[YesAuto Test Drive] Just before I came to Guangxi the day before yesterday, I still knew very little about Fengxing Jingyi. Before I set off, my colleague told me to consider buying Jingyi. I was puzzled. Why should I buy a van MPV for the first car? In my impression, Jingyi seems to be a more suitable MPV for commercial use.

When we arrived at the airport, a row of Jingyi TT came to pick us up. The size is really big, it should be three rows of seats, right? Wrong, it is a standard two-row five-seater model. After checking the information, it was found that its wheelbase is 2685mm and the body length is 4320mm. If it is placed in a compact car, it is considered a super big man. I found out that I was completely wrong before sitting in the car. Jingyi TT has nothing to do with commercial MPVs. It is basically a hatchback family car, but the appearance closer to a van misled me. It seems that I am not only lack of understanding of it, but also many misunderstandings. But this also makes me more eager to study in depth.

Sitting in the back row is very comfortable, the space is large enough, for me, I am already a little rich, and the seats are also very comfortable. With dozens of kilometers of boring highways, gloomy weather and pattering rain, coupled with the fatigue of the morning journey, sleepiness has overcome the curiosity of the new car. Generally, I don't like to sleep in a car, because after waking up, my waist, legs, and neck will be uncomfortable. It seems that Jingyi's rear seats are more than comfortable, allowing me to lie in it for a nap. However, after getting off the highway, the slightly poor road conditions of the provincial highway disturbed my good feelings. I started to mumble in my heart, why the suspension is so hard, the bumps are really annoying.

When I arrive at the place of residence, eat and drink enough to take a break, and I can work vigorously. Find a quiet place, you can carefully ponder Jingyi TT. In order to take pictures, I had to clean the inside and out of the car first, and I somehow churned out all kinds of things from Jingyi TT. How could this guy be able to install it so much, the space that can be used in the car is almost never let go. There are six rear drain cup holders, and four bottles of water can be placed in the front row.

Large items are hidden in the glove box, drawers under the passenger seat, and oversized storage boxes behind the central aisle. Small items such as mobile phone wallets are also placed in proper places. The manufacturer said that there are 38 storage spaces in the car, but I racked my brains and only found 31. I don’t know where the others are hidden.

The luggage compartment volume is not small, there is a square platform that is completely flat, and there are four hidden storage compartments on both sides. The rear seats can be folded in two ways, so moving is no problem.

In addition to being able to hold a lot of things, Jingyi TT also has plenty of space for the crew. I was 175cm tall, and I looked a little small when sitting in the car, so I specially found a big 190cm tall man to take pictures. The result is still the same. If he grows 10 cm taller, he will not touch the top of his head even if he sits in the front row, and the head space in the back row is completely sufficient for him.

The rear leg room is also a major attraction. After all, it has a wheelbase close to 2 meters, which is comparable to a normal mid-size car, and the rear floor is completely flat, which does not affect the ride comfort in the slightest.

The well-designed seat of Jingyi TT also provides good comfort. The driver’s seat is six-way adjustable, and the sitting posture is easy to find. The driver and co-pilot have foldable armrests. The backrest angle of the rear seats can be adjusted, and there is also a height. Suitable central armrest. Depending on the model, the seat configuration is different. Some have small tables for the rear passengers, and some of the rear seat backs can be completely flat back, so that passengers can sleep more comfortably.

Up to now, I have a completely different understanding of Jingyi TT. Its space utilization and flexibility have surprised me, and it is completely designed for household use. I can't even think of any other models that can be used in these aspects. Compared with it.

After seeing the space, I shifted my focus to its configuration. The digital display dashboard is something that no one will miss. It is trendy and beautiful. The speed, speed and fuel tank gauge are the main display information, which is very clear. Elsewhere in the dashboard is a fully functional trip computer. The CD head on the center console occupies a large area, and it seems to have a lot of functions. It has a USB input. Of course, the commonly used buttons are also installed on the steering wheel. The panel of the air conditioner is neat and tidy and can be used at a glance, and the air conditioner also has a separate display.

The audio of the high-end models has also been upgraded to DVD touch-screen navigation with reversing image function. All series have reversing radar, and there is a simple display device on the center console. Sunroof, cruise control, rear-view mirror electric folding, automatic headlights and other configurations are also equipped according to different models.

