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[YesAuto Model PK] Some time ago, we published an article on Mazda 5 vs. Toyota Yizhi. In the domestic MPV market, there is another model that must not be ignored, and it is Volkswagen Touran. Some netizens also asked questions about Touran and Yizhi in our editorial blog, so today we invited these two models together. Let's take a look at the situation of the same positioning and extremely close prices, which one of them is more practical.

When Toyota Yizhi first went on the market, we used to compare the appearance and configuration of the two cars. However, there has been no objective comparison between the two cars in terms of space and practicality. So today we will give Everyone, a more detailed display.

Compare models
Model Touran 1.4T Zhiya Edition Automatic 5-seater Yizhi 180G CVT Deluxe Edition
Selling price 178,800 yuan 179,800 yuan
Note: The actual models in the article's appearance and space comparison are different from the selected models. In the configuration comparison, we will continue to use the two models with the closest selling prices to ensure the fairness of the comparison.

● Appearance: Touran is as familiar as always, and Yizhi is more novel and fashionable

Touran 2011 1.4T Zhiya Edition Automatic 5-seater

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Lowest Price
Manufacturer's guide price

17.88 million

Touran has been on the market in China for many years. During this period of time, the design of the front is only modified twice. The body and rear of the car have not changed much. Coupled with the unification of the Volkswagen family style, consumers are The design is very familiar. The shape design of Toyota Yizhi is much more novel, and Yizhi uses more curved styling in its styling, which is visually more fashionable than Touran.

Yizhi 2011 180G CVT Deluxe Edition

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Lowest Price
Manufacturer's guide price

17.98 million

The body size of the two cars is not much different, the Touran is slightly shorter, but from a visual perspective, due to the design of the side windows, the Touran is more slender, and Yizhi makes the body feel fuller and rounder. The tire width of the two cars is the same, 205mm, but the tire flat ratio of Yizhi is larger, and the wheels adopt a more common style, which is in line with the practical style of family cars.

In the rear styling of the two cars, Touran looks more straight and simple. The black taillights echo the front lights, and the red lights are particularly conspicuous, but the black design always makes people prone to some depression. feel. The rear of Yizhi looks much lighter than Touran, and the brake lights also use LED light sources, which light up faster and increase driving safety.

● Interior: Yizhi's interior is more fashionable and novel

The design of the interior is basically the same as the style difference of the appearance. It has been the classic design of Touran. For so many years, the interior has not changed much, but the materials used by Yizhi have performed well.

Although the styling of Yizhi is more fashionable, the design of the center-mounted instrument will make drivers who are new to it a little uncomfortable. However, if you adapt, you will feel that the design of the center-mounted instrument will not be useful for observing the situation ahead. Any impact, and the surface of the entire instrument panel is also made of soft materials, which is completely different from the performance of our common Japanese cars.

● Riding space and comfort: Space Touran performs better, and comfort is dominant

For MPVs, space is our most important focus. Let's compare the performance of Touran and Yizhi in terms of riding space and storage space.

There is another difference here. The Touran we experienced does not have a sunroof. However, even with a sunroof, the performance of the front headroom of the Touran will be slightly better than that of Yizhi. The credit for this is mainly due to the height of the Touran seat. The range of adjustment is large, so when the seat is adjusted to the lowest at the same time, Touran can provide better headroom.

When the experiencer rides in the back row, Touran also provides better riding space. The leg room with more punches is more spacious than that of Yizhi, while the performance of head room is not much different. Touran is a punch. , Yizhi is four fingers. The rear seats of both cars are equipped with front and rear adjustment functions, and the backrest angle of the rear seats can also be adjusted, which improves a certain degree of comfort.

In terms of seat comfort, Touran’s performance is slightly inferior, except that the seat itself is hard, and the outer side of the front seat cushion will reach the thigh when getting in and out of the car, which is very bad. In contrast, Yizhi’s seats are more flexible and the ride comfort is better than that of Touran. However, their rear seats have the same problem. Because there are three independent seats, the width of the seat itself is narrow, and the comfort of riding is also affected to a certain extent.

