[YesAuto In-Depth Experience] From the first meeting at the Beijing Auto Show in April, to the previous real shots at the store, and to the in-depth experience now, my favor with the Southeast V5 Lingzhi is gradually deepening. I admit that it is really not a player with a flamboyant personality. Since its launch, its brilliance has been almost completely obscured by Great Wall C50, BYD-Sui Rui and other models, but you'd better not ignore it because of its comprehensive strength also cannot be underestimated.

Appearance moderate

Due to the transplantation of Mitsubishi genes, Southeast Motor is among the best in its class in terms of handling, and its appearance is also very dynamic. From the previous V3 Lingyue to Mitsubishi Yishen, and then to this V5 Lingzhi, they all take sports as their first appeal, and the V5 Lingzhi is a product between the V3 Lingyue and Mitsubishi Yishen. It is composed of V3. Lingyue's platform extends.

The appearance of the V5 Lingzhi is not stunning. The simple lines, mediocre front face and the 195mm wide Magis tire make me uninterested in it. It even makes me feel a little thin. In fact, I'm not ridiculing it. This is a common feature of most compact cars within 100,000. There is no way, you get what you pay for. In terms of appearance design and assembly process, I think Baojun 630 and Changan Yidong have done a good job, and Southeast Auto can learn from it.

Body size comparison
Model Southeast V5 Lingzhi Baojun 630 Changan Yidong Great Wall C50
Length (mm) 4570 4597 4620 4650
Width (mm) 1770 1736 1820 1775
Height (mm) 1475 1462 1490 1455
Wheelbase (mm) 2610 2640 2660 2700

I listed the above several cars as the main competitors of the V5 Lingzhi. Compared with them, the overall size of the V5 Lingzhi is the closest to the Baojun 630, but in terms of visual effects, the Baojun 630 clearly has the upper hand. For example, if the Baojun 630 carries a bit of the stability and atmosphere of an American car, then Yidong is like a stylish Korean gentleman, and the V5 Lingzhi still adheres to the Mitsubishi route, using the simplest lines to outline Sense of movement.

The V5 Lingzhi uses LED taillights, which echo the front and rear daytime running lights. The high-position brake lights are installed on the trunk instead of on the inside of the rear windshield like most models. The rectangular exhaust pipes on the left and right sides are similar in style to the V3 Lingyue, and the right exhaust pipe is also fake and only serves as a decoration.

I am not a person who is very surprised, so I have almost no dissatisfaction with the appearance of the V5 Lingzhi, and it has achieved a completely independent design of the shape, and the overall line is also very coordinated. This is worthy of recognition. In addition, the addition of LED light sources makes it more fashionable and eye-catching. Of course, in terms of assembly technology, the Southeast still needs to be improved. This problem is also exposed in the interior.

●The interior design is good, and the assembly process needs to be improved

The interior design is much better than that of the V3 Lingyue, and even Mitsubishi Yishen has to bow down in this regard. First of all, the entire center console of the V5 Lingzhi has a strong sense of hierarchy, with simple and smooth lines, and different areas are distinguished by different colors. The material is the same as I expected, the entire center console is wrapped in hard plastic, but the delicate texture treatment does not make it look very low-end.

Let's start with this steering wheel that can only be adjusted up and down. The three-spoke shape fits the entire car's temperament. From the manufacturer's configuration list, we see that this manual flagship model is equipped with a leather steering wheel, but its feel is still hard and not delicate enough. The steering wheel is equipped with multi-function buttons, which is what we want to see. Again, it would be more satisfying if the seams were smaller. The information displayed by the trip computer is quite complete, including mileage, instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, tire pressure monitoring and so on. In addition to these, there is a special function-voice prompts. For example, if your car needs maintenance, it will give voice prompts; when you are driving at a fast speed, it will also automatically prompt “You have exceeded the speed”. It's just that it occasionally makes a mistake in its judgment on speeding.

SEMI multimedia interactive system (introduced in two parts: conventional functions and intelligent security modules)

Conventional functions

In fact, I can’t wait to tell you about this multimedia interactive system. Its English name is SEMI. Structurally, this system is mainly composed of two parts, an 8-inch high-resolution non-touch display screen and a central control panel. Its specific functions include: radio, CD/DVD, USB/AUX IN playback, navigation, settings, and reversing images, etc. After talking about the functions, let’s talk about the feelings. First of all, the display effect and interface of this screen are really unexpected. The interface of the SEMI system has the style of a big factory, and the picture clarity and response speed are even comparable to the Mercedes-Benz COMAND, which is much better than most self-owned brand models.

Intelligent Security Module

In addition to the above “basic functions”, this system also has an intelligent security module, through which car owners can get in touch with the Southeast Automotive Service Center. However, it needs to be stated in advance that the SEMI system of V5 Lingzhi is not the same as the well-known iVoka (the intelligent voice system on MG5, which can voice control navigation, telephone, weather forecast, stock inquiry, etc., a bit similar to Apple's Siri). Similarly, it cannot perform voice operations, nor can it communicate with a third-party customer service.

The smart security system has a built-in SIM card of China Mobile, which can communicate with car owners and emergency contacts through the mobile communication system at critical moments. Before using, you need to set up a car owner's phone, an emergency contact phone and license plate number (the phone number can be modified later). This SIM card is the same as the SIM card in the mobile phone and requires regular payment. When the vehicle leaves the factory, Southeast Motor has pre-stored a 48 yuan half-year package usage fee in the SIM card (8 yuan/month, calculated from the day of activation). If the package usage part is exceeded in the current month, the remaining call charges in the card will be deducted until the call charges are deducted. until. If your smart security module is in arrears, or the vehicle is in a place where the mobile signal is not covered, then this system will also lose its meaning. Its specific functions are as follows:

1. Ask for help on collision

When the airbag burst is detected, the security module sends a help message to the Southeast Automobile Service Center, and then the customer service will call the emergency contact and the owner of the car (if there is no answer, it will be automatically replayed, and each number will be dialed up to 2 times), and Send the incident address in the form of SMS.

