[YesAuto compilation] 2010 can be described as the first year for Chinese independent auto brands to enter the Taiwan market. At the Taipei Auto Show at the end of 2009, Chery and Geely from China also named Shengrong and Tobe Yulon Coupe respectively. They have appeared in Taiwan through assembly in Taiwan, and have successively launched them on the market this year. They have entered the common people's car market in Taiwan at relatively affordable prices.

With the abundant resources of Yulon Group behind, Tobe Coupe, through cooperation with Geely Automobile Group on the other side, uses the “engineered bionic” design of China's Geely Panda Auto to transform the entire vehicle into a Chinese-made domestic car assembled in Taiwan. Bring the lovely appearance of Geely Panda to Taiwan.

At the beginning of its establishment, it took advantage of the vivid and lovely appearance of M'car's “Panda Car”, and at the same time invited popular idol star Guo Caijie as the product spokesperson. With “cartoon life” as the main marketing axis, it attracted the attention of young female consumers and succeeded At the beginning of the listing, the marketing strategy once issued a red plate, which gave M'car a good visibility on the road.

● Playful polymorphic elephant

At the beginning of its launch, M'car, which focused on the cute image, in addition to the panda-like “basic” model, the strategy of targeting the consumer group of young women, also caught the recent popular Bling Bling shining trend in July this year. Swarovski Elements (Swarovski Elements) cross-industry alliances, inlaid with nearly 1,600 Swarovski Elements rhinestones on the M'car center console, gearshift heads and left and right air conditioning outlets, launching the first specials since the listing of M'car Car ── M'car Rhinestone Edition Special Car.

Subsequently, in October this year, Tobe launched another special model for M'car, hoping to create a multi-deformed image of the Tobe brand in addition to its cute appearance. This special car is no one else, it is the protagonist of today's test drive-M'car 1.3 cool bear version.

● Like a car version of Taiwanese black bear

In October of this year, Tobe released the M'car cool bear version. M'car was originally based on the cute appearance of the giant panda, which is a unique species of China. It incorporates the characteristics of Taiwan’s unique species of Taiwan black bear. “Panda Car” transformed into “Taiwan Black Bear Car”.

Just like M'car's twin car Geely Panda is based on the concept of a panda unique to China, the M'car Cool Bear version is designed based on the unique Taiwan black bear of Taiwan, although the Cool Bear version is still based on the appearance of the M'car panda. Development, but incorporates the design elements of Taiwanese black bears into the cute appearance. The color of the car is only available in a single car color of “Hey Black” all-black paint, and a white V-neck car sticker is affixed to the engine cover, just like the obvious V-shaped markings on the chest of a Taiwan black bear. At the same time, a light eyebrow was added to the big-eyed headlight of M'car and replaced with blackened rims, so that the appearance of the cool bear version can also be a bit murderous.

Open the door, M'car's lovely cockpit full of circular elements remains the same. The round center console design, three-ring air-conditioning knob panel, round air-conditioning vents, and double-ring instrument panel maintain the lovely style of M'car. But the cool bear version of the seat is changed to dark black mesh cloth material, with fluffy chair covers and cool bear-shaped headrests, plus the carbon-like fiber that M'car already uses in the center console panel, air conditioning outlets and door handles. The decorative panels and the fun-to-handle manual gearbox have filled the interior of the Cool Bear version with a lot of performance colors.

Not only that, Tobe also designed a series of exclusive accessories for the cool bear version, including standard accessories such as the front sunshade with bear face painting, bear paw-shaped seat belt cover and facial paper box, and cool bear-shaped tail window handle ornaments. The cover, bear paw, and claw mark door stickers are available for consumers to purchase at a higher price to show the difference between the cool bear version and the general M'car.

● With manual gearbox, flexible and more powerful

Different from the previous test drive version that is equipped with a four-speed automatic transmission, the M'car cool bear version prepared by Tobe for the test group is not the abrupt wood grain on the gear seat. The gear lever head and the round hand gear lever seem to be closer to M'car's round interior atmosphere. What kind of spark will M'car carry, code-named MR479Q, 1.3-liter inline four-cylinder engine and five-speed manual transmission? It is also what the test team wants to understand.

