, the concepts of major car companies Cars are more about the concept of travel, such as the Volvo 360c and BMW iNEXT released not long ago, which seem to be super unconventional, expressing the ideal state of their minds that people in the future will enjoy in their cars.

But Peugeot is really a French-style brain opener, leaving both the enjoyment of power and the enjoyment of comfort to the users for their own choice, but if it is really me, I will choose the latter and what to do in the car No, why can't you get along with yourself? Just take out the steering wheel for fun when you get off the track.