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[YesAuto Test Drive] The FAW-Volkswagen CC is a very familiar car. Even the newly launched 1.8T model for test drive today did not give us any surprises. Its appearance is obviously to lower the sales threshold. The minimum guide price of 1.8TSI distinguished type is 253,800 yuan. The car home has already had detailed real shots of 1.8T high-end models, so this time I mainly describe the low-end models and the feelings of test drive, to see what kind of experience this more than 250,000 CC can bring us.

In terms of appearance, there is no significant difference between 1.8T and 2.0T models. The wheel hub and tire size are exactly the same. Only the last two letters in the “TSI” logo at the bottom right corner of the car are red, which can be regarded as a detail to distinguish the displacement. .

Another feature of this noble model is that it does not have a sunroof, and the roof is a single piece of the same color as the rest of the body, which does not seem to be very suitable. In addition, it is the first time to see the “Winter Red” color of domestic CC today, which is quite novel.

The car we tested has a beige interior, which has not been seen in China before. This kind of color matching does bring different styles to the dynamic appearance of CC. Even if the overall layout has not changed, the fighting atmosphere is still significantly relaxed a lot, which makes people feel more comfortable. Of course, this makes it look like it has further returned to the “popular”, which I mean is too mediocre.

The premium seat is still made of leather, and the shape is the same as that of the high-end version. Electric adjustment appears on the driver's side, and the co-pilot is still the traditional manual adjustment method of the Volkswagen series. That impressive backrest angle knob is really hard to hurt! If you want to lie down for a while, you must first screw it up until you get cramps! ! ——Just kidding.

Someone complained about the four-seater design of the CC before. This matter was completely resolved on the 1.8T model. In fact, I personally think that increasing the middle seat is more of a psychological comfort. Consumers who buy CC may not have a high utilization rate of the rear row. Moreover, this five-seat design does not make the space and comfort of the rear row any essential. The change.

After experiencing the passenger height of 1.80 meters, it was discovered that the longitudinal protrusions on the floor and the steeply dropped roof made the middle passengers uncomfortable. After all, the dynamic shape of CC was not originally considered for rear space, so it was for a rear row. It's really unnecessary to get tangled in the middle seat.

For the chassis, the aluminum front sub-frame and the spring setting slightly harder than the Magotan are completely used. In the driving process, in addition to power, other aspects are the same as before. The lighter steering wheel creates a relaxed driving experience. The lateral support of the suspension is tougher than that of the Magotan, ensuring the flexibility and accuracy of steering.

Compared with the dynamic appearance, the power level of CC equipped with 2.0T engine can only be regarded as “enough”, so this 1.8TSI engine of 118 kW (160 hp)/250 Nm must be in front of “enough”. Add the word “reluctantly”. Moreover, the 235 mm tires are a bit wide for 160 horsepower, which may suffer from straight-line acceleration.

The engine is still that kind of sluggish character, and the power can only be fully exerted after the accelerator is stepped on. The official 0-100km/h acceleration result is 8.8 seconds. Based on the performance of Volkswagen in the past, I believe it can actually run faster. However, its acceleration is indeed significantly slower than that of the 2.0T model.

Of course, the advantages of this 1.8TSI+7-speed DSG powertrain cannot be reflected in today's test drive venues. In daily driving, we don't need the 200 horsepower of the 2.0T engine most of the time. The comfort and fuel economy brought by the 1.8TSI+7-speed DSG have more practical significance.


But from another point of view, most people who fancy CC are not purely pragmatic consumers. The first thing people notice is its shape, and hope that it has performance that matches the shape. Faced with the already spent 253,800, I would rather pay another 15,000 to pursue the 2.0T model. Of course, there are many people who only ask for style without considering the power, and 15,000 for 2.0T does not sound like a good deal. Therefore, the 1.8T model has its market after all, whether it is 1.8T or 2.0T, as long as it is still CC, there must be no shortage of followers.

There are followers, but the real CC is lost. The frameless door, four-seater, high-horsepower engine itself indicates that this car was not originally designed for a conventional model like Magotan, and the two should be a complementary model. , CC is more individual. Now everything is compromised. There are five seats, the seats are manually adjusted, the engine displacement is small, the interior is not combative, and the name is changed to Magotan CC. Magotan can be marketed in various configurations and parameters. Compromise, but as a styled model, CC should be strong and uncompromising. Because it is not Magotan, I am a bit confused about the home-style CC…

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