[YesAuto F1 Race] On July 27th, Letv Sports (hereinafter referred to as LeTV Sports) and Shanghai Jiushi International Event Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiushi Race) held a grand signing ceremony at the Shanghai Audi International Circuit. LeTV Sports and Jiushi Races formally reached an agreement to obtain the exclusive new media broadcast rights of F1 events in mainland China for the next four years. The cooperation content covers the live, recorded and on-demand rights of new media in all sub-stations of F1 each year.

At the ceremony, Mr. Gu Jiqing, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Jiushi International Event Management Co., Ltd., and Mr. Lei Zhenjian, CEO of LeTV Sports, signed their names on the big screen, thus reaching a cooperation intention. This cooperation is the world’s first F1 event to release new media broadcasting rights. Mr. Lei Zhenjian said that after the new media broadcasting function of LeTV races is launched, viewers can use “LeTV Video” on PC, LeTV Super TV, mobile phones, and iPad And “Kanqiu” APP to watch live broadcasts of F1 sub-stations, LeTV Sports will provide viewers with 1080P high-definition broadcast signals and 5.1-channel sound signals to enhance the audiovisual experience during the game. It is reported that starting from August this year, car fans will be able to watch F1 live high-definition pictures through LeTV events.

Mr. Lei Zhenjian also said that during the entire live broadcast process, LeTV Sports will provide viewers with 6 channels of video signals. These 6 channels include international live video signals, