[Car Home Evaluation] Recently, I have been asked by friends around me: “Hey, buddy, what SUV is better for more than 200,000 yuan?” This question is so easy to answer! Tiguan, CR-V, RAV4, ix35, X-Trail, and Smart Running are basically blurting out… Is there anything new? Just as I was about to continue thinking deeply, the Mazda CX-5 came into my sight, and after a few days of test drive, I plan to recommend it to my friends.

Temporarily removing the “burden” of the rotary engine should be a good thing for Mazda, at least they can put more energy into other areas, such as the “Chuangchi Blue Sky” technology that has been promoted recently. As a new compact SUV from Mazda, the “Chuangchi Blue Sky” technology will undoubtedly be the biggest selling point of the CX-5. Besides, is there nothing else that stands out? The answer is obviously no!

Appearance: fierce shape under the new design concept

For Mazda, the appearance of CX-5 means a brand new beginning. It is not only the first model in the true sense that fully adopts the “Chuangchi Blue Sky” technology, but also becomes the design concept of “SOUL of MOTION”. The first mass-produced work. Compared with previous Mazda models, the new design concept shows a more radical and avant-garde style in style.

Size/model Mazda CX-5 Honda CR-V Tiguan Forester
Length (mm) 4555 4550 4525 4560
Width (mm) 1840 1820 1809 1780
Height (mm) 1710 1685 1685 1700
Wheelbase (mm) 2700 2620 2684 2615

In the face of some compact SUVs led by Honda CR-V, the Mazda CX-5 with a 2700mm wheelbase does not suffer in terms of body size. This result is somewhat surprising to me. After all, the information conveyed from the picture Looking at it, you can hardly imagine that the Mazda CX-5 is larger than the Honda CR-V, and we will show you the actual performance of the space on the third page of the article.

After getting used to Mazda's signature “smiling” front face, it is difficult to equate the CX-5 with Mazda's previous models. The new “soul moving” design concept gives the CX-5 a more aggressive shape, the honeycomb grille emphasizes the sporty atmosphere, and the chrome decoration on the bottom edge makes the overall grille look a lot more refined.

The sharp design style also appears in the shape of the headlights. The chrome decoration extending from the edge of the center mesh penetrates the interior of the headlights, and the slender shape is therefore more determined. In terms of technology, this four-wheel drive premium navigation version model we photographed has multiple functions such as xenon headlights, adaptive follow-up steering, and headlight cleaning. The configuration is not inferior to the Corio and Forester models at the same price.

The complex and changeable lines make the side of the Mazda CX-5 body more dynamic. The waistline above the handle highlights the toughness and also effectively enhances the visual center of gravity. The curve under the door makes the overall shape not too blunt. . The ten-spoke wheel with a V-shaped layout is 19 inches in size. The four matching tires are all made by Toyo Tire. However, such treatment only appears in the premium version and above models. Most of the models only use Plys. 225/65 R17 tires provided by Tongtong.

The full-bodied tail design still does not lose its edges and corners, and the lines running through the left and right create a stronger three-dimensional feeling. In the shaping of the taillights, the same design concept as the headlights reveals the same sharpness and fierceness. The black surround on the bottom of the vehicle is a customary decorative technique for SUV models. However, even if it is the top model, we did not find a reversing image at the rear. Only the four-point reversing radar can be used to masturbate. In this regard, competitors such as the Honda CR-V are obviously more intimate.

Interior: the style remains “Mazda”

Under the guidance of the brand-new “Soul Motion” design concept, the CX-5 subverted everyone's previous understanding of Mazda in terms of appearance, but this unfamiliar feeling disappeared the moment you opened the door. The pure black interior with sporadic metallic decoration exudes Mazda's usual sporty temperament, and the familiar Mazda has actually not gone far.

The three-spoke steering wheel wrapped in leather provides an excellent feel, and the hollow decoration that appears in the 6 o'clock direction further enhances the overall texture of the steering wheel. The design of the instrument panel does not incorporate too much decoration, but the simple three-circle shape with barrel-style style does not lose movement.

The standard engine start-stop technology makes the Mazda CX-5 unique among SUV models of the same level. As one of the many technologies of Chuangchi Blue Sky, the addition of engine start-stop will help Mazda CX while waiting for traffic lights. -5 Get higher fuel economy.

The center console of the Mazda CX-5 is widely used in soft materials. The soft texture and the delicate knob damping reflect the quality that an imported model should have. However, for the 8-inch LCD display on the navigation version, the lower resolution and poor handwriting input are somewhat disappointing.

In terms of configuration, the Mazda CX-5 entering the country is obviously going to experience an expected “slim”. Compared with the full control area at the auto show, now only the engine start and stop, traction control and steering assist lighting system have been obtained. The reservation. Of course, considering a series of factors such as price, it is impractical to require exactly the same configuration as overseas models, but is it necessary to omit tire pressure monitoring?

Of course, in addition to those uncomfortable reductions, Mazda CX-5 still retains a considerable part of the standard configuration to impress domestic consumers. Several configurations such as one-button start, parking assist, engine start and stop are of great benefit to an urban SUV, and rich safety configurations add a guarantee for daily driving.

Riding space: The wheelbase of 2700mm is not well reflected

The wheelbase of the Mazda CX-5 has reached a higher 2700mm in the same level of models, but unfortunately this is not enough to give it a sufficient advantage in terms of space. Experiencers with a height of 178cm only get a punch of legroom, which can be achieved even with the Honda CR-V or the Tiguan with a shorter wheelbase.

The leather seat with 8-way electric adjustment function is stitched with red thread, and a strong sporty breath also follows. Perforated leather and soft padding provide good comfort, while harder materials are used on both sides of the seat to ensure adequate support.

Storage space

The abundant storage space brings high convenience to the Mazda CX-5, but the small size still reduces the utilization rate of the front door storage compartment.

Although it does not show an absolute advantage in riding space, the Mazda CX-5 shows strong competitiveness in the trunk volume. The size of 490 liters in the standard state is far better than the 450 liters of Renault Koleos or the Volkswagen Tiguan. Of 400 liters. In terms of daily use, stacking two large suitcases vertically side by side is not a problem at all. The storage capacity is in the upper-middle level with other urban SUV models.

Static experience summary:

As early as before the listing, Mazda has accumulated enough popularity for CX-5 with the super high exposure of “Chuang Chi Lantian”. However, with the announcement of the price range of 23.38-28.18 yuan, a lot of appreciation and praise have gradually evolved into Doubts and incomprehensions, the focus of people’s discussions has shifted from advanced technology to high prices, but the shrewd Mazda has long been aware of this problem, so at the same time that the imported version of the model was launched, a domestic plan was sent to Changan. Mazda's hands. In a sense, the launch of the imported version of CX-5 is actually more like a warm-up for domestic models. In terms of effect, the rigorous workmanship and rich configuration also left a deep impression on us. The previous experience part also proved that it has enough strength to compete with opponents of the same level.

So apart from the configuration and workmanship, what is the advantage of the “Chuangchi Blue Sky” technology that has been paid attention to by everyone? Next, let us enter the performance test link.

Power system

Our test car is an imported 2.0 four-wheel drive premium navigation version, priced at 281,800 yuan. Mazda said it plans to start domestic production at Changan Mazda's Nanjing plant next year. It is equipped with a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 154 horsepower (113kW)/6000rpm and a peak torque of 198 N·m/4000rpm.

From the parameters, we can see that this is a typical high-speed engine. In order to further squeeze the power, Mazda has increased the engine compression ratio to 13:1, which is an amazing value. In order to ensure stable operation of the engine and suppress engine knocking, they designed a 4-2-1 exhaust form.

At this time, domestic consumers should have doubts. Does such a high compression ratio have to burn gasoline above 97? Don’t be too panic. It is recommended to use No. 87 fuel (87 is the anti-knock index) for overseas SKYACTIV-G engines. After conversion, it is No. 93 gasoline of the national standard. Our test car’s fuel tank cap is also nominally recommended to use No. 93 Gasoline, but this is definitely a challenge to the current domestic oil products.

Compared with the ordinary AT, this 6-speed automatic manual SKYACTIV-DRIVE gearbox enlarges the clutch lock area and improves the working accuracy of the control unit, making the shifting speed faster and smoother. The official can say that it can increase up to 7 % Fuel economy. In actual use, the power connection and shift speed are relatively satisfactory.

The automatic start-stop function is not a new configuration now, and the process of turning off and ignition is relatively abrupt on most models, and some friends even chose to turn it off. However, the Mazda CX-5's i-stop automatic start-stop technology is very well designed, and there is very little movement and gentleness when restarting.

After the vehicle is stepped on, the engine is automatically extinguished to save fuel, and the engine will start almost as soon as the brake is released. There is almost no lag in the process. This delicate process allows our colleagues who evaluated the CX-5 to comment on it. They are full of good feelings, and this configuration is standard for all systems.


SKYACTIV is a series of Mazda's new technology collection based on existing automotive industry technology, including diesel engine, gasoline engine, gearbox, body and chassis technology. The Chinese name of SKYACTIV is “Chuang Chi Lantian”, but this is not a technological revolution. It just integrates various optimizations and lightweights into future models. For the specific analysis of Chuangchi Blue Sky technology, the technical channel has produced professional articles. If you want to know, please click on the picture below.

Daily driving experience

Before officially introducing the driving part, I can’t help but babble. The front face of the Mazda CX-5 is very visually impactful, which greatly increases the rate of return. Many people say that this car is very handsome in running. I also agree with this. Point of view, especially when the 19-inch wheels are spinning up.

In actual driving, the power reserve of the engine in the low-speed range is relatively scarce, the torque is weak, and the lowering of the throttle can only bring a very gentle response. Fortunately, the feedback strength of the accelerator pedal is the consistent lightness of Japanese cars, and it will be more worry-free and effortless to control in the face of congested urban environments.

That's right, these are done steadily under D block, everything seems so polite, do you occasionally have some passion? Then you might as well try to switch to manual mode. The gearbox and the engine are in good coordination, and the power is in place. Soon it will prove to you that this is still a familiar Mazda. It will be upshifted after 4,000 rpm. It’s really reaching the power point, and the response speed of the accelerator pedal becomes sensitive. The torque of 198 N·m will continue to explode to 5500 rpm before attenuation. In short, the power is enough, even if there are 5 passengers in the car.

Driving on the road is the strength of CX-5. The optimization and upgrading of the chassis suspension is one of the components of Chuangchi Blue Sky technology, so that CX-5 can be said to have a greater advantage than rivals of the same level in terms of handling. Lightweight chassis suspension and high The strong body structure gives it good handling performance. The front and rear multi-link suspension adjustments are tough and the lateral support is very good, but the filtering of the ditch and ridges is not so appropriate. The vibration can be clearly transmitted to the car, and there is a bumpy ride. . In other words, I personally hope that it can be softer and softer to make passengers more comfortable.

Fuel consumption test

There is a whole set of SKYACTIVE technology applications. Before we came into contact with CX-5, we were full of confidence in its fuel consumption performance. What kind of performance can a 2.0L SUV run? Then we started to fuel consumption. test.

After 165.1 kilometers of driving, 90% of the congested roads are less than 30km/h, and a small part of the loop is unblocked, resulting in our average speed of only 18km/h , and the road conditions are not very optimistic. In the end, the CX-5 four-wheel drive model consumed a total of 15.9 liters of gasoline, with an average fuel consumption of 9.63 liters per 100 kilometers. Combining its weight of nearly 1.6 tons with actual power performance, we think this fuel consumption performance is very good. The reason for this performance is the optimized gearbox and i-stop automatic start-stop device.

Reasonable fuel consumption reference values (non-rigid indicators) given by us for each class of models

Purely economical minicar: no more than 7 liters/100 kilometers

Small car/hybrid: no more than 8 liters/100 kilometers

Compact/light SUV: no more than 10 liters/100 kilometers

Medium-sized car/medium-sized SUV: no more than 12 liters/100 kilometers

Other models: no more than 15 liters/100 kilometers

0-100km/h acceleration test

Bringing the Mazda CX-5 to the test field, the 2.0L engine and 6AT powertrain did not make me have much expectations for it. The starting stage is docile and linear, the four-wheel drive system distributes the torque output reasonably, and the tires complete the start without any slippage. Entering the mid-to-late range, the attenuation of the acceleration G value is not obvious, and it is always maintained at about 0.4G. Although the entire acceleration process is not so exciting, it has good continuity, and the final 10.75 second result is better than we expected, and it is already at the same level as some 2.4-displacement models of the same level.

