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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] Usually, what we understand is not doing business properly, but car companies' “not doing business properly” can sometimes bring unexpected results. Nowadays, many car companies are trying to cooperate in cross-border fields to enhance brand influence. Recently, Porsche announced a set of sketches of spacecraft created for “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”.

This collaboration with Lucasfilm is another crossover attempt by Porsche. Before the premiere of the film, Porsche will not reveal more details about the design of the Porsche spacecraft in the film. Porsche Chief Designer Michael Mauer said, “Designing a spacecraft with elements of the Porsche family is an exciting and challenging task. Although cars and spacecraft do not have too many common elements, the two They have similar design concepts!”

At the same time, Michael Moore admitted that “this close cooperation with the “Star Wars” team is very helpful to Porsche's cross-border attempt. I believe that both parties can benefit a lot from this exchange.” The design team will be in the next few weeks. Meetings were held in Stuttgart, Germany and San Francisco, USA to discuss the design creativity of the Porsche spacecraft and began to build the spacecraft model.

It can be seen from the few pictures released by Porsche that the Porsche spacecraft did not see the brand LOGO. Perhaps the spacecraft in the sketch does not match the shape of the spacecraft as we know it in “Star Wars”, which also makes movie fans more looking forward to it. The final look of the Porsche spacecraft at the premiere of the film. This is not the first time that a car brand has collaborated with a space-themed movie. In 2016, Lexus designed a single-person spaceship called “SKYJET” for the movie “Interstellar Agents: The City of A Thousand Stars”.

The cooperation in the film will of course also become a reality. The entry of car brands into space is no longer an unreachable dream. General Motors once assisted NASA in developing a lunar rover for lunar exploration. Currently, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency is also cooperating with Toyota to develop a lunar rover. With the running on the ground, the next car brand may really start to build its own spacecraft… (picture from Li Haopeng, the home of the Internet text car)