The workmanship of self-owned brands has always been a weak link, so I also paid special attention to the workmanship quality of Jingyi TT. The whole is satisfactory, and the sheet metal and painting can not be faulted. The overall interior looks more regular. Although no high-end materials are used due to cost constraints, all the plastic parts look good, and they feel relatively strong and there is no looseness.

Although the main center console, door lining and other places are assembled in place, some deficiencies can still be found in some hidden places.

The name Jingyi TT is very reminiscent of that well-known small sports car. The manufacturer explained that it represents “T platform” and “T power”. This kind of propaganda rhetoric is of little use for us to understand this car. To put it simply, Jing Yixin is equipped with a 1.8T turbocharged engine. I am no stranger to this engine, which is the Kavac used by Roewe.

I have been in contact with this engine many times before, and I feel that it has a more outstanding performance at high speeds. On the contrary, it did not leave me a deep impression at low and medium speeds.

The gearbox is a five-speed manual and a five-speed automatic from Aisin. Only the manual model was tested this time. The gear shifts are smooth and smooth, which can bring a very good feeling.

The test drive location was selected in the mountains and forests around Guilin, a section of winding road composed of dozens of winding curves. The manufacturer wanted to use this to let us deeply experience the sports driving experience of Jingyi TT. Facing such a challenging road, Jingyi TT really proved that it can do everything. The tough suspension is the suspension that disturbed my sleep before. It is a good guarantee for us to attack corners and effectively ensure the stability of the body.

The characteristics of insufficient torque at low engine speeds are also exposed here. The uphill section must be driven in a low gear, so that the engine speed can be maintained at about 4000 rpm to obtain an ideal engine response. High speed is required to excite power. This is a very common problem with turbocharged engines. The relatively large gear ratio span between the 2nd and 3rd gears is another reason.

The steering wheel is not heavy, which contrasts with the sporty suspension. However, the steering has always been very precise, and the force is even and delicate. In terms of the degree of delicacy of steering assistance alone, Jingyi TT can be regarded as one of the best independent brands.

The simple mountain road test drive gave me no more opportunities to experience the driving performance of the Jingyi TT, but it did not matter. During the test drive, there was no problem with power and driving. Moreover, I always think that the dynamic performance of the Jingyi TT is not the key, as long as the driving is easy and easy to control. Super practical space is its core advantage, so I don’t think the sportiness advertised by the manufacturer is necessary at all. Who would drive a car that looks like an MPV to find the so-called driving pleasure.

It is better to commute to and from get off work easily and happily every day, and to take the whole family happily out on weekends. This kind of fun is more real. So I think the suspension of Jingyi TT should be softened a little bit to provide better comfort. This can be combined with its perfect space to become a completely practical and comfortable family car. As for manipulation, as long as it does not affect safety.

Let's take a look at the appearance of Jingyi TT at the end of the article. I believe many people are not impressed by it. The Jingyi TT is basically the same as the previously listed Jingyi. It looks like an MPV in every way. The manufacturer says it is a household hatchback. Well, don't worry about him, no matter what it looks like, its internal space is completely suitable for home use, I agree.

The headlights use black background, 205/55 R16 tires, red brake calipers, LED taillights, this is the new sports suit of Jingyi TT. The large windows around the car make the interior space bright and light, and the triangular windows on the A-pillars are also ridiculously large. That's it, appearance I don't think it is necessary to say more. In short, all elements put together are more harmonious and not ugly. The body shape is a bit weird, but these are all for the space in the car.

After only two days, my impression of Jingyi TT completely changed. Well, I don't say it is an MPV anymore, because the space is really too practical, and the high utilization rate is amazing. I think it can meet the needs of any family. Although the Jingyi TT has imitated a foreign model in many places, the manufacturer has made many improvements on the basis of imitating, even out of blue. Although they are all imitations, this is obviously more technical, and these advancements are truly gratifying.

Of course, no matter how good the product is, it won't work without publicity. Before the test drive, even I didn't have a correct understanding of it, and how many consumers can have an in-depth understanding of it. If manufacturers can break this deadlock and allow more consumers to truly understand it, I believe no one will be dissatisfied with its space. At the same time, I also hope that manufacturers will not lose the biggest advantage of independent brands-affordable prices, and look forward to giving everyone a satisfactory answer at the Shanghai Auto Show in a few days.