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[YesAuto Power Modification] Standing on the mountain road of Pikes Peak in the morning and looking into the distance, accompanied by a ray of light and roaring engine sound in the distance, along with the friction between tires and the ground, it completely broke the tranquility of the morning. The mountain race car is coming from a distance. It is being tested and undergoing debugging work. Follow it with curiosity to find out.

This is a professional racing car built based on the Toyota 86 to participate in Pikes Peak Mountaineering. The whole car is modified with aerodynamic kits to obtain sufficient downforce during the race.

The front wide wheel eyebrows and spoiler look very full, the purpose is to get more front wheel pressure, carbon fiber pull style rearview mirror can also reduce a lot of resistance, imitating the pull style small window is also to reduce weight. The rim adopts the Japanese RAYS ZE40 style, the size is 18 inches * 10J, and the tires are selected from Toyo PROXES RR 275/35 R18 all-hot melt tires.

The power part adopts GReddy 2100CC turbo upgrade kit, strengthened forging in the abdomen, the engine has a compression ratio of 10.5:1, and Pikes Peak’s thin air is also famous. GReddy replaced the GTX3076R turbo and installed a large turbo intercooler. With the control of the MOTEC trip computer, it can have 479 horsepower. The transmission system is upgraded on the basis of the original 6-speed manual gearbox, and the transmission efficiency is increased by replacing it with a lightweight flywheel and a three-plate competitive clutch package. In the rear differential, the 4.785 tail gear wheel and 1.5way differential lock have also been upgraded.

The interior design is very neat. The integrated MOTEC LCD instrument and the neatly placed function buttons are designed to facilitate the driving of the driver.

The racing seats and safety belts plus a welded roll cage are to ensure the safety of the drivers, and the blue square box next to the driver's seat is a water spray system installed to protect the engine's turbine running to dissipate heat from the turbine intercooler.

A riot-proof fuel tank was refitted in the rear luggage compartment, and the original fuel tank was replaced to ensure safety in mountain climbing.

The chassis shock absorber comes from the 3-way adjustable racing version of the German KW brand, and combined with the WHITELINE chassis adjustable tie rod kit, the car can independently adjust the front wheel kingpin, front wheel inclination, and front wheel toe angle, of course one For rear-wheel drive vehicles, the adjustment of the rear wheel inclination toe is also very important. In order to ensure the working condition of the mountaineering competition, the front wheel has been replaced with a 355mm four-piston competitive brake. All of the above are to ensure safety and ensure the normal operation of the vehicle during the competition. So what are you waiting for? .