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[YesAuto Auto Race] As you read this news, the 83rd Le Mans 24 Hours is in full swing. In the current qualifying stage, the Porsche camp has become the biggest highlight of the audience. In addition to temporarily occupying the top three starting positions, it also refreshed the fastest lap record of this group of cars so far on this 7.8km track: 3 Minutes 16 seconds 887.

The lap record was set by the Porsche team’s No. 18 car, and the three Porsche cars occupied the top three positions in the qualifying with a lap difference of up to 2.4 seconds between each other. The three cars in the Audi camp occupy four, five and six places with a slight gap of 0.569 seconds. The fastest lap No. 8 car is behind pole position by 2.979 seconds. The eighth and ninth place was won by two Toyota Team cars.

The unconventional Nissan team has not taken any advantage so far. The best No. 23 car group temporarily ranked 12th on the grid with about 21 seconds behind pole position, one position behind the LMP2 group. The other two Nissan racing cars are temporarily ranked 21st and 32nd in the overall results. As the previous team drivers said, the main goal of Nissan's GT-R car this year is to finish the race safely.

The Chinese driver Dong Hebin's car group drove the No. 29 Morgan car in the LMP2 group temporarily ranked 23rd in the overall ranking, and this group ranked temporarily 10th, which was 3.99 seconds away from the pole position. Nicholas Prost, the son of the former famous F1 world champion Alan Prost, was driving the No. 12 Rebellion R-One car and ranked ninth in the LMP1 category. The “Second Generation” is also participating in the Formula E race.

The 24-hour race will start at 15:00 local time on Saturday (21:00 on Saturday, Beijing time). Before that, the drivers will have to compete in two rounds of 120-minute qualifying. There may be new changes in the rankings. . However, 24 hours is a very long race. Before finally crossing the finish line, it was unknown before. Let's wait for the good show to take place.