Emergency brake test

CX-5 shows a high level of braking. The 39.29m performance can be said to be a surprise. From the chart, the braking force is very strong. The 225/55 R19 tires also gave some help in the braking process. During the continuous braking test, the CX-5's braking system performed steadily, without thermal decay, but increased after the temperature rises. All the results are within 40 meters, which is very commendable, and it is also one of the best among competitors of the same level.

Performance around the pile

The small steering wheel feels great, and the steering accuracy is even better than that of its own sports car. The suspension can give strong support when winding the pile. The four-wheel drive system continuously adjusts the power distribution. The 225/55 R19 tires can be firmly attached to On the ground, this will undoubtedly allow me to challenge the higher speed around the pile with full confidence. Think about how long I haven't driven an SUV with such good handling. The most recent one should be the Subaru XV six months ago. (Click to view test article)

Four-wheel drive system

Mazda CX-5 uses a set of timely four-wheel drive system, officially called the active torque distribution four-wheel drive system (ATCC 4WD), the center is a multi-disc clutch differential structure, usually front-wheel drive, front and rear axles are ordinary The open differential cannot be manually locked. The four wheels do not have an independent electronic brake assist system. It is one of the simplest four-wheel drive types. Most urban SUVs are equipped with this four-wheel drive system.

Four-wheel drive test

    In the actual test session, we built a “steamed bun package” steel frame into an environment that simulates a cross-axis. When the vehicle reaches the top of the iron frame, the left front wheel and the right rear wheel are idling off the ground. At this time, the ESP cannot effectively brake the slippery wheels, causing a large part of the power loss.

Continue to increase the throttle, ESP seemed to have just recovered, and flickered lazily for a few moments to indicate its presence, and the calipers began to brake with a point brake, trying to contain this crazy wheel. Slowly the vehicle began to wriggle forward, and finally passed the cross-axis test very reluctantly. If the difficulty is a little bit bigger, it will hang. The final test results of the CX-5 were within our expectations. Mazda accurately positioned it among the urban SUVs. It can go farther on the road. If it is off-road, let's forget it.

How to choose CX-5

Mazda CX-5 2.0L two-wheel drive comfort version and four-wheel drive luxury version configuration differences
Model 2.0L two-wheel drive comfort version 2.0L 4WD Deluxe Edition
Price difference 233,800 yuan 258,800 yuan (a price difference of 25,000)
Four-wheel drive system
Electric sunroof
Cruise control
Leather seats
Driver's seat eight-way electric adjustment
Electric seat heating function
Dark glass on rear windshield and rear window

First of all, I have to say that the CX-5's four-wheel drive system is completely designed to improve driving stability on wet, rainy and snowy roads. Therefore, I think the four-wheel drive luxury version is more suitable for purchase. Compared with the lowest two-wheel drive comfort version, it is more With functions such as four-wheel drive system, electric windows, cruise control, leather seats, seat heating, etc., the price was only an extra 25,000 yuan. Of course, this is just a personal suggestion.

Some people may ask, how to choose other models? I think this question should not be difficult to answer. When the power system is exactly the same, the difference in configuration depends on whether you have a need, or you should discuss it with friends and family.

Summary: Many opponents are strong

Mazda CX-5 has used test data to prove its strength. We have seen Mazda's progress and its emphasis on environmental protection and safety. Everything shows that CX-5 is an excellent product. Of course, this market environment is not comfortable. Look back at the rivals behind you. The Volkswagen Tiguan and Honda CR-V, which have been in this market for a long time, have all increased their vigilance. V has a beautiful appearance, comfortable riding experience and other characteristics, so I feel that its market prospects can be described as densely thorny. If you want to win a place in this market, you must not only have rich and practical configurations, but also make consumers genuine in terms of price. Feeling affordable.

Because it is a new product, the slightly more expensive price of CX-5 (23.38-28.18 million) will be a bit high-profile. Therefore, the first batch of consumers must be friends who value high-quality workmanship and do not care about price. With the development of CX-5, the localized CX-5 will also appear in front of us. To control the price and cost and lower the price range, I believe that CX-5 will have stronger competitiveness.

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