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[YesAuto original test drive] Lotus L3-a new name, a familiar model. It has long been known about its origins, but this time I want to recall the past and look forward to the future. Since the domestic production, the word cost performance seems to be a step away from the Lotus L3, and the price has finally entered 100,000. Perhaps we should re-examine it or include it in some reference lists.

I don’t think I need to introduce it too much. Friends who have read the previous article must know that it is a sporty car with a bit of personality and retro style when imported. Its retro comes from the extremely simple visual effects, while the sport comes from driving. Some feelings at the time; then has it changed after being made in China? This is exactly what we are going to say today. Where do we start? –detail.

Since we have already taken real shots of the car before, we won’t mention related issues in this article. Click on the link below to enter the real shot article of “Real shots of Lotus L3 sedan with increased configuration but lower prices”.

There are a few points that I was impressed with before:
1. The button design of the steering wheel/center console is very delicate
2. Low steering wheel position
3. The gear is very good and the stroke is short

There are two other points that have not been experienced before, both of which are related to space:
1. Front and rear seating space
2. Trunk situation

After being made in China, the Lotus L3 has mainly been adjusted in appearance details and logo. The interior has not changed much. The most obvious is that the multi-function steering wheel and the center console with very compact buttons are still the same. Some people may think It looks good, but it is basically not attractive to me.

If you look closely, you can find some retro elements in the Lotus L3 car, such as the three-frame steering wheel with simple lines and the original engine cover cable in the picture below. I don't want to comment too much on the former. I just want to say that the operation of the latter is really troublesome and requires a little effort. At the same time, I am afraid of pulling it off, which is quite difficult to handle.

The third impressive point is the manual gearbox! It is a great design in Lotus L3! From the gear stroke, the length of the gear lever to the sense of inhalation, it can be regarded as a great one in the same class. I have evaluated the manual models of Mazda 3 and Yishen as very characteristic. Today, I can add another one. . Because it is a new car, the shift between gears is still a bit tight. I believe it should be better after a period of time.

The storage space in the car is not bad, and there are no vacancies in the regular positions, such as the left side of the steering wheel, the central cup holder, the armrest box, etc., all meet the daily practical needs. In particular, the space in the armrest box is not small, it has no layering, only a space deep enough to accommodate bottled Coke, basically it is simple and practical.

There is a foldable cup holder in the central area of the back row. This is a highlight, and the function need not be introduced. Some people may ask, it would be better if you can change it to a set of air outlets here! I thought so at first, but after two problems came out, I readily accepted: 1. There must be an air outlet, there must be an air duct. This is the cost. I understand the concept of wool coming out of the sheep; in addition, the air conditioner of the Lotus L3 is Well known! So it’s not a big question whether there is an air outlet. Don’t forget where it comes from. Maybe some people don’t like to hear this, but you and I all know it’s Malaysia.

I have such an impression of the Lotus L3 that it belongs to a niche model, but within the same niche range, it has different things. This feature comes from its simplicity and simplicity. From import to domestic production, what I see is retention and progress. Although the pace of advancement is very small, at least after the baptism of domestic production, the Lotus L3 should be closer to the taste of the public.

The space display is the link that we missed in the previous contact. Today we have found an experiencer with a height of 1.75 meters. The interior space of the Lotus L3 is not large, but it is definitely enough. For example, the margin of a punch on the head of the front row belongs to the standard range.

One thing needs to be said. When sitting in the driving position, your vision will be very good. At first I thought it was a problem of seat height. In fact, not only that, the low-position center console design is the main reason, otherwise the steering wheel. Why is it a little closer to the legs?

The back row is still okay for the experiencer. The leg room is more than a punch. The head is more general, which is enough for our editor. I must change to a height of about 1.8 meters. Passengers will feel a little cramped.

Unlike the model tested last time, this time we are in contact with the sedan version of the Lotus L3. Its trunk space is more practical. Although it is not a regular square volume, the standard depth and maximum width can meet the general requirements. The loading requirements, such as easily putting down a large box for use, there is no problem!

Lotus L3 uses a 1.6L 4-cylinder 16V engine (111 horsepower) with a maximum power of 82kW/6000rpm and a maximum torque of 148N·m/4000rpm. Compared with the previous imported models, the parameters have a drop of 1 value. Of course In actual driving, such a small gap is not felt.

This engine is a type that emphasizes high speed. Usually in daily driving around 2000rpm, its power performance is very convergent. Basically, it is described as soft; when the speed exceeds about 3000rpm, the throttle response will have a stepped increase. , The pedal feedback is more positive, and the line overtaking is absolutely easy, even when the air conditioner is turned on.

The 5-speed manual transmission feels great! The stroke of the gear lever and the gear is short and the definition is high, so it is particularly neat to use. Such a design will directly help the shift range and acceleration ability. In addition, the feeling of movement is also very natural. come out.

Another good impression comes from the driving performance of the Lotus L3. In terms of hardware conditions, its front McPherson + stabilizer bar/rear multi-link independent + stabilizer bar suspension is a very weighty combination, plus the engine The front stabilizer rod (top bar balance rod) in the cabin, this unsurprising little car in front of us has the basic control that ordinary family cars do not have.

The sportiness of the Lotus L3 is entirely derived from driving feeling and confidence. The suspension style emphasizes home comfort, which means that on the premise that the road feel is not strong, its good impression is more derived from the suspension tuning and chassis design. Well, the chassis is solid and tight. The Lotus L3's interpretation of sports is not superficial, but a real sense of existence. Especially when passing through potholes, the tail jumps are not exaggerated, and the body's downward pressure is not very large, which is a good phenomenon.

After testing imported models before, my evaluation of RCR racing is that the model is “new” and the driving feeling is good, but the sales are officially affected by the price issue; now the car is domestically produced and the price has come down, which seems to be It's a good thing, but the time comes to 2010, more competing products have come out, this is nothing more than a challenge to the Lotus L3.

To be honest, in my previous memory, I was very difficult to find a sports car or compact car. It was not until this test drive that I noticed that the price of the Lotus L3 has become so big. The change is about 90,000 yuan. This is basically similar to a self-owned brand of the same class. After thinking about it, from quality to driving, the characteristics of the Lotus L3 are still worth thinking about; of course, you must be clear about the people who are ready to consider it. It's best not to use the configuration table to measure, because it will be nothing to look at. Going to the 4S store for a test drive will let you know more about it.