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[YesAuto News] A few days ago, we learned from the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau that as of December 27, Beijing’s procuratorial organs have approved the arrest of 67 suspects who used “marriage” as a means of buying and selling Beijing brand passenger cars. . The full text of the “Ping An Beijing” WeChat official account for this action is as follows:

In response to people’s livelihood crimes, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau has always maintained close attention and high-pressure crackdowns. Since the beginning of this year, illegal and criminal acts of buying and selling Jing brand passenger cars by means of “marriage” have continued to occur frequently, seriously disrupting the order of social management, and affecting the people's sense of gain, happiness and security. In this regard, the Beijing police relying on the “Safe Operation”, starting from October 30, led by the Criminal Investigation Corps, a total of more than 510 police forces from 16 branches have been organized to carry out a centralized network collection operation, one by one, and one by one, to trace the source and down the indicators. Deeply dig into the “black intermediary” behind the scenes and the chain of interests, and implement a full-chain attack. It is reported that as of December 27, Beijing's procuratorial organs have approved the arrest of 67 suspects in violation of the law in accordance with the law.

Criminal suspects with “dual identity”
In such cases, the criminal suspect Gong Mouwei (male, 40 years old) who has a “dual identity” involved in illegal crimes is more typical. According to Gong Mouwei's confession, he has been engaged in the business of buying and selling second-hand cars and has accumulated more than 10 small passenger car indicators under his name. At the same time, as a member of the “black intermediary”, since 2019, Gong Mouwei has acted on his own initiative or through the introduction of his associates, and has dealt with several women in the motor vehicle husband and wife business to change the business of buying and selling small passenger cars. A total of 12 vehicles were involved and 30 profits were made. More than ten thousand yuan.

Use economic interests as bait to confuse and direct relevant personnel to participate in illegal crimes
In a case reported earlier by our bureau, the suspect Bai Mouni (female, 26 years old) has divorced 17 times since 2018 for the purpose of buying and selling passenger cars. According to Bai Mouni’s confession, her name did not have a mini-bus indicator. Later, she got acquainted with the “black intermediary” personnel when she was looking for a job, and under the arrangement of the “black intermediary”, she used to accumulate the mini-bus indicator as the indicator holder, and then passed the agreement. The buyer divorced means to change the indicator of the passenger car. For each transaction completed, you will receive a benefit fee of 3000 to 5000 yuan from the “black intermediary”, and a total of more than 30,000 yuan will be collected.

What’s even more exaggerated is that in another case, the “black intermediary” used petty profits as a temptation to brainwash the criminal suspect Wei Moujiang (male, 75 years old) on the grounds of “not breaking the law” and “earning fast money”. Du Mouying (female, 49 years old), and developed into a “black intermediary” personnel. Since 2019, the above two persons have transferred their quotas through divorce. There are 20 small passenger cars transferred, but only a profit of more than 5,000 yuan.

Behind the shocking case is a huge black chain of interests.
The “black intermediary” in this type of case aims at buying and selling Beijing's passenger car quotas, taking the form of individuals or introducing others to marry people who have actual purchase quotas for passenger car purchases, and using motor vehicle couples to change the policy to realize buying and selling in Beijing Indicators for passenger cars and obtain illegal economic benefits from them.

The municipal government formulated the “Interim Regulations on the Control of the Number of Passenger Cars in Beijing” to implement the city's overall urban plan, to achieve a reasonable and orderly increase in the number of passenger cars, and to effectively alleviate traffic congestion. In the implementation of the regulations, the allocation indicators for passenger cars are allocated free of charge in the form of lottery in accordance with the principles of openness, fairness and justice. And such “black intermediaries” violated the public order and good customs, trampled on my country's marriage system, repeatedly used individuals or introduced others to get married and divorced many times, and bought and sold small passenger car indicators at high prices, which seriously undermined our city's small passenger car indicator management system.

The Beijing Municipal Passenger Car Index is managed by the Beijing Municipal Passenger Car Index Regulation and Control Office under the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation. The “Beijing Individual Passenger Car Configuration (Update) Index Confirmation Notice” issued by this institution is a personal payment for vehicle purchases. Tax and foreign vehicles are transferred to this city, the necessary documents for the transfer of vehicle purchase tax files, the issuance of second-hand vehicle sales invoices, and the notarization of vehicle gifts.

The indicator confirmation notice is an important document for the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission to exercise its powers and regulate the overall number of small passenger cars in the city, and should be recognized as an official document of the state agency. If the “Beijing Individual Passenger Car Allocation (Update) Indicator Confirmation Notice” is bought and sold through marriage for many times, which interferes with the order of social management, it shall be forged or altered in accordance with the provisions of Article 280, Paragraph 1 of the Criminal Law , Investigate criminal responsibility for the crime of buying and selling official documents, certificates, and seals of state agencies.

According to the relevant regulations of the “Beijing Interim Provisions on the Control of the Number of Passenger Cars” Implementation Rules, the confirmation notice of the indicators for buying, selling, selling or renting in disguised form, lending or borrowing passenger cars after investigations by the public security, judicial organs, and index management agencies In the case of book behavior, the index management agency shall announce the invalidation of the index; if the index has been used to complete the vehicle registration, the traffic management department of the public security organ shall revoke the registration of the motor vehicle in accordance with the law and the index shall be invalidated. At the same time, the indicator application submitted by the applicant will not be accepted within three years.

In order to clean up the order of social management in a long-term and effective manner, in the next step, the Beijing police will continue to crack down on illegal and criminal activities involving vehicles, continue to strengthen the order of the capital's vehicle management work, adhere to precise strikes, coordinated rectification, and comprehensive management, and effectively maintain social stability and the masses. Legal rights. (Source: Ping An Beijing; Compiler/Car Home Ding Bojun)