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[YesAuto Travel Notes] Hello everyone! It’s the time to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new year again. Almost every year at this time, we will take everyone out for a long journey to feel the peace and purity brought by winter. However, the unusually busy year-end still disrupted our festivals. I was afraid that I would not have the chance to go this trip for a few days. However, at this moment, Li Xiang's WeChat account on his mobile phone gave us an unexpected surprise again. I didn't know that he had a relative who opened a shop in Ulan Bu, then. Don't hesitate! Leave tomorrow!

The Spring Festival is approaching, I believe that many friends are on their way home at this moment, and I also used Li Xiang to visit relatives, and I felt the breath of the New Year in advance. I have to say that with the enthusiasm of self-driving tours, except for you on the way home , There are still many friends who choose to stay in a different place to celebrate the New Year. At this time, choosing a good winter route seems to be a good idea. For most SUV owners, in fact, a set of snow chains is enough to take you to Among Frozen. If you want to explore ice and snow like us, you may wish to refer to our preparatory work. Simple preparations will allow you to travel through ice and snow.

All right! This is the end of the sharing session. In the next episode, we will continue to drive Haval north to the Ulan Butong paddock with thicker snow. Can our AT tires complete the challenge? Let's break it down next time!

[YesAuto Travel Notes] Maybe the heating in Aunt Sun’s house was too hot last night, and I didn’t feel cold even after the quilt fell on the floor. I just said that I wanted to lie in bed and enjoy the warm winter sun for a while. Woke up with a roar outside! It is said that Li Xiang’s life is particularly Buddhist, and he likes to get up early for a walk, but judging from this roar, it seems that something is wrong…

2020 New Year Message:

It’s time to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new year. Although it is only a brief visit to relatives, we still want to use this trip to give more new friends a reference. With the advent of self-driving trips, we believe that there will be More friends join the big family of self-driving tours and off-roading, and self-driving tours and off-roading will gradually break away from the inherent impression of minority groups.

After all, we believe that everyone has a distant place in their hearts, and no one is willing to imprison themselves in front of them. In 2020, we will also develop more related to car life, long distance travel and off-roading according to this trend. I hope to meet the new needs of these friends who accompany us along the way. Well, if there are too many, let's keep talking in the new year, everyone! Let's 2020, see or leave!