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[YesAuto original test drive] After two weeks, I set foot on the vast land of Xinjiang again, and the purpose of this trip was to test drive the Changan Taurus. Undoubtedly, Xinjiang was particularly hot in July, especially the Flame Mountain in the Turpan Basin, where the surface temperature has exceeded 70 degrees Celsius. In such an environment, it is a challenge for both cars and people.

Maybe you have never seen Taurus, maybe you have seen it but don't know it, or maybe you happen to want to get this car. Anyway, as long as you really like cars, you might as well continue to look down with my text and pictures to get to know this Taurus.

Appearance: traditional square shape

As a pragmatist, microface does not need fancy appearance. Of course, Taurus is no exception. Although some sleek lines are added, its appearance still maintains the square style of micro-face. The benefits are self-evident, and ensuring ample space in the car is its top priority.

Compared with the traditional square shape, some appearance details are more worthy of attention, such as the front center grille, front lower grille, car logo and headlights. One of the most controversial places is the “Mad Bull” car logo, so it is jokingly called the “Lamborghini” in the microface. According to the factory staff, they used this car logo to show that the Taurus skin is solid, durable, and has some characteristics of cattle, not deliberately imitating it.

In terms of body size, the Taurus has certain advantages over similar cars. Its overall size is 4.11 meters * 1.69 meters * 1.93 meters, and the maximum space inside the car reaches 4.9 cubic meters, plus the positive shape on the top. Thereby achieving both manned and cargo.

In contrast, the rear of the car is indeed too attractive. In fact, the same design can also be seen on other microfacets. In order to ensure the space in the car, the rear of the car maintains the traditional square shape, and the straight roof shape is undoubtedly to maximize the head space of the passengers in the car.

As for the use of tires, the front and rear of Taurus are equipped with TIANFU tires of size 165R13 LT. This brand is produced in Sichuan and can be seen on some Changan cars, such as Changan Benben. In addition, its brake system is a front disc and rear drum method. For Microface, this brake system is sufficient.

Interior and space

Turn your gaze into the car, there is no focus in front of your eyes, but then again, isn't this exactly the style it wants? The center console is outlined with rounded lines, and the overall layout is simple, and the black and light yellow combination is undoubtedly easier to get close to. It is said that Chinese people prefer this color combination. As for whether this is the case? I can only say that each has its own merits.

Its configuration is really not high, after all, it is just a micro-face with practicality. If you want how rich entertainment configuration it has, then I can tell you directly, you don't want to buy micro-noodles, they are all like this, just enough. Of course, I am not criticizing how bad the entertainment configuration of Taurus is. In fact, it has the entertainment configuration that should be provided in the family utility car, such as radio and USB music expansion functions. In that case, can we have other requirements for it?

Space and humanization

Before talking about the space, let's talk about its seats. In terms of styling, I believe there is no need to say more. If you want to spend tens of thousands of dollars, you can buy a set of chairs that are both personalized and beautiful. That can only happen in a dream. Let’s focus on its comfort. Sex!

In fact, the comfort of the knitted fabric seat of the whole vehicle is acceptable. Although it is not as comfortable as the car seat, it is definitely worthy of its price. In addition, its second-row seats are also independent seats, but apart from the adjustable backrest, there are no other functions, and it can't even move forward and backward, which is a pity. If the second row of seats can also move back and forth, I believe users will like it even more.

As for space, I personally think that everyone should not worry about it. In a mini-faced car, the size of the Taurus is considered a “big guy”, plus the square shape above it, which undoubtedly allows its spacious space to be better guaranteed. In fact, the results obtained from a 1.75-meter experiencer sitting in it clearly show that the space of this car is indeed spacious, and the above photos have shown it very clearly. It is a pity that the third row that everyone cares about the most, although it has a good performance in terms of space, it is not equipped with a headrest, which inevitably reduces the comfort.

In terms of humanization, Taurus has done well and relatively inferior. For example, the storage compartment at the bottom left of the steering wheel is more intimate. You can usually put some highway toll cards, small tickets, and even mobile phones. It is also very convenient to pick and place items here. The downside is that only one cup holder is provided for the last two rows, and no other storage compartments are found. It is important to know that the last two rows are the main places to ride. It is not justified that multiple people share a cup holder. It is recommended that manufacturers spend more time in this area.

Friends who are going to buy Taurus for loading can rest assured, although the luggage compartment space can only be regarded as normal without the seat down, but I believe that since you mainly use it for loading, you are sure It will put the seat down. After the second and third rows of seats are down, the space in the luggage compartment is magnified by multiples. I believe that after seeing the photo above, you will not worry about its cargo capacity, right? If you still need more cargo space, you can only remove the seat, but this is not an easy task, you need to use tools to complete the work. Obviously, this is insufficient humanization.

Test drive experience

Taurus is equipped with a newly developed C13 engine developed by Changan Safety. This engine has a displacement of 1.3L, a maximum power of 67kW (91 horsepower), and a maximum torque of 121N·m. The power is at the upper-middle level of the same class of cars. , It is also enough to use as a micro-face.

And this engine is paired with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The gears of this gearbox are still clear. The 1-4 gears have a short stroke, which could have made the control easier and faster, but the 5th gear has dragged its feet. When the 4th gear is switched to the 5th gear, you can clearly feel that the 5th gear has a longer stroke. At this time, you must move your body forward to accurately switch to the 5th gear.

In actual driving, you can feel that this 1.3L engine of Taurus has played its own level. At low speeds, its throttle is slightly slower and its power output is average. The power zone is concentrated after 3000 revolutions. To get a better dynamic response, it is necessary to shift gears after 3000 revolutions.

Due to the small displacement of the engine itself, in order to make the power better, it must be matched with a high speed at this time, but the fuel consumption will increase with it. If it travels normally at a speed of about 100 km/h, its speed basically hovers around 3500 rpm, which is obviously not conducive to fuel economy.

The integral rear axle provides sufficient support for it, with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 1000KG. Seeing such a figure, I believe you don't have to worry too much about its load-bearing capacity. As for comfort, I advise you not to ask too much, after all, this is not its design appeal. To put it bluntly, if you buy a car with a focus on comfort, then I am afraid you will not buy micro-noodles, right?

Obviously, Taurus still maintains a consistent driving style. To put it bluntly, it won't give you too much driving experience, just make it easy to control and drive. The power of the engine is sufficient, but the low-speed torque is lacking, which may cause inconvenience to friends who are pulling goods in the city. In other words, its main focus is solid leather and durability, which is enough for consumers who buy this car. Don't they just need a car that has a lot of space and can carry more goods/people, does not consume too much fuel to save costs, and has enough entertainment systems that can save money on car purchases? (Photo/Picture/Text/Car Home He Jiarong)