2. Help urgently ask for help

When an accident occurs and emergency help is needed, you can press the HELP button on the panel to enter the emergency help function intelligently and safely. The vehicle will immediately be sent to the mobile phone of the designated contact in the form of text messages and telephone recordings. The content contains accurate latitude and longitude and road information. It has passed actual tests and has a high accuracy rate.

3. Anti-theft alarm

When the anti-theft alarm is triggered, the security module will send an SMS alarm to notify the owner of the vehicle.

4. Location query

When the smart security module receives any short message sent from the stored mobile phone number of the car owner, the smart security module will query the vehicle location, and the system will reply to the location response text message. If the vehicle is locked at this time, the time for the owner to wait for a response may be longer (approximately 13 minutes at most). If the vehicle is energized, the response will be quick. I would like to remind the majority of male compatriots who purchase V5 Lingzhi that if the reserved car owner's number belongs to your wife, you should be careful when driving “out to do errands” in the future.

Other configurations (equipped with blind spot prompt function)

In terms of other details, the blind spot reminder function and the rain sensor left a deep impression on me. The rain sensor is optional in the 4S shop. The emergence of the blind spot reminder function really surprised me. This should be the first model equipped with this function for less than 100,000 yuan. It is worth mentioning that this function on the V5 Lingzhi is very easy to use. The indicator light is placed on the inside of the A-pillar and is particularly conspicuous. When a vehicle is detected at the rear of the side, the indicator light will flash and a warning sound will be emitted. It can give the driver more confidence when it is on the line.

Space and ride comfort

As a family car, many people regard space as a top priority. Although the internal riding space of the V5 Lingzhi is not as good as that of a long-wheelbase model such as the Great Wall C50, for the average person, the rear leg space is already More than enough. Take myself as an example (height is 182cm). After adjusting my sitting posture, V5 Lingzhi's rear leg room can reach more than 1 punch. In the same situation, if I sit in the back row of Excelle, I almost have my legs up. .

I thought that even if the car under 100,000 is equipped with leather seats, the comfort will be very ordinary, but the V5 Lingzhi once again proved my idea is wrong. First of all, it is worthy of recognition that its leather seats are very soft and comfortable, especially the rear seats. The shape is very ergonomic and fully worthy of this price. Secondly, the child safety seat interface is standard for the entire system, and this manual flagship is also equipped with front side airbags, so safety considerations are more in place.

Storage space

After actual measurement, the effective volume of the luggage compartment of the V5 Lingzhi is not spacious, mainly because the integrated shock absorption and spring mechanism take up a relatively large space. There is no way, there are gains and losses! Since we want to ensure good handling, the luggage compartment volume will inevitably be reduced.

Power system and chassis

In terms of hardware, the V5 Lingzhi still inherits the essence of Southeast Motors. The Mitsubishi 4A91 PLUS engine (1.5L displacement) has a wider torque and power output than the V3 Lingyue, thus improving power response and fuel economy. This engine is not as high as the nominal data of the 1.6L engine on Changan Yidong, but after our actual tests, if it is also a manual transmission model, the power performance of the V5 Lingzhi is actually better than that of the Yidong. In terms of chassis, the five-link independent rear suspension has always been the principle that Southeast has adhered to, and it is also one of the reasons why consumers choose Southeast Motor. (Note: The dynamic evaluation of this V5 Lingzhi has ended. We will make a detailed interpretation of the actual driving experience and test results, so I will stop here.)

Full text summary:

After a whole day of experience, this V5 Lingzhi has left a deep impression on me. Comparing models of the same level, I think the V5 Lingzhi has the following advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages: 1. SEMI multimedia interactive system is simple and practical;
2. The comfort of leather seats is good;
3. Safety configuration is in place, especially equipped with blind spot prompt function.

Disadvantages: The interior assembly process needs to be improved.

From the perspective of price, attention and engine displacement, Baojun 630 and Changan Yidong should be regarded as the biggest competitors of Southeast V5 Lingzhi. In front of them, the V5 Lingzhi appears mediocre in appearance, so consumers who admire appearance will hardly choose it. Moreover, in terms of assembly process, the V5 Lingzhi cannot be compared with the above two. Excessive seams between interior assembly parts and burrs on the edges of parts are problems that Southeast Auto needs to solve urgently.

Of course, the advantages of V5 Lingzhi are also obvious to all. The SEMI multimedia interactive system is not a tasteless one. Although there are not many functions, it is very practical and the service cost is very low. In short, the manufacturer did not blindly increase the configuration to attract consumption this time. Instead, the user experience is fully considered.

If it comes out two years ago, I believe that the V5 Lingzhi will definitely become a hot product, but the reason why it has not shined now is not because it is not good enough, but because the independent brands are now making rapid progress. . Turbocharged engines, dual-clutch gearboxes, automatic start-stops, etc. are no longer synonymous with joint venture models, and even BYD has also introduced the concept of remote control cars. Therefore, although Southeast V5 Lingzhi is very good, the road ahead is still not easy. Since the country does not have a protection policy for independent brands, we can only survive better by constantly improving ourselves.

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