[YesAuto Professional Evaluation] Do you think that Kia Jiale looks very much like a hamster? It is the kind of fluffy rodents that can be seen in pet shops. They are often placed together with chinchillas and rabbits. They are cheap and easy to feed. They are very “practical” with their cute selling skills. pet.

I'm half an animal lover anyway, so the appearance of this car left me a good first impression. You should remember the previous generation of Jiale, that car is still a purely moderate route, functional MPV style. Now the new car has added more dynamic elements and has become fashionable. Of course, some people may say that Korean car design does not pay attention to inheritance. Yes, the tradition of Korean cars before is not following the tradition, but now Mr. Peter Hillier has brought great changes to the products of this brand, and there is already a unified family. Style, I think the change of the new car is very successful.

Jiale 2013 Model 2.0L 5-seater Automatic Standard Edition

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Manufacturer's guide price

15.98 million

Look at the raised part in the middle of the front grille, like a pair of front teeth, which is really cute. The headlights are quite spiritual and extend back to the position close to the A-pillar. In addition, the design of the fog lights under the front of the car is also good, the entire front enveloping line is very coordinated, and it also has a sporty atmosphere.

Its length, width, and height are 4525mm, 1805mm and 1605mm respectively, and its wheelbase is 2750mm, which is an ordinary level among MPVs of the same level, so many people may not notice it on the road. This car uses 16-inch wheels, and the style looks quite sturdy. NEXEN tires from South Korea are a well-known brand in South Korea, with a size of 205/55 R16, which is the most common specification for ordinary family cars.

Although the design of the rear of the car cannot be said to be attractive and special, it is very attractive, slightly rounded, and not too cumbersome. The rear of the car is a bit of an SUV, which reminds me of the 2007 Subaru Tribeca. The taillights all use halogen bulbs, which are not as trendy as LED lights, which is a bit disappointing.

The interior is a rational and simple style commonly adopted by Kia cars, without the luxurious elements of leather mahogany, and the combination of black and silver is younger. Most of the center console is made of soft materials, the silver panel feels very delicate, and the workmanship of every detail is also in place, which is completely satisfactory at this price.

In terms of configuration, Kia Jiale’s panoramic sunroof and steering wheel heating are standard equipment in the whole system, which is relatively high-end in the same level. What we tested this time is the lowest 5-seater standard version of the whole system. The comfort configuration is sufficient, but it is not equipped with a body stability control system, and there are only two airbags, and the safety configuration is average.

However, the various humanized designs of this car have not shrunk, just like other models. Many hidden storage spaces are arranged very uniquely, such as the storage compartments hidden under the rear floor, and there are also items that can be placed under the front seats. I am afraid that it is difficult to see other cars with such a design.

Space flexibility is also excellent, and the rear seats can move forward and backward as a whole. The backrest of the front passenger seat can also be completely flat, so that it can accommodate some extra-long items, and it can also be used as a small table for the driver, which is very convenient.

At present, this car has only one power configuration for the whole series: Nu series 2.0L naturally aspirated engine with 6-speed automatic manual gearbox. This engine has a maximum power of 112 kilowatts (152 horsepower) and a maximum torque of 194 Nm.

The 2.0L engine drives the Jiale car, which is a typical standard configuration. The Korean car's throttle adjustment is inherently sensitive, so this car travels very lightly in the city, and the power output is smooth and smooth. The car can accelerate very quickly with a light step on the throttle at low speed. The 6-speed automatic manual gearbox performs well, and the up/down gears are relatively active, so you will often find it busy, the movements are very delicate, you don't feel frustrated, just see the engine speed constantly rising and falling.

Jiale’s low-speed power performance is outstanding, but the mid-stage acceleration performance is average. After the high-speed, the engine is no longer so exciting. The whole car has restored the power level that the 2.0L model should have. After all, the 152 horsepower reserve is limited, so even It is very responsive and not suitable for fast driving.

The steering assist system of the new generation of Kia has a very interesting function. Its steering assist has three modes: comfort, normal and sports, and the feedback of the steering wheel is enhanced in turn. In most cases, I will stick to the normal mode, with a well-supported chassis, and achieve excellent overall balance. In the comfort mode, the steering wheel becomes lighter, which is very suitable for shuttles in narrow areas, and the continuous turning will not feel tired.

I think the sports mode is a bit redundant. This car is not used for intense control. Although the chassis is maintained in a neutral state and is not blindly soft as the old model, it is still based on comfort after all, so even in the sports mode The increased steering damping can slightly increase the driver's confidence, and I am afraid it is rarely used in normal times. Of course, its appearance gives drivers more options for personalized driving experience after all, which is good.

There are some details to talk about. First of all, I don't know whether it is the individual problem of our car or the design reason. When the engine speed just exceeds 3000rpm, the center control panel will have a small resonance phenomenon, and then it will return to normal immediately. It is also worth mentioning that its turn signal lever can also “fire.” This function usually appears on European and American branded models. Flick the steering lever, the steering light flashes three times in a row, and the steering lever returns by itself, saving the driver to pull it back by hand. Now Jiale also has this function, but it is not continuous. Flashes three or five times, but seven times, which is correct, seven times, which can give the driver of the following vehicle a longer reminder when merging, which improves safety.

Finally, let us take a look at the test results of this car.

◆ 0-100km/h acceleration performance test:

At the start, the 205mm-wide tires only slipped briefly. The entire acceleration process was smooth, and the gear shifting process was quick and smooth. In the end, the 0-100km/h acceleration time of this car was 10.67 seconds. This entry-level home MPV is completely sufficient.

◆ 100-0km/h brake performance test:

The front suspension is very supportive, can effectively support the front of the car when braking at full force, and the body attitude is well controlled. Its brake pedal force is even, giving people strong confidence. In the end, the 100-0km/h braking distance of this car was measured to be 41.16 meters, which is within the scope of what we believe to be excellent.

◆ Noise test:

Kia Jiale’s noise suppression capability is very outstanding. Although there will be interior resonance at high engine speeds, most of the time, this car creates a quiet and comfortable interior environment.

◆ Fuel consumption test:

In the fuel consumption test, Kia Jiale drove a total of 120.5 kilometers, half of which were congested urban roads. The average speed was about 30 kilometers per hour, the fuel consumption was 10.94 liters, and the average fuel consumption was 9.08 liters/100 kilometers. This is a very normal result, and it failed to bring us any surprises. It meets the expected performance of the 2.0L naturally aspirated engine.

After some tests, Kia Jiale gave me the feeling that it is not only cute in appearance, but also gentle, thoughtful in design, and good in all aspects. There are several highlights, such as the standard panoramic sunroof and steering wheel heating, and excellent Noise performance is a good companion for home travel. The only downside is that this low-profile model we tested is not equipped with a body stability control system, and only equipped with two airbags, so I definitely recommend that you spend more money to buy a high-profile model with better safety configuration.

At present, the main competitors of this car are Volkswagen Touran, Mazda 5, Toyota Yizhi, and Honda Jade, which has just been launched, and so on. Compared with the above models, the advantages of Kia Jiale are more balanced performance, rich comfort configuration and humanized storage space design, but the riding space of this car is not particularly prominent at this level, especially For those consumers who want to buy a 7-seater car, Mazda 5 and the newly launched Jed are undoubtedly more attractive.

Jiale’s guide price is 159,800 to 209,800. This price is reasonable in the same level, but the current Jiale only has a power configuration of 2.0L+6AT, which seems a bit single. If 1.8L models or manual gearbox versions can be introduced, and the price can be further lowered, more consumers may be favored.