[YesAuto professional evaluation] 2.0T turbocharged 4G63 engine with 6-speed manual gearbox, this kind of power combination appears in a performance car and it will not make people feel surprised, but if I want to say that this is only 110,000 What about urban SUVs in their early yuan? You must be surprised, yes, this is the protagonist of today's stage-Lufeng X5 2.0T 6MT. When I first heard about this power combination, I was quite surprised, so I was as interested in this car as everyone.

The test drive is the Landwind X5 2013 2.0T manual pioneering version, the top model with a price of 115,800 yuan. The manufacturer said that this car is a FEU model (a small batch test drive before it is put into production), and there are some imperfections. The place does not represent the final mass-produced model.

Landwind X5 guide price
Model Price (ten thousand yuan)
Landwind X5 2013 2.0T Manual Creation Edition 9.98
Landwind X5 2013 2.0T manual creation and enjoyment version 10.38
Landwind X5 2013 2.0T Manual Collar Edition 11.58

Appearance design

Body size comparison between Landwind X5 and competing models Unit: mm
Model long width high Wheelbase
Landwind X5 4568 1855 1680 2660
Global Hawk GX7 4541 1833 1700 2661
Haval H6 4640 1825 1690 2680

Landwind X5 is Landwind Motor's first urban SUV with a load-bearing body structure. The body size is comparable to rivals such as Haval H6 and Global Hawk GX7, and each has its own merits. The length, width and height are 4568*1855*1680mm, and the wheelbase is 2660mm. We will have a detailed experience of the space later.

As a two-wheel-drive city SUV, it is no different from a normal car at a low level. It's embarrassing to have a hard time. Fortunately, the minimum ground clearance of Landwind X5 has reached 190mm, and there is no problem in coping with general road conditions, and the approach angle and departure angle are very satisfactory.

Compared with the previous X8, X9, X6 and other models, the X5's front face design gives people a completely new look, with sharp edges and layers, and a younger style. Perhaps this will become the family face of the Landwind X series models.

The design of the headlights is very mature, and the halogen headlights with lenses are generous, adding a lot of points to the smart temperament of the front face, and the eyes are firm. The manufacturer's personnel stated that an assembly with daytime running lights will be added in the later period. This will help driving safety and meet the aesthetic requirements of some consumers.

The silver cross-country decoration kit is used under the front bumper, the overall visual effect is improved obviously, and there is a certain practical effect. The one-piece protective panel with resin underneath, I personally think that this is a must for an SUV, which is much more generous than some joint venture SUVs of about 200,000 yuan.

I chatted with the staff of the manufacturer and they said that this luggage rack is not designed according to the load. It is just an ornament. When necessary, it can carry a maximum of 20-30kg. It is necessary to pay more attention when using it.

The tail of the Landwind X5 is coordinated, the visual center of gravity is very stable, and the transition of the C-pillar part is natural, which makes people unable to pick out any problems. The overall design of the exterior is very pleasing, without excessive emphasis on individuality, which is a good thing for consumers, as a daily family car should be.


Believe I don’t say that everyone can see that the interior of the Landwind X5 is very similar to the RAV4. Compared with the light interior seen at the previous auto show, the black interior is matched with saddle-colored seats, and the visual effect is like a luxury car close up. Get up a lot more upscale.

The leather-wrapped steering wheel is soft in texture and feels very good. The multi-function buttons are arranged in a reasonable position and it is very convenient to operate. The center console as a whole is covered by hard materials, but the texture is good, the texture is very clear, and the touch feels OK, much better than we thought.

When the large area of piano paint is clean, the visual effect is really good, very elegant, but it takes a while to become a fingerprint collector, and the owner needs to wipe it frequently.

The interior workmanship of the Landwind X5 has been significantly improved compared to the X6, X8 and other models. It can be seen that Landwind Motors attaches great importance to this car, and the overall effect is satisfactory. However, the top model of Landwind X5 does not have an advantage in configuration compared with Haval H6. There is no front and rear head side airbags, tire pressure monitoring, front seat heating, GPS navigation, car Bluetooth, DVD, automatic headlights, automatic Air-conditioning, etc., and the price is only 4000 yuan cheaper, consumers who pay attention to configuration need to think about it before buying.

Space experience

The Landwind X5 seats are wrapped in ventilated leather, with a slightly harder inner filling in the front row, good lateral support, and softer rear seats. The sitting posture in the front row is too high and there is not enough headroom. The headroom and legroom in the back row perform well, comparable to the Haval H6.

The trunk volume of Landwind X5 under normal conditions is 855L, which performs well in the same class (Haval H6 trunk volume is 808L). After the rear seats are folded, its maximum depth reaches 1880mm, minimum width is 1120mm, and height is 790mm. , There is no problem in dealing with daily use, and occasionally moving house or something can also help a lot. The rear seats can be laid down according to three modes, but the lowered rear seats cannot be flush with the trunk floor, which will affect the practicality.