In addition to the difference in ride comfort, Touran’s rear row is not equipped with a central armrest. If you want a place to put your arms, you can flatten the middle seat. At this time, the seat back can also serve as an armrest, but the surface is With plastic, the comfort is average, and it is more suitable for us to put mobile phones, maps and other items.

The difference in seating space between Touran and Yizhi is not large, but the ride comfort has a completely different performance. The edge of the seat will reach the thigh when the front row of the Touran gets on and off the car. The softness of the seat and the space under the foot of the rear row The performance is also slightly inferior, so Touran lost to Yizhi in terms of ride comfort. For consumers who pursue higher comfort, Yizhi is a good choice.

● Trunk comparison: Touran still performs well

In addition to the riding space, the spacious trunk is also the advantage of the MPV model. In the trunk storage space, Touran has stronger practicality. In addition to its larger volume, the opening height should also be lower, and it is placed larger. It’s a lot easier when it comes to a piece of luggage.

The second-row seats of both cars have three independent designs, which increase the expandability of the trunk. However, in terms of flatness, Toyota Yizhi performs better, and the second row of Touran is forward. After turning over, it affected the performance of the trunk length. However, this does not mean that Touran lost in this link, because its second row of seats can be completely removed, thus showing a larger space, so, for the performance of the trunk expandability , I think the seasoned Touran performed better.

● Comparison of storage compartments: Yizhi's design is more user-friendly, and the back row of Touran is slightly inferior

Storage space is also commonly used. In terms of storage space in the front row, Touran is on the left side of the steering wheel, and independent storage compartments are designed above the center console, and the space inside is also very regular and practical.

In contrast, Yizhi's double-layer glove box has more advantages and is equipped with a USB interface, which can not only charge the phone, but also read the songs in the phone.

The performance of the front cup holders of the two cars is not much different, and the support for bottled water is in place. However, there is a big gap in the space performance of the armrest box. The space is larger, and the design of the partition is OK. The storage compartment is divided into two separate storage spaces, front and rear or upper and lower, but the rich combination does not have armrests, which somewhat affects the comfort of the front row occupants.

The front and rear doors of the two cars are designed with storage space, and the storage compartment of Touran is larger, which is suitable for placing more items. However, although the performance of the door storage compartment of Yizhi is slightly inferior, it is not inferior to Touran by virtue of the more user-friendly design of the front row.

The back row is not just our current result. Yizhi also designed two separate storage spaces under the feet of the rear passengers. It is very practical to take the family out on weekends. It is very practical to place some children in this kind of play, so the back row The design of storage space makes Yizhi more practical and convenient. The performance of the two cars in terms of storage space can be said to be comparable, but judging from the perspective of humanization, Yizhi should perform better.

● Configuration comparison: Yizhi's passive safety configuration is more comprehensive, while Touran pays more attention to proactiveness

Active safety configuration has always been the trend of European brands. However, today we compare the Yizhi in the comparison model, but the whole system is equipped with a body stability control system, which is also rare in the same class.

◆ Features of Yizhi configuration

In addition to the active safety configuration, the passive safety configuration is also more comprehensive. The front and rear head air curtains and the rare knee airbags of the same level appear on the configuration list of the Yize 180G CVT Deluxe Edition. In terms of active and passive safety configurations, Yizhi has a more comprehensive performance.

The rich configuration in terms of comfort has always been the strength of the Japanese brand. The Yizhi compared today is equipped with a multi-function steering wheel, electric adjustment of the main driving seat, automatic headlights and dual temperature zone air conditioning, etc., which is convenient in daily use. Both show good results in terms of comfort and comfort.

