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[YesAuto Design Decoding] Whether it is a person or a company, in the growth and development stage, there will be some bottleneck periods from time to time. Some have passed it through and completed self-breakthrough, bursting with brilliant brilliance; and more are bottlenecked The confinement of the period turns into a large number of beings. After winning China's SUV sales championship for nine consecutive years, the development of the Haval brand seems to have reached a bottleneck. How to continue to maintain the lead or even expand the advantage in the increasingly competitive Chinese market has become a difficult problem for the management of Haval. Today, the Haval people have given their answers through the brand new F series.

-After the H series, why is there an F series?

Since becoming an independent brand in 2013, Haval has brought a huge shock to the growing Chinese auto market. It is not only the first brand to put all its energy on SUV models, but the hot sales of Haval H6 has also become The mythical models in the Chinese market have shocked countless foreign car companies.

As the products sell well, Haval's performance and profits are getting better and better. But in the ever-changing Chinese market, how can we continue to maintain combat effectiveness? The answer is of course product quality. Haval has not only increased its efforts in product research and development, but also invested a lot of money in the update of factory equipment and other hardware. The increasing number of models and the commissioning of the second phase of the Xushui plant are strong evidence.

When the H series is full of the nine numbers 1-9, how to continue to expand the product line? Haval released its brand-new F series last year and gave their answers. This makes people think of Land Rover, a British luxury brand that also only manufactures SUVs. Although the positioning of the two brands is completely different, many people regard Haval as the “Land Rover of China” because of the commonality of only producing SUVs.

By dividing its models into two product lines, Land Rover successfully separated luxury and simplicity, thus avoiding consumers' troubles with the entire Land Rover brand products due to the contradictory positioning between luxury and practical models. The dignitaries who need to use the Range Rover to travel have also opened up the blue-collar workers who need to find the magical transport.

The image of Haval H series has been deeply imprinted in the hearts of consumers. Although I once hoped to use the red label and blue label strategies to subdivide the car models, it may not be easy for consumers to remember, so if you don’t ask the salesperson or inquire about the information when buying a car, it is actually more difficult. To distinguish the positioning of the red label and blue label.

Therefore, we can think that the Haval brand, which has replaced the unified car logo, sorted out the product lineup, and updated the car series name, has entered a new stage. The product lineup and logic that previously puzzled consumers will follow the product change. The two lines of the H series and the F series are more clear, and this is the ultimate goal of the F series.

-The troika has a great background?

Nowadays, it’s no news for Chinese brands to hire foreign big-name designers as design directors. For example, BYD, Hongqi, Chery, Zotye, etc. are now foreign design directors, and it is what we are today that pioneered this precedent among Chinese brands. The protagonist, as early as 2014, when other Chinese brands were still looking for third-party design companies to cooperate, they hired designers from BMW.

As a brand that only produces SUV models, Haval’s former styling director owns the designer of a successful SUV model such as the BMW X5. The resume of Phil Simmons, the styling director who has been employed for nearly a year, is more suitable for the Haval brand. Its last job was Land Rover, another famous brand that only produced SUV models in the world.

Judging from Simmons’ resume, he has participated in the design of some models of the Range Rover and Discovery product lines when he was working at Land Rover, so he is rich in both the creation of a sense of luxury and sports, and the practicality of the vehicle. He will definitely have a deeper understanding of modern SUV models when he works at Land Rover, and he is undoubtedly a suitable candidate for the Haval brand styling director.

The launch of the F series products is to create a more dynamic and technologically-sense product for younger consumers. In today’s era of homogenized products, how to create a brand new series of DNA lies in the designer. In front of him, how did the three giants in the Haval design department build this new car series from the inside out?

-Differentiation from details

The first is the air intake grille. Since it belongs to the same Haval brand, it must have inheritance in appearance so that people can recognize it as a Haval at a glance, but also must be innovative, which is different from the current H series. Then the most important thing to distinguish is the large air intake grille that occupies the C position on the front face.

The reduction in the area of the air intake grille makes the blank area of the front face abruptly enlarged. Therefore, the chrome decoration on the front fog lamp and the front bumper can not only reflect the sense of high quality, but also fill in the reduction of the air intake grille. The gap that comes can kill two birds with one stone.

Perhaps some people think that SUVs should be very muscular, and the ridges on the engine compartment cover should be sharp, but when you look back at the current Land Rover models, which car is deliberately sharp in order to increase muscle look What about the lines? This is the same as “the epee has no edge, and the big tricks are not work”. A real SUV does not need these to increase the so-called muscle feel.

The entire Haval car series has not adopted the current hot physical through-type taillight design, which may be a pity for some consumers who love this design. But like the floating tail, the F7's taillights actually hide a little mystery.

This visual effect is not only used on the taillights, but also on the rear bumper, the two exhaust ports are also connected by a similar method. The appearance of this line breaks the height of the taillight line. Disadvantages, lower the center of gravity of the entire rear of the car. In addition, the two through straight lines also make the F7's rear look wider than it actually is.

-The first electronic shift lever in the F series

The interior of the Haval F7 is very different from that of the F5. As the current flagship model of the F series, its appearance also points out a certain direction for the future development of the interior of the F series. First of all, it is biased towards the driver's central control layout. Generally, the appearance of such an interior indicates that this will be a car that emphasizes driving.

Thanks to the use of the electronic shift lever, the bottom of the center console can thus be hollowed out to form a storage space, and the USB interface can also provide a second opportunity to charge the mobile phone in the front row.

-Enter the international market, starting from localized production

The F series was born not only to cater to the favor of young Chinese consumers, but also to shoulder the important task of developing the international market. Although Great Wall Motors has sold 600,000 vehicles overseas since its first export in 1998, this is obviously not in line with its domestic position. Therefore, continuing to explore the international market is also an important task for Great Wall people.

The three Haval brand design giants all stated that the current young consumers in China have very high requirements for vehicles, not only the appearance and the interior must have a sense of technology, but also the safety and quality requirements are quite high, so the main focus is on young consumers in China. The Haval F7, even overseas, can meet the stringent requirements of most consumers.

to sum up:

The launch of Haval's new F series can be said to be an important step after clarifying the brand strategy. While stabilizing the original consumer market, it tries to impress people who are not originally potential customers of the H series with different products. A younger, sportier, and more technologically-oriented image has since grown up. If you add in the many black technologies accumulated by the Great Wall itself, why bother that it cannot attract the attention of consumers?