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[YesAuto Review] Five months ago, we reviewed the SAIC MG5 1.5L automatic transmission. The stylish styling and the good chassis tuning have left us a lot of good impressions. The only shortcoming is that 1.5L automatic transmission. The power provided by the naturally aspirated engine coupled with the 4-speed automatic transmission is a bit lacking. Today we ushered in a manual transmission MG5, today our purpose is very clear, to help you see if this manual transmission model is worth buying.

●The low-speed power output is weak, and the clutch is high

This 1.5VTi-Tech naturally aspirated engine is the same as the Roewe 350, with a maximum power of 109 horsepower/6000 rpm, a peak torque of 135 N·m/4500 rpm, and a VTi multi-angle continuous variable timing system.

From the outside, the first sensory impression that MG5 gave me was a hot hatchback small steel cannon, frowning brows, angry front face, and driving desire was immediately mobilized. But this is just a superficial phenomenon. When you step on the accelerator, you will find that the performance of the power is definitely not what you imagined.

Regardless of your status, the MG5's power performance will not give you too many surprises. It should be the most appropriate to describe it as tepid. The peak torque needs to appear at 4500 rpm, so the power performance is a bit weak at low speeds, and it will be improved when the speed is increased. After all, it is an ordinary compact family car. We can't force too much, just enough power.

The accelerator is very light, but it does not move forward nervously when stepping on it. This adjustment makes driving in the city very easy. However, the position of the manual MG5 clutch is very high, and it is almost lifted up. I believe that most of my friends will not adapt to it for the first time and will easily stall. When encountering traffic jams, the driver's finer oil-separation coordination is also required.

With the 5-speed manual gearbox, the clear range of the gears is short, and the damping of the 3rd gear is a little too large when entering the gear, and it needs a little bit of force. This will be more obvious when driving intensely. The speed and gears can be controlled more freely, which is beyond the scope of that 4AT.

It is worth mentioning that the MG5 has adjusted the chassis and suspension. The front McPherson rear torsion beam semi-independent suspension has a strong overall feeling and a long suspension stroke. The front section is very soft for comfort, and it filters the bumps on the road. It's very thorough. The middle and rear sections are full of support, and if you pass the speed bump a little bit faster, the passengers in the rear will be uncomfortable, and the sound will be muffled. Overall, it feels like about one-third of the front section is comfort, and two-thirds of the back section is harder sports adjustment.

Finally, talk about the steering wheel buttons. The multi-function buttons on the MG5 steering wheel are designed too far to the left. There is a high chance of misoperation when driving. The result is that when you are intoxicated with beautiful music, you suddenly change It has become an advertisement for selling fake drugs. This also happens from time to time during our test drive. Although it is not a big problem, the user experience will be reduced.

0-100km/h linear acceleration

If you want to get the best performance of the manual transmission MG5, the most important thing is to control the starting speed. After repeated tests, this MG5 with insufficient torque at low speeds has not been able to achieve satisfactory results. Finally, we pulled the starting speed to 5000 rpm. , Ran the best result of 12.43 seconds in one fell swoop. Compared with the automatic transmission MG5's score of 13 seconds 46, it has improved by 1 second. It is no problem to meet family needs. Don't think about drag racing. We can't expect much of its performance. It's better to wait for the future 1.5T.

Emergency brake test

The braking performance of the MG5 is stable, almost the same as the previous test results. The 42.6m result is within the qualified range. When the front of the car leans forward to a certain point, the front suspension will give back a strong support to the front of the car, so that the braking posture shown by the MG5 is not too awkward. Moreover, the four-wheel disc brakes also ensure sufficient heat dissipation efficiency, with almost no thermal attenuation. After several tests, the braking performance is always stable at about 42 meters.

Good noise performance

MG5 is still very good for noise control within 80km/h. When it reaches 120km/h, the problem of large noise at high speeds with small displacement engines will be more obvious, and wind noise will also accompany it.

Fuel consumption test

This time there was a small accident in the fuel consumption test. I forgot that it was the day before the eleventh holiday. There was almost no place to walk on the road. It was really like entering a large parking lot, resulting in our average speed. It is only 17km/h and takes about 5 hours.

The total distance is 94.5 kilometers without air conditioning. The road conditions of less than 10km/h account for about 60%, the road conditions of about 20km/h account for 30%, and the remaining 10% are easy highways. A total of 8.08 liters of No. 93 gasoline is consumed, resulting in an average fuel consumption of 8.55 liters/100 kilometers. Although the results alone are not particularly good, considering the special road conditions that day, this answer sheet is still satisfactory.

Bike summary

All the performance test results are in our expectation. There are not too many surprises. The power performance is weak at low speeds, but there is no problem in meeting household needs, and the fuel consumption is also well controlled. Friends who choose MG5 should also be very clear about what they want. A stylish and exquisite hatchback car with relatively good chassis tuning and certain handling in the same level. At the same time, the interior workmanship is also owned by its own brand. Superior level.

MG5's market positioning

Judging from the official price of 8.77-12.87 million, the MG5 clearly intends to seize the joint venture brand's hatchback market share. But does it really have the strength to compete with these models? In this price range, domestic joint venture brand compact hatchbacks are already gathering masters. For example, Focus, Mazda 3-star and other comprehensive strengths seem to be stronger. Although the overall quality of MG5 is very good, there is still room for price reduction. We suggest you May wish to wait for some time for the price to drop to a reasonable position.

How to buy MG5

If you really like the exterior design of this car, we recommend the lowest MG5 manual style version (87,700) for you, or if you are keen on MG5 without losing money, then the top-equipped pilot version (128,700) will be even better. Appropriately, the safety configuration has been further improved when there are many audio-visual entertainment systems. If you want to learn more about the configuration and purchase models, please click the picture link in the car purchase manual below. In fact, it is not difficult for the MG5 to further improve its competitiveness, as long as SAIC will launch the 1.5T engine and how it will be priced in the market.

If you are interested in the MG5 series and are interested in ordering a car, please click here, fill in your details, and someone will contact you. If you want to know which distributor in your location has more preferential information, please click here to contact your local distributor.