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[YesAuto Featured Race] Last night, Lotus released their latest 24-hour endurance race car, Lotus T129 LMP1. This is Lotus's first appearance of endurance racing this year.

The LMP1 category is the highest category of the Le Mans 24 endurance race and represents the forefront of racing technology. The car will be driven by former F1 driver Christian Oberst, but it is reported that due to some minor problems with the engine supplier, the test will not be completed until September this year. In other words, the Lotus team will not be able to participate in the Le Mans 24 Hours next week, but the whole team is full of confidence and can't wait to see the excellent performance of the T129 LMP1 on the track.

Lotus brand has always been known for its excellent racing products, and its chassis tuning skills also have a considerable reputation in the industry, so Lotus is indispensable for top-level events like “Le Mans 24 Hours”. However, it is a pity to miss this game because of engine problems. Who makes Lotus not the engine?