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[YesAuto Design Palace] As the saying goes, “the poor play cars, the rich play watches, and the good people keep repairing computers.” Cars, a large consumer product, have also been running faster and faster on the increasingly expensive roads over the years. However, unlike the trend of watches respecting machinery, the fully electronic instrument is the symbol of advanced. But did you know that this thing is not only popular in recent years, it is older than you in front of the screen.

Although the watch is expensive, it is more expensive to play in a car. If you don't believe me, try it;

Twenty years ago, the instrument in a car was smaller than that of a mobile phone; 20 years later, it was just the opposite;

I promise you have never seen the table on the first page. If you do, there will be surprises on the second page.

I know that when it comes to cars and watches, many of my friends imagine the picture below. Don't worry, today is not a live X meeting in Moments, but a watch on the car.

This time we will talk about what Tuli is more expensive than a watch. That's right, it's the instrument on the car.

Today we like big things for many things, such as houses and mobile phones. Of course, the car is no exception. Many things on it are getting bigger and bigger, including the instruments behind the steering wheel.

When we first entered the 21st century, most of the instruments on the car were mechanical, and only a small screen was found in the middle of the instrument of a few luxury cars. Although the history of this screen is not long, its expansion speed is about the same as the expansion speed of the mobile phone screen in your pocket.

Nowadays, the wealthy friends wear mechanical watches, but most of the cars they drive are fully electronic LCD instruments. People are so strange. On the one hand, there is something about inheritance and tradition. Today's electronic products are too technological and not tasteful. On the other hand, the body honestly chose a car with a large-size full LCD dashboard.

Well, let's not criticize them, let's take a look at the car. After all, you can do whatever you want with money. I am envious in my mouth, but I am also envious in my heart.

In addition to the expansion in size, automotive dashboards have also undergone a transition from mechanical to fully electronic over the years. The hero here is also Tesla. The full LCD screen on the Model S dwarfs the BBA flagships of the same period.

Promoting the popularization of LCD screens is not only better visual effects, but also richer display content. For today's instruments, in addition to the vehicle status display, there are new functional requirements such as richer multimedia information and interconnection of the surrounding environment.

After traveling around for a long time, I have also completed the assessment requirements for the length of the article. Let's now enter the topic and talk about this popular fully electronic instrument.

When it comes to an object, people always ask the bottom line and want to know who used it first, and so do I. Do you think it's Tesla? Wrong, this timeline has to be pushed forward at least 20 years.

This is certainly not the origin of technology. In fact, the absolute protagonist AE86 in the famous Japanese racing car (human) manga “Initial D” is an example of using a full LCD instrument, but the one in the manga is not.

It also makes sense to think about it. For a car god who closes his eyes and opens a mountain road, it is not important that the car has no electronic instrument, and it kills without a cigarette lighter.

Toyota’s AE86 is a car that let us, who are now in middle age, dream about when we were young. Twenty years ago, when our parents were still young people, a car that made them dream about. The version of the LCD meter. This is DAIHATSU Charade, it also has a Chinese name-Xiali.

Sorry, I really didn't find a picture for a long-standing relationship. If you feel that there is no picture and no truth, I am helpless.

It's a bit far, let's get back to the car again. In fact, the 1980s were not the starting point for electronic instruments. Follow the tradition, and at the same time be willing to add some trendy materials to it. Guess which country is the masterpiece of such an approach?

That's right, they are British (corrupt) people.

In fact, whether it is S2000 or Aston Martin Lagonda, they are the result of industrial progress. This is a process in which old things are replaced by new things. In addition to cars, there are also stories of dark horses coming out of the watch. For example, the so-called electronic watch with quartz timing technology, even the mechanical watch that was almost forced to extinction in the 1980s. We will have a chance to talk about these stories later.

So let's talk about it: The meters on the first page are all virtual meters, but the imaging and display principles are different. Different people have different opinions. This is like in your heart, can both “Six Teachers” and “Cang Teachers” be called teachers?

Now let us put aside the question of whether they are a kind of question for a short time, and look back at the original topic. If you have used a full LCD instrument, have you encountered too much information and cannot find the information you want in the first time. Troubles?

The ugly pot of the dashboard should not be the hardware back, but the design. In the past, interior design was more about styling and use. With the rapid advancement of electrification, soft-level design problems have become more prominent, and the content displayed on the instrument needs to be designed. Similar problems actually exist on mobile phones.

In the era when mobile phones still have keyboards, a large part of whether it is difficult to use is keyboard design. Now, whether it is comfortable to use depends on the software and the system.

Back to the topic of cars, driving is something that requires concentration. Observing instrument data and information is often a glimpse. Even if the eyes are actually switched inside, it is only a matter of 1-2 seconds. How to let users catch the key points in the first time is a simple task, but difficult to do.

Therefore, the use of LCD screens as instruments is not the bigger the size, the more the better. This is also the reason why mechanical instruments were not quickly eliminated after the emergence of electronic instruments in the last century. It doesn’t matter whether it’s cool or not, it has to be easy to use first.

So, what is an excellent solution? First of all, although the details are not the same, the core concept is nothing more than two points. One is to let users get what they want in the first time mentioned above, and the second is to look as good as possible, preferably with their own characteristics.

There are many ways to let everyone get information in the first place, and reasonable arrangement is the most basic. They help us retrieve the information we need in the shortest possible time. As the saying goes, you can't chew too much, you can't remember anything when you watch 5 movies on one screen.

The font is also very important. Although the size of the full LCD instrument has been improved, the ups and downs during driving will make identification more difficult. Too small, too thin or too many strokes are not easy to identify. This is why the important information in the instrument is displayed with numbers, letters or icons.

To make a good foundation, you have to consider higher-level content. After all, Canglin knows the etiquette, and this upper-level content includes color matching. Don't underestimate this link. No one wants his car to be red with green and blue with purple, such a burst of visual effects, except that it is not good-looking or easy to recognize.

There are a lot of instruments that can be played today, and the whole development process is quite different from the original. We have explained it in detail before, and interested friends can click “Is the instrument from PS?” “Talking about the story behind the digital instrument” make-up lesson.

However, with the HUD head-up display and high-end autonomous driving technology, I have begun to wonder whether a traditional instrument panel is needed in the future. I don’t know if you are an old school like me, or a young man who is so cool.

Written at the end:

After a hundred years of development, many parts, assemblies, and configuration functions of automobiles have undergone development and transformation from scratch to disappearance. The original intention of the instrument is to provide the driver with vehicle information prompts. With the improvement of the functional configuration, it begins to carry more prompts for entertainment and auxiliary systems. Traditional mechanical instruments have been difficult to meet the needs, which promotes the full LCD instrument. Was born from popularization.

There are still many secrets about car instrument design. This article is just a quick talk with you. I don’t know how you feel in front of the screen. If you want to know more, just leave me a message and we will break it down slowly next time.