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[YesAuto Electric Vehicle Technology] Electric vehicles provide a practical way to solve traditional energy consumption and air pollution problems in the future. Whether it is policy support or people's acceptance of electric vehicles, the rapid development of the electric vehicle industry can be seen . In the field of electric vehicles, lithium battery technology is the key to the future development of the electric vehicle industry. Compared with other types of batteries, lithium batteries have a higher charge and discharge speed and energy density. At this stage, electric vehicles equipped with lithium ion batteries can almost meet the needs of urban transportation. Although there are many advantages, the safety problems exposed by lithium battery electric vehicles are also an aspect that people are very concerned about. How to control the safety of lithium batteries? After reading this article, you may have some enlightenment.

Lithium battery, as the name suggests, is a secondary battery that generates energy by the movement of lithium ions, that is, a rechargeable battery. This kind of battery is also a common form of battery in our lives, ranging from mobile phones and home appliances to electric vehicles. Lithium batteries have gradually become the mainstream development direction. Especially in the field of electric vehicles, the advantages of lithium batteries have made them play a big role in the field of electric vehicles, but also because of the popularity of lithium batteries, the safety of lithium batteries has gradually become a social hot spot, such as Tesla and Chevrolet Volanda Hidden dangers exposed in this regard.

It not only ensures that no deformation occurs during use, but also depends on the material characteristics to ensure that the battery fluid will not further diffuse and prevent a larger area of short circuit.

In addition, in terms of the hidden dangers of battery fluid leakage, this fluid depends on its different specific gravity, which can cause the battery fluid to sink and isolate it from the air. Through the monitoring of the fluid, it is found that there is a battery fluid leakage problem, and further measures are taken to prevent The battery pack ignites spontaneously. And in terms of cold cycle, the immersion method is more efficient than the traditional pipeline water-cooling method, and the temperature control of the lithium battery is more stable.

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Although in terms of lithium battery safety, foreign companies have been in a state of technology patent lockdown, but through the understanding of Weihong’s new battery technology at this conference, we learned that my country’s own lithium battery safety technology is actively being developed and has been For example, some of the new double-decker electric buses in London, England, use battery packs produced by this company, and rely on excellent lithium battery safety technology. There is no spontaneous combustion caused by battery packs in these thousand electric buses. event. We are very proud of such technological progress and will always pay attention to the future development of my country's lithium battery technology.