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[YesAuto Chassis Analysis] The annual Geneva Motor Show, as one of the long-standing car exhibitions, has been launched by major manufacturers around the world for the latest and most advanced models. This has also made the Geneva Motor Show known as the “international automobile trend vane”. From the new car chassis of this Geneva Motor Show, we can see that the platform design of the chassis has been very mature and common. Major manufacturers are using platform design to reduce vehicle design and manufacturing costs to meet the diverse needs of consumers for vehicle models. For some of the newly released models, we will show you the relationship between these new cars and the model platform through a summary.

In this issue of the auto show new car chassis analysis article, we selected 6 new cars at this year's Geneva Motor Show for interpretation. The six cars are Maserati Levante, Volvo V90, Borgward BX5, Skoda VisionS, BMW M2 and Audi Q2. These include medium and large SUVs, medium and large vehicles, compact SUVs, compact cars and small SUVs. Next, we will start this issue of chassis analysis according to the above-mentioned vehicle classification.

■ Medium and large SUV

● Maserati Levante

As the first SUV model of the Maserati brand, its sports color positioning is definitely the core competitiveness. An SUV must combine elegance and sportiness, which is a test for Maserati. As for whether it can reproduce the sales of the Porsche Cayenne, we don’t know, but since it is a sports positioning, let’s look at it first. See if the chassis is moving enough.

The lighter lower control arm structure is adopted, and the unsprung weight is lighter when driving, and the dynamic feedback of the suspension and steering system is faster. The reaction is faster and the road feel better. This is why many performance cars use lightweight alloy materials to make their lower arms at any cost.

Although Maserati officially said that its SUV will be developed on the Jeep Grand Cherokee platform, in February 2014, Maserati claimed that Maserati Levante and Jeep Grand Cherokee do not belong to the same platform. Through our observation of the chassis, we can find that although both front suspensions are of double-wishbone structure, there are big differences in many design details and materials, and Maserati Levante is an obvious road-oriented design.

From the perspective of the chassis structure, the statement “Maserati Levante and Jeep Grand Cherokee have the same platform” finally has an answer: only the form is the same, but in terms of design details and material selection, there are big differences. In other words, Maserati Levante is in the chassis design Aspects can be regarded as relatively independent development. But this does not mean that the two cars have no intersection at all. In terms of some on-board electrical systems and interior parts, there will be a certain degree of technology sharing between the two.

■ Medium and large vehicles

● Volvo V90

Volvo V90 is the largest station wagon in Volvo's existing product line, and its unique appearance does attract a lot of attention. Of course, only a good-looking car can't be regarded as a good car, and it can be based on competitors of the same level with both internal and external training. So in terms of models, is there any difference between Volvo V90 and Volvo XC90, which are also products from the SPA platform?

In the design of the rear suspension, both Volvo V90 and Volvo XC90 use different air springs from the front suspension. This set of air springs cannot be adjusted to a large extent by artificial means, but an adaptive adjustment method. Air springs are used to keep the rear of the body as level as possible with the front of the car, and the damping can be adjusted in real time to ensure high comfort.

From this point of view, in terms of chassis structure, the Volvo V90 and the Volvo XC90 on the same platform have shown high consistency, but in terms of tuning and suspension travel, the Volvo V90 as a station wagon is significantly more designed than the Volvo XC90. More suitable for road driving.

■ Compact SUV

● Borgward BX5

The German brand BORGWARD was born in 1919 and has a history of nearly one hundred years. The brand had to file for bankruptcy in 1961 due to a broken capital chain. After 54 years of silence, by holding hands with Foton Motors, the Borgward brand finally achieved Phoenix Nirvana in 2015.

The chassis structure of the Borgward BX5 and Borgward BX7 is very similar to the Volkswagen compact car/compact SUV, and the possibility of adopting the Volkswagen chassis platform is not ruled out. From the perspective of positioning, Volkswagen Tiguan should be one of the imaginary enemies of Borgward BX5. Apart from the brand awareness, the chassis structure of the two are so similar, the product strength depends on the price and configuration of the model.

● Skoda VisionS

Skoda VisionS is the first three-row six-seater SUV concept car built by Skoda based on the MQB platform. In addition to the exterior design of the car, it interprets the Czechs’ vision of traditional artistic elements and the interconnection of future car driving. It also means that the Skoda brand will make a big move in the compact SUV market.

Skoda VisionS is a product of the Volkswagen MQB platform, and its chassis structure is consistent with other models based on the MQB platform. If the car can really go to the production stage, it will become a brother model of the new Volkswagen Tiguan. How to maintain the uniqueness of the product will be the first issue to be considered for the Skoda VisionS production version.

■ Compact car

● BMW M2/BMW M2 M Performance

The BMW M2 was officially released at the end of October last year. As the first 2-series model officially created by BMW's M department, this car has attracted the attention of many BMW fans. The re-tuned 3.0T N55B30 engine is one of the highlights of the car. The sufficient power and the shorter wheelbase make it even more advantageous than the M3/M4 in terms of handling and driving pleasure.

From the perspective of the difference in the chassis, the BMW M2 M Performance kit version is not just as simple as adding a set of large enclosures on the basis of the BMW M2. The re-tuned chassis gives the car a stronger handling performance, providing a better choice for consumers who love the BMW M2 but are not satisfied with the handling performance of the original model.

■ Small SUV

● Audi Q2

As the smallest SUV of the Audi brand, the Audi Q2 finally took the first place among the three major brands of “BBA” in this market segment. As the first small SUV under the MQB platform, there are always rumors that this small SUV “rear suspension has the same structure as the Audi A1 rear suspension.” Is this true or false?

Although the positioning of the Audi Q2 is lower than that of the Audi Q3, this does not mean that the Audi Q2 will adopt the rear suspension structure of the Audi A1. According to the analysis shown in the figure, the suspension structure of the Audi Q2 developed on the MQB platform is more consistent with that of the Audi A3.

Full text summary:

From the new car chassis of this Geneva Motor Show, we can see that the platform design of the models makes the chassis design of more and more models become consistent. Taking into account that the chassis and suspension design has become mature, it is very difficult to obtain major technological breakthroughs. It will be a general trend to adopt a shared design to reduce design and manufacturing costs. The Volkswagen Group is currently the most widely used platform-based vehicle design. Mature manufacturer. More and more manufacturers are also beginning to realize the advantages of platform-based model design and start to build their own model platforms. For some luxury cars, due to their own R&D funds and production costs are abundant, so that more targeted structural design and expensive lightweight materials are used in the design to improve the performance of the chassis and suspension. The structural design and suspension material are just hardware, which is also crucial to the adjustment of the suspension. This is also an important reason why Volkswagen's cars adopt a similar structure design to give drivers a different driving experience. (Photo/Text/Car House Chang Qinglin/Shuning Photo Car House/Xia Zhimeng)