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[YesAuto Preliminary audition] The coexistence of new and old generations of vehicles for sale occurs in China from time to time, especially in the family car market. As the waste heat of old models has not yet receded, and there is still a certain profit margin, it is more important The thing is, they often have good advantages in cost performance, and still have full appeal to home users. If you are a pragmatist and you don’t need new models when buying a car, then you might as well consider the four models introduced today.

For ordinary household car buyers, price is still the main factor determining car purchase. The Elantra, Cerato, Excelle, and Corolla used to be popular models in the family car market. Although they have lost their former glory, the most popular is their replacement. Models, but from a practical point of view, they have a very good price/performance ratio.

Beijing Hyundai Elantra preferential rate of more than 10,000

The four models introduced today are not unfamiliar to everyone. The Elantra is a model that everyone is familiar with. It is not only popular in the family car market, but also occupies an important position in the taxi market in many parts of the country. Compared with the latest Yuedong Model, the old Elantra is conservative in styling and is a standard sedan.

At present, the Elantra has large discounts in most parts of the country, and the discount rate is at least 10,000 yuan. That is to say, the original minimum Elantra model of 89,800 yuan can be obtained with less than 80,000 yuan, and even in some areas. The discount is below 75,000, which is equivalent to the price of many popular joint venture small cars. Although the configuration is not as rich as small cars, it has a compact body size and ample space for riding, which is very tempting.

Configuration Elantra 1.6 manual comfort type Elantra 1.6 automatic comfort type Elantra 1.6 manual luxury type Elantra 1.6 Manual Luxury and Elegant Edition Elantra 1.6 automatic luxury
Official guide price: 89,800 98,800 99,800 10.18 million 10.98 million
Preferential situation: Most areas have more than 10,000 and some areas have more discounts
Electric sunroof:
Leather steering wheel:
Parking assistance:
Driving computer display:
Leather/Imitation Leather Seat:
GPS navigation system:
Single DVD:
Anti-glare rearview mirror with heating:
Automatic air conditioning:

There are five Elantra models on sale. All models have no obvious shortcomings in terms of configuration. They still follow the principle of getting what you pay for. If you choose an entry-level model, you must accept that it has no reversing radar. It doesn't cost much to install one by yourself, and the luxurious premium version with higher configuration can also be won for less than 100,000 in most areas.

There are five models on sale, all equipped with a 1.6-liter α engine, with CVVT variable valve timing technology, the maximum power and maximum torque are 112 horsepower and 143 Nm respectively, which is enough to drive this 1.3-ton vehicle , And the purchase of this car can also enjoy the preferential policy of halving the purchase tax.

Elantra’s engines and gearboxes enjoy the manufacturer’s 5-year or 100,000-kilometer warranty, and the warranty period for other parts is 2 years or 60,000-kilometers (whichever comes first). The prices of Elantra's small maintenance and major maintenance are about 170 and 320 yuan respectively. The maintenance price is indeed very affordable. Moreover, the Elantra has a large amount and the maintenance is also very convenient. The maintenance cost of Elantra is more than 100 yuan higher than the Elantra.

The interior of the Elantra looks a bit outdated today. Compared with the current model, it looks a little simple, but from a practical point of view, there is no shortage. The wheelbase of 2610mm makes the Elantra space perform well, and the instrument panel is more forward. The design industry has played a significant role in the optimization of space, and the four-wheel independent suspension mechanism has also improved the ride comfort. If you don’t think the car is outdated, it is still good as a family car.