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[YesAuto Car Forum Meng Material] Ferrari is the dream car of countless little boys and big boys. When you stand in front of it, you will feel that this is not only a car, but also a work of art with walking function. And art should be treated well. However, some people don't think so, such as Philippine President Duterte.

Just recently, the Philippine government invited the media and the public to watch a big show called “Ferrari VS Shovel” (if there is a name). At the “performance” scene, the Italian Ferrari 360 Spider “stands” innocently. At this time, I saw the Zoomlion Z220-3 bulldozer from China stepping into the arena with its head upright…

After entering the stadium, the Chinese players did not have too much politeness, they directly stepped their “big feet (tracks)” on Ferrari's front face, then the back, then came down, and stepped on again in a different posture (direction)… so After repeated iterations, the “race” with a huge difference in heavyweights (Ferrari 1.5 tons, bulldozer 24.7 tons) ended with Ferrari breaking into a slag.

Okay, no kidding, this big show is actually a Philippine customs destroying smuggled cars. It can be seen from the picture that this Ferrari has no doors and bumpers, so some people say that this is just a scrapped car. In fact, it is not. The Philippine Customs stated that smugglers removed the door and other parts, and then declared the auto parts to escape the tariff on the whole vehicle.

Seeing this, someone must have said: Don't give it to me, don't waste things! In fact, I think so too, but destroying smuggled luxury cars is already a traditional show in the Philippines. The most loyal audience of this show is President Duterte. In August last year, Duterte organized a larger-scale destruction event. In that event, 68 cars, including Lamborghini Gallardo, Porsche 911, Ford Mustang, etc., were crushed countless times after being seated in a row…Last year In the first half of the year, a number of luxury cars including Mercedes-Benz, Maserati and Porsche were also destroyed under Duterte's auspices.

Some people say that this is an out-and-out waste. The Philippine government can auction off these luxury cars and use the income for government expenditures, but Duterte insists on using this high-profile rolling method to deter smuggling. molecular. According to reports, before Duterte took office, the Philippine government would auction off smuggled cars, but Duterte firmly opposed it because it was not in line with the policy of combating crime and corruption. More importantly, he did not want his government. Profit from crime. (Wang Meng, home of the car/picture from the Internet)