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[YesAuto News] The once optimistic “sino-foreign joint venture” combination failed to survive the “seven-year itch” of love. On April 14, Dongfeng Motor Group and Renault China both issued a “breakup statement.” In this statement, there is neither a hoarse complaint nor a full-blown complaint, but tells us that we have “loved.” Even so, everyone still has questions-what about my maintenance? What exactly will Renault do in China in the future? Can I still buy a new Renault car?

30 seconds to read the full text:

1. At present, there are still some stock cars in Dongfeng Renault dealership stores in Beijing, and larger preferential policies are provided for different models;
2. Old owners of Dongfeng Renault can still carry out repairs and maintenance at dealerships, and Dongfeng Nissan 4S stores also support this service:
3. In the future, Renault will no longer launch traditional fuel vehicles for the Chinese market, and will mainly promote pure electric vehicles and light commercial vehicles:
4. What is the residual value of Renault used cars? How do second-hand car dealers comment on this matter?
5. At present, Renault has launched a number of new models in the field of electric vehicles. Which vehicles are expected to enter the Chinese market?

● There is an existing car! There are discounts! Can be maintained!

With this question, we first came to the Beijing Dongfeng Renault dealership store to understand the real sales and maintenance situation in the store. According to the inquiry on Dongfeng Renault's official website, there are currently two dealers in Beijing. For this investigation, we came to the Dongfeng Renault dealership store located on the South Fourth Ring Road, Fengtai District, Beijing. When we walked outside the dealership store, we saw the two rows of unlicensed Dongfeng Renault new cars at the door. It can be seen that there are still a lot of stock cars in the store.

Entering the store, the four models of Keleao, Kelebin, Kelega and Renault eNuo are placed in the most conspicuous position. Compared with the passenger flow in other stores around, Dongfeng Renault dealership looks a little deserted. However, we have also seen that some customers are preparing for a test drive.

List of Dongfeng Renault Inventory/Promotion Status
Model Discounted price Inventory
Corio 30,000 yuan More stock
Krebbin No discount More stock
Correga 25,000 yuan More stock
Renault e Nuo 1000-1500 yuan More stock
Note: The inventory status is only for single store dealers, and does not represent the situation of all dealers. The interviewed dealers are two Dongfeng Renault 4S stores in Beijing.

The salesperson told us: “Currently, the store mainly sells four domestically-produced models. The Espace sold earlier has only China V emission models, so it cannot be sold in the Beijing market.” According to the salesperson, Dongfeng Renault’s domestically-made fuel vehicles are currently in a clean state. The status of the inventory, the preferential force is greater. Among them, the average discount for Koleao models reaches 30,000 yuan, and Koleiga also offers a discount of 25,000 yuan for car purchases.

Sales staff said that due to the large discounts, some consumers also heard some news, so they came to the store to “picking up” during the inventory clearance period. During the investigation, we also heard a customer ask a salesperson about the issue of a formation on the card.

However, when Dongfeng Renault announced the reorganization, after-sales issues became the most concerned issue for Dongfeng Renault owners. The after-sales staff in the store said: “Generally, manufacturers will reserve more than 10 years of spare parts supply for discontinued models for emergencies. Although Koleo, Kolebbin and Koleka have all been discontinued, there is no need for old car owners to come to the shop for repairs and maintenance. It's a problem.” The sales staff also said that since the news of Renault's reorganization came out, some old car owners have asked about it. He said that old car owners can still go to Dongfeng Renault 4S store for after-sales maintenance.

Not only that, we learned through the Dongfeng Renault 400 customer service office that in addition to repairs and maintenance at Dongfeng Renault 4S stores, Renault owners can also go to Dongfeng Nissan 4S stores for after-sales maintenance services within the Renault-Nissan alliance system. The worries of car owners.

It is worth noting that the suspension of production of Dongfeng Renault's domestic models may have a certain impact on Renault's second-hand car value preservation rate. Based on this problem, we learned from a used car dealer that the current used car market has seen a significant decline in transactions, coupled with the suspension of production of Dongfeng Renault’s traditional fuel models, the closing prices are generally low. “Renault is considered a low-profile model in the market. In the past few years, when the sales volume was high, the price of used cars would be higher, but now the price is generally not high.”

From this point of view, for consumers who are ready to use for a long time, under the premise of clear after-sales guarantee, it is a good time to buy Dongfeng Renault traditional models at this time, but in the second-hand car market, Renault models may have a transaction volume. The lower risk is worthy of vigilance.

● What will Renault do in China?

Although domestic consumers do not have deep feelings for the Renault brand, they are, after all, a French car brand with a 122-year history. Even after hundreds of years of trials and hardships, they still maintain the demeanor and elegance that French people have.

You know, this time the “breakup” with Dongfeng is also the restructuring of Renault's business in China. After the “breakup”, Renault also brought us two clear new titles- 1. Stop selling fuel passenger cars in China; 2. Mainly sell electric vehicles and light commercial vehicles. In short, as a consumer, you may be able to buy Renault's pure electric vehicles, light commercial vehicles and imported models in the future.