When sitting in the car compartment and turning the key to start, the M'car cool bear version is really hard to bring some surprises. Just like an ordinary commuter car, the sound of the smooth engine can be heard in the ears. Step on the clutch pedal to prepare to shift into first gear. The non-heavy clutch pedal gives people a feeling of being close to the people and easy to get started. The overall gear seat is slightly to the right, although the feedback in the hand clearly informs that it is currently in first gear. , However, when you turn your head and look at the gear seat, there is a hint of confusion. Where is the gear of the gearbox now?

However, this kind of doubt, as long as you don’t turn your head, you will be able to sweep away most of the feedback from your hands. It’s just a slightly longer shifting stroke, which also increases the time for the right hand to leave the steering wheel when switching gears. If not, Driving familiar with the operation of manual vehicles may feel a little uneasy.

Lightly step on the accelerator and hit the road, the Cool Bear version reacts like a self-draining model. It greets us with a gentle and gentle force. As expected, there are no surprises. It is still oriented to normal urban driving, just like equipped with a self-draining The gearbox is average. As long as you shift gears smoothly and don't deliberately increase the speed, even with a manual gearbox, M'car can still freely shuttle in the urban car array to meet the needs of urban commuting.

However, just because I received a test car equipped with a manual transmission, it also aroused a little curiosity in my heart. I wanted to control the engine speed through the manual transmission. What is the endurance of a 1.3-liter inline four-cylinder engine with a maximum output of 86 horsepower at rpm and a torque of 11.2 kgm? Increasing the pedaling force of the accelerator, although the steady increase of the engine speed did not bring much excitement. However, once it is close to the engine's maximum output speed range, it can still provide a lot of driving pleasure, and it can also feel that the red panda actually has a somewhat restless soul.

However, in addition to showing the hidden playfulness of M'car, Taiwan's famous WRC-level road paving also exposed some of M'car's problems. Just after the test crew adjusted the low tire pressure of the original first wheel to the standard value and restarted the road, although the overall road feel feedback was clearer, the comfort of the rear seat was greatly reduced, and the car body was occasionally transmitted with the vibration of the road. Here comes a different sound. After inquiring, the original factory personnel also said that the reason why the condition of the car is not ideal may be because the car was previously used for advertising shooting, and the driver performed stunts such as flicking and two-wheeled driving. The road usage habits of general consumers should not cause such problems.

● A cheap choice with changeable personality

Regardless of consumers’ perceptions of domestically-made cars of mainland Chinese origin, returning to Tobe’s product settings and strategies, it’s not difficult to find that Tobe, which currently has only one M'car in the market, is moving towards creativity and individuality. Customized special car models, a way to increase the richness of its product lineup. On the basis of the original cute appearance, different creative elements are added, such as: the rhinestone version of the special car with rhinestones in the interior decoration panel, and the use of Taiwan black bear is a cool bear version of the design concept, etc. It even develops matching accessories, such as a bear's palm paper box or an outer cover of a cup holder inlaid with rhinestones, so that M'car can be close to the young people's love of change and the pursuit of individuality in addition to its cute appearance. Character.

In all fairness, although the sound of the windshield wipers was a bit annoying that day, the vehicle body made a lot of abnormal noises due to the slightly unfavorable conditions of the car after the intense driving and the shooting of special effects advertisements. However, if it is possible to enhance the quietness of the car cabin by strengthening the quality control of NVH engineering, and at the same time improve the quality of the details, use the 400,000 yuan class distance of M'car to match the car electric equipment that Yulon Group is good at, and the current development of Tobe If there are more special editions planned in the future, and even more kits will be developed to provide consumers with rich customized choices and cut into the consumer appetite of the young people, it is actually a newcomer to the society in demonstrating their individuality. select. (Compilation/Car Home Hu Zhengyang)