◆ Touran configuration features

In the configuration of Yizhi, the front center armrest and the rear exhaust vent are not equipped, and these two configurations appear on the Touran 1.4T Zhiya version. Speaking of comfort, Touran's performance in configuration is also remarkable, but the seats are harder and the ride feels less than easy. However, Touran’s advantage lies in the active safety aspects, such as tire pressure monitoring, steering assist lights and rearview mirror heating.

The price difference between the two models we compared today is only 1,000 yuan, which also makes them more targeted. Under the premise that the price is almost the same, Yizhi has shown a higher cost in the configuration, not only the passive safety has been effectively improved, but also the convenience and comfort of daily use have this good performance.

● Power system comparison: the actual dynamic performance is not much different, and the fuel consumption of the 1.4T engine is outstanding.

In terms of power, Touran is equipped with a 1.4TSI engine, which is paired with a 7-speed DSG gearbox. In terms of technology, Touran is more advanced. However, from the point of view of the parameters, Yizhi's 1.8L naturally aspirated engine is not weak at all, and the CVT transmission line is fully in line with Yizhi's pursuit of comfort.

In our professional test results, the actual 100-kilometer acceleration performance of the two cars is not much different, but in terms of braking performance, the Touran is about 1.5m longer than the Yi. For a home MPV, the actual fuel consumption performance must be valued by more people than the acceleration and braking performance. After testing, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of Touran is slightly lower than that of Yizhi, but considering the 1.8L engine used by Yizhi, it can Such results are also quite good.

● Maintenance comparison: Yizhi’s single price is lower, but the maintenance mileage interval is short

Compared with the performance of the two cars in terms of economy, post-maintenance costs are also an item that consumers pay high attention to. According to the 4S shop's quotation, the maintenance comparison of the two cars is as follows:

On the premise that both cars use fully synthetic engine oil, the single maintenance cost of Yizhi is slightly lower. However, Touran has an advantage in terms of maintenance mileage. The mileage of the two maintenances of Touran requires three maintenances for Yizhi, which also causes its own price to be slightly higher than that of Touran.

In terms of vehicle warranty, Yizhi has shown greater appeal. For family cars, the longer warranty also allows us to feel more at ease after purchase. In fact, in terms of later use, the performance of the two cars is not much different, and each has its own advantages. The overall maintenance cost of Touran is slightly lower, and the warranty period of Yizhi is longer. However, I think it is still not possible for the concerns of DSG gearbox. Elimination, if it were me, I might be more inclined to Yizhi with a longer warranty period.

● Summary:

As the two MPVs with a high degree of attention in the current price range of 150,000 to 200,000, the appearance and interior design are more dependent on personal aesthetics. In terms of interior materials, the two cars are comparable. The performance of the storage space in the car The two cars also have their own characteristics, but the humanized design is that Yizhi performs better, and the seat itself is more comfortable. In the comparison of practicality, Touran's trunk is slightly better in terms of conventional space and expandability. In the dynamic comparison, Touran's engine technology and fuel consumption performed better.

In addition to ride comfort, the advantages of Yizhi also show a higher cost-effective configuration. In addition, the power performance and fuel consumption of the 1.8L naturally aspirated engine and CVT gearbox it uses are also quite satisfactory. Yizhi’s performance is just like the impression that the Toyota brand has left for many years, that is, it is the moderation. It is difficult to pick out what is wrong, but it is also impossible to tell the overwhelming characteristics of the same level, but it is this moderation that makes more People can accept it.

In the end, I feel that the performance of these two models is difficult to distinguish between superior and inferior, and they only show different results for different consumers. Although DSG gearboxes may also make people worry about problems, manufacturers have also extended the gearbox warranty period in this regard, so that consumers can be more at ease. However, problems will affect our daily travel and will also delay time, so if it is me, I will choose the more assured Yizhi later.

After reading the comparison, do you have more interest in them? If you are interested in ordering a car, you can click on the following link (click here for Touran, click here for Yizhi), and there will be 4S shop staff promptly contact If you want to know more about the discount information of 4S stores, please click here for Volkswagen Touran, and click here for Toyota Yizhi.