From a certain point of view, it can be said that this time Renault adopted the tactic of “breaking arms to survive”. However, “the ideal is very full, the reality is very skinny.” At present, Renault has not announced the introduction of related imported models. In the field of electric vehicles, Renault also only launched Renault eNuo, a pure electric vehicle in China. So, what is Renault going to do next?

According to Renault's plan, more than 10 models may be launched in China in the future. To accomplish this goal, the “partners” behind it are crucial. In the past three years, Renault has invested heavily in the development of the Chinese auto market. As early as December 2017, Brilliance Renault Jinbei Automobile Co., Ltd. was established, which is the base for Renault Group to develop its light commercial vehicle business in China. Among them, Brilliance Group holds 51% of the shares and Renault Group holds 49% of the shares. There are three major brands including Jinbei, Huasong and Renault.

You know, in the field of light commercial vehicles and electric light commercial vehicles, Renault Group is in a leading position in the European market. Among them, in 2019, sales of pure electric Kangoo ZE increased by 19.2% to 10,349 units. Aiming at the light commercial vehicle market is not just because of Renault's own advantages. What is even more rare is that in the Chinese market, compared to the fierce competition in the passenger car field, the commercial vehicle market contains huge market opportunities.

From the data point of view, in 2019, China's light commercial vehicle sales reached 3.3 million units. Among them, Jinbei sold about 162,000 vehicles, accounting for 28.4% of the medium-sized van market segment. Benefiting from this, after introducing Renault's technology and management experience, Brilliance Renault plans to realize the transformation and upgrading of Jinbei models and expand its product line to cover MPVs, medium-sized vans and trucks, large-scale vans and trucks. At the same time, it is proposed that it will be implemented by 2023. Five core competitive models will be launched and exported overseas. According to the strategic plan, by the end of 2022, Brilliance Renault will launch 7 light commercial vehicles, including 3 new energy products. At the same time, Renault also plans to introduce the light commercial vehicle Master into the Chinese market through Brilliance Renault Jinbei Automobile Company.

In addition to the field of light commercial vehicles, Renault will naturally not let go of the cake of the pure electric vehicle market. In December 2017, Renault, Dongfeng and Nissan jointly established a joint venture, eGT, to focus on the development of innovative and economical electric vehicles. In addition, Renault Group is also the largest shareholder of Jiangling Group's New Energy Automobile Company. Jiangling Group New Energy will also introduce Renault's quality management system and technology, and launch four core models before 2022, covering 45% of the main models in China's electric vehicle segment. It can be seen that the successive deployment of these two new energy companies will provide more favorable support for Renault to enter the Chinese pure electric market.

● What new Renault models can you buy?

After understanding Renault's deployment in China, let's explore what electric vehicles are expected to enter the Chinese market? Judging from the current product layout of Renault, in addition to the current domestic Renault eNuo, Renault has also launched a pure electric ZOE in Europe, using the latest dedicated EV architecture developed by the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, and the battery capacity has been increased from 40kWh to 52kWh. , The new car has a range of approximately 389.46km under the WLTP standard.

In addition, there is also a city-oriented economical electric vehicle-Twingo ZE. Its WLTP working condition has a comprehensive endurance of 180km. It is equipped with a 22kWh lithium battery pack. It is driven by a single motor for the rear wheel. The maximum power is 82 horsepower and the maximum torque is 160 N·m. , 0-100km/h acceleration time is 12.6s, top speed is 135km/h. It takes 2 hours and 10 minutes to charge from 0 to 80% using an 11kW charging station, while it takes 63 minutes to use a 22kW charging station.

Not only that, Renault also has Twizy four-wheel electric vehicles, as well as Kangoo ZE and Master ZE two small electric commercial vehicles. In addition to small and micro pure electric vehicles, Renault also plans to launch high-performance pure electric vehicles. In March 2020, Renault released the MORPHOZ concept car. The new car is developed based on Renault's CMF-EV modular platform. It can provide two different configuration models, namely the city version and the travel version. Its driving range is approximately 401 kilometers (249 miles) and 700 kilometers (435 miles) respectively. In addition, this concept car also has L3 level automatic driving functions.

According to the previously released product plan of the Renault Group, in addition to the above models, by 2022, Renault will also launch 2 pure electric vehicles, 2 plug-in hybrids and 4 hybrid models. Nowadays, Renault has not clearly informed which model will be launched in China in the future, but based on the current products, mini-electric vehicles and high-performance pure electric vehicles will become important products for Renault to launch in China in the future.

Edit summary:

    For Dongfeng Renault's current development, it seems reasonable and unexpected. At the moment, Dongfeng Renault's market performance is not satisfactory. Its low brand recognition and insufficient competitive advantage of domestically produced products are all problems facing Renault. The “break-up” also seems to have already begun. However, with this reorganization, Renault, with its own advantages in the electric field and light commercial vehicle field, intends to return to the battlefield, which may be a new opportunity.

As far as consumers are concerned, the performance of Renault brand products is natural, but there may be a gap in brand influence. This directly leads to Renault's not being very popular in the second-hand car market. As a family car, it can be started under the premise that its maintenance is guaranteed. In addition, for electric vehicles, if Renault can highlight its advantages in terms of price and products, it would also be a new choice.