In terms of space, the Landwind X5 performed well overall, on par with the Haval H6, and was sufficiently competitive in the same level. There are also minor problems. Even if the front seats are adjusted to the lowest level, they are still high. The driving sight will be partially affected by the sun visor and the front windshield. It is hoped that manufacturers can make optimization adjustments.

Small details

During the experience, I found several features of Landwind X5. Let’s talk about it with you.

The engine cover of the Landwind X5 is extremely heavy, and the materials used are solid. It’s just that it’s really hard to lift it up.

The Landwind X5 has a full circle of soundproof seals in the engine compartment and door frame, which is better than many joint venture cars of around 300,000 yuan. Of course, the measured noise data is also satisfactory, which is worthy of praise.

Of course, the workmanship in some places still needs to be strengthened. The manufacturer's explanation is that this is FEU, which is a small batch test drive before it is put into production. Of course, we also have our own opinions. We will not pick faults on our own brands. Click here to let manufacturers see that we hope that these small problems will not appear in the final mass-produced cars in the future, so that the products can be made better. , So that consumers can buy with confidence.

Power combination

The highlight is coming! The 2.0L turbocharged engine in the engine compartment is undoubtedly the biggest selling point of Landwind X5, which also makes it have the strongest power system in the same price range. This engine comes from Shenyang Aerospace Mitsubishi, code-named 4G63S4T, with 4 cylinders and 16 valves. Interestingly, the red engine cover is staggered with 6 arches. If you don’t understand it, at first glance, you might think this is a A 6-cylinder engine.

Comparison of common 2.0T engine parameters
Landwind X5 Shanghai Volkswagen Tiguan Beijing Hyundai New Shengda Changan Ford Escape
Maximum power (hp/kw) 190/140 200/147 245/180 242/178
Maximum power speed (rpm) 5500 5100-6000 6000 5500
Maximum torque (N·m) 250 280 350 350
Maximum torque speed (rpm) 2800-4400 1700-5000 1750-4000 3000

The 2.0T engine has a maximum power of 190 horsepower (140 kilowatts) at 5500 rpm and a maximum torque of 250 N·m at 2800-4400 rpm. From the point of view of the parameters, there is still a gap between it and the 2.0T engines of many joint venture brands, especially the torque. The difference is more, and the maximum torque appears later.

The 6MT gearbox is produced by Jiangxi Getrag, with a maximum input torque of 300 N·m. The gears in the first gear are relatively large, and the gear ratios from the second to the sixth gear are fine. I believe that many friends know that in addition to this 6MT gearbox, Landwind X5 will also be equipped with an 8AT gearbox developed by Shengrui. However, official sources say that the 8AT model will not be available until July-August. We did not have access to it in this test, which is a pity.

Driving experience

The strongest power combination at the same price did not disappoint. The Landwind X5 with a curb weight of 1580kg is very light and light with the 2.0T engine. It is easy to do at the start or in the middle and late stages. Such power performance is said in the 100,000-class SUV. It is one of the best.

The maximum torque can only appear at 2800rpm, but the power output of the engine at low speeds is not weak. The exhaust gas turbine can intervene from 1400rpm, basically covering all the speed areas commonly used in daily driving, ensuring sufficient low-torque output. The power connection of Landwind X5 at various speeds is very smooth. By the way, even at high speeds, the cabin is relatively quiet and the engine noise is well controlled.

The performance of the 6-speed manual gearbox also makes people unable to fault. The gear grasp is excellent, the shift stroke is moderate, the entry is very smooth, and it has a slight sense of inhalation. Coupled with a clutch pedal with a lower coupling point, the Landwind X5 manual transmission model is very difficult to get started. Frankly speaking, this gearbox is better than the 6MT on the Great Wall Haval H6 I just tested.

Compared with the excellent performance of the engine and the gearbox, the brake system is not strong enough. The brake pedal of the Landwind X5 has a large vacant position, and the braking force of the first 1/3 stroke is very weak. If you step on it deeply, the braking effect is still not strong enough, which makes people feel unsure. This is the only obvious shortcoming in daily driving. I hope manufacturers can pay attention to it and make improvements.

The steering system of the Landwind X5 is also worth mentioning. The pointing accuracy is appropriate and there is a little open space. It does not need to be mentally tight during daily driving, and it is a standard home style. The steering force of the mechanical hydraulic steering wheel is moderate and even, and it is very smooth to use. There is only one flaw: the steering wheel’s return force is a bit strong.

The performance of the suspension is exciting, and its overall feel is very impressive, and you can hardly hear the abnormal noise coming from the chassis. The adjustment of the suspension system is tough, it can effectively suppress the body's roll and excess vibration, and also give the driver a clearer sense of the road. However, this adjustment sacrifices part of the comfort, and the bumpy feeling in the car is quite strong when the road is bad.

