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[YesAuto Design Interpretation] No matter how beautiful things are, one day they will become tears of the times. Although this sentence is not what Mr. Lu Xun said, I think it makes sense. For Mercedes-Benz, every replacement of the S-class model is always accompanied by a variety of sounds. Although the sales are still very honest to reveal the user's recognition and love, if you go and ask a car fan, which generation is the best-looking Mercedes-Benz S-Class? I bet the answer will always be “previous generation”. So, today, when the new generation of Mercedes-Benz S-Class arrives as scheduled, how will we examine this successor from the perspective? Today we plan to put aside other distractions and talk about it purely from a design perspective.

I remember that when the Mercedes-Benz A-Class was released a few years ago, there was news that the next-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class would adopt a similar style of “triangular eye” headlight design, which also caused a public uproar at the time. Afterwards, we not only discovered the changes in the headlights, mid-grid and taillights in the GLE class, but also adopted this new family-style design style for the E-class, which was recently remodeled in the mid-term. With the release of the S-class, Mercedes-Benz's new family design language can be regarded as subverting the previous convention-changing the design style first from the flagship class, and then delegated to more entry-level models.

Mercedes-Benz’s current family-style design is indeed well-received both inside and outside the industry. It not only allows more people to realize the elegance and luxury of the Mercedes-Benz sedan family, but also allows many people who don’t know much about cars to at least pass it. The number of “eyebrows” on the headlights can tell whether the car in front of you is a C-class, E-class or S-class.

If we look at the history of the entire Mercedes-Benz S-Class, it is not difficult to see that from the originator of the first-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class: Mercedes-Benz 220 Cabriolet A (chassis code W187) to the present, the total eleven generations of models can actually be divided into three. A big style-round lights, square lights, triangle lights.

Mercedes-Benz is equipped with optional “active digital headlights” for the new S-class models. Through the joint efforts of three LED light sources and 1.3 million micro-lens, this new digital headlight not only has a significant increase in brightness and lighting accuracy, but also supports projecting patterns on the road and communicating with other traffic participants.

In fact, the controversy over the shape of the headlights is not difficult to understand. The reason why some netizens think that this light is “not good-looking” is that the main contradiction lies in the fact that this very simple look is very different from the previously elegant and unfriended Hawkeye shape, which cannot bring out the positioning of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class luxury flagship. But for an industrial product, the “outstanding” of individual parts is not the optimal solution. All “small designs” must be subordinated to “big designs”. To put it simply, the parts and components must be unified with the design goals of the entire model.

If the front of a car is designed to please the owner, then the rear of the car is clearly designed for others on the road. In today's homogeneous car rear design, facing the “through” taillight design used by almost all competitors, the attitude expressed by Mercedes-Benz itself surprised me.

The simple triangle obviously does not highlight the luxurious positioning of the S-class. After all, in the face of the A8's “taillights comparable to cartoons” opponents, it is indeed impossible to justify without making the lamp cavity a little more complicated.

Officials said that the new generation of Mercedes-Benz S-Class models adopted a large number of supercomputer simulation technology at the beginning of the design to help it obtain better aerodynamic performance. In the subsequent real vehicle test, it did not disappoint, and achieved excellent results with a drag coefficient of 0.22Cd.

We always say that it doesn't make much sense to simply discuss whether a certain part is designed to be “beautiful” or “ugly”. Because the logic of the decision to buy a car is very complicated, few consumers decide which car to buy just because of the good-looking design of the car lights. Especially today with more and more technological configurations and intelligent functions, the digital attributes of automobiles are becoming more and more important.

For designers, the more flagship design, the more forward-looking. It is definitely not an easy task to think about consumers' demand for automotive aesthetics in the next few years or even more than ten years at the time of the project. But at least for the moment, we can't say that it will definitely not be sought after by a new generation of users in the near future. After all, each previous generation of Mercedes-Benz S-Class models was accompanied by doubts and criticisms. For Mercedes-Benz, if these “different opinions” are missing, it might be a bit unaccustomed.

Compared with the appearance, in my opinion, the interior can better reflect the tonality of a car. Mercedes-Benz's interior design has always attracted attention in BBA with luxury and exquisiteness. Compared with its rivals, neither BMW's sportiness nor Audi's technological atmosphere can match the aura of the car inventor. Especially the interior design of the previous W222, the subversive long central control screen and the surrounding space design pushed the entire interior atmosphere to a new peak, and led the development of automotive interiors at that time. It can be said that the interior of the previous generation of S-class is definitely a rolling class, so can the new S-class interior continue this advantage?

The design of the center console and four-door armrests is based on the interior architecture and reliefs, while integrating into the overall interior, it also pursues modernity and details. In general, the ultimate goal of the designer team is to bring “revolutionary” changes to the S-Class in terms of technology, aesthetic experience, and ergonomics.

From the UI and color of the screen, Mercedes-Benz maintains a consistently high standard of design and aesthetics, no matter which model is very pleasing to the eye, it also improves the technological atmosphere for the overall interior.

The steering wheel has been unveiled on the new E-Class. This is Mercedes-Benz's new generation of capacitive steering wheels, which can be combined with leather or a mixture of wood and leather.

Creativity can make people's eyes bright, excellent and stable technical support can make people use it coolly and practically. Now in this era, creativity and technology are both indispensable. The key is how companies can promote the two to consumers at the same time.

The whole process will not be noticed by others, and the user enjoys the calmness alone. The realization of this operation is not only a breakthrough in technical application, but also a kind of “defining something” that the leader role is pursuing.

The reduction of physical buttons is also the design concept followed by Mercedes-Benz S, emphasizing the simplicity of the interior. However, this simple concept is not reflected in the design of the air outlet. To be honest, this is also the place that I personally feel more abrupt in the entire interior design.

In addition, in the color design of the seat, the designers designed the color of the seat into a warm color, which can form a clear contrast with the dark veneer. At the same time, the soft leather is also contrasted with the large-area wood veneer. Improve the visual impact of the passenger compartment.

In terms of interior lighting, Mercedes-Benz's designers and engineers integrated the lighting system of the entire passenger cabin to form a new environmental lighting system.

In this way, you can communicate with the occupants through the light strip. For example, when you adjust the music, air conditioning, and fragrance through the car system, the light strip will also be changed accordingly; or when driving, the color of the interior light strip can be used to warn you. Vehicle blind spot information, etc.

Edit summary

Every generation of evolution of Mercedes-Benz S can arouse people's talk about it, and it is worthy of our study. The significance of its evolution is not limited to whether the appearance is good-looking and whether the interior is luxurious. In fact, what is more important is Mercedes-Benz's thinking and understanding of the future. Although not every model change can be immediately accepted by consumers, judging from the sales of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class in the past, at least it has never disappointed us, has it? (Photo: Yang Peng and Leng Xiaoyang from Auto Home)