Performance test

0-100km/h acceleration test

The 2.0T 6MT power combination makes us look forward to the acceleration test. The official 0-100km/h acceleration time is 10.5 seconds. This result is enough to make the Landwind X5 rank among the top SUVs in the same price range. So, what is the actual situation?

Starting at 3000rpm, 250 N·m of torque allows the front wheels to easily break through the grip. After the wheels regained their grip, the engine speed climbed to about 5500 rpm and cut into 2nd gear. The front wheels slipped again briefly under the strong torque. So far, everything went smoothly, but what happened next was to a large extent. Affected the acceleration performance: After the upshift, the power appeared obviously intermittent. About 0.5 seconds later, the engine recovered and began to continue to exert force. When it reached about 96km/h, the speed reached the red line again, shifted to 3rd gear, and the power was intermittent. The situation reappeared. The vehicle speed stopped for about 0.5 seconds before it began to rise until it reached 100km/h. The whole process took 11.13 seconds, which is still far from the official acceleration result.

Obviously, the two power interruptions greatly affected the acceleration performance. We used various methods and still could not solve this problem after many attempts. In the end, we communicated with the manufacturer’s technicians. The other party explained that the vehicle we tested was an FEU vehicle (a small-batch test drive before production). In some aspects, it is still in the final stage of improvement. The power discontinuity problem stems from the engine. computer program. I hope that the final production car can completely solve this problem, but to be honest, this problem is not obvious in actual driving. I think the main reason is that the engine speed is not high during daily driving and the power is not so strong when upshifting, even if there is a discontinuity. It's not easy to be noticed either.

It did not achieve the ideal results, but the Landwind X5 still ranked second among the 100,000-class autonomous SUVs tested by Autohome with an acceleration time of 11.13 seconds. It should be noted that some of the results in the above picture are not the results of the most powerful models in the car series. This comparison is for reference only.

100-0km/h brake test

When braking at full force, the suspension did not hold the body well, which caused the rear wheel to tilt up significantly, which caused the rear wheel grip to weaken and the brake G value to drop, which affected the performance. In fact, the performance of the suspension in daily driving is quite stable, but as far as the brake test is concerned, the end of the suspension needs to be strengthened. In many braking tests, the braking distance fluctuates slightly, and the final result is locked at 43.78 meters, which is quite satisfactory.

The 43.78-meter braking performance is qualified in the standard of Autohome. Among the independent SUV products at the same price, this performance is at the mid-stream level. Regardless of the performance, the brake pedal feel of the Landwind X5 is also soft, and the brake system does not give the driver enough confidence in daily driving. If this problem can be improved, then the dynamic performance of this car will not be too obvious. Disadvantages.

Unfortunately, due to the tight schedule, we were unable to carry out the fuel consumption test. If we have a chance to get a test drive in the future, we will test it as soon as possible and complete this part of the content, so stay tuned.

Full text summary

     Landwind X5 2.0T 6MT is a very good product. The most commendable thing is that it has reached the highest level of products at the same price on the market in several aspects, such as being equipped with the engine with the highest output power, such as the most noise-suppressing ability. it is good. Let me summarize the advantages and disadvantages of Landwind X5 in short language. All conclusions are based on the FEU car of the manufacturer we tested this time. Please pay attention.

Advantages : excellent daily driving dynamics/good interior workmanship/strong noise suppression/solid suspension;
Disadvantages : low configuration / bad brake foot feel / computer program needs to be optimized.

In terms of product combination prices, Landwind X5 will be a strong challenger for Great Wall Haval H6, Global Hawk GX7, BYD S6 and other models that have established a foothold in the 100,000-yuan SUV market. He changed his own brand's attractive style of relying on high configuration, instead of using power as the biggest selling point, and put a lot of effort in the adjustment of the suspension system to make its dynamic performance at a very high level.

Landwind X5 2013 2.0T Manual Collar Edition

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Manufacturer's guide price

11.58 million

Of course, maybe you prefer the high configuration, maybe you prefer the appearance of other products, maybe you don't want to be a “crab-eater”… These ideas make sense, after all, radish and cabbage have their own loves, as long as you know what you need Enough. If you want to buy Landwind X5 now, sorry, you can't buy it yet. We learned from the factory that although this car was already on the market on January 4, the real mass-produced car will not arrive in large quantities until March, which really drew people's appetite. Of course, the 8AT model is even more appetizing. After this test, I look forward to it even more.

If you are interested in Landwind X5 and are interested in ordering a car, please click here (I want to order a car), and a dealer will contact you. If you want to know about the local Landwind X5's commodity car arrivals and discounts, please click here (check local quotation) to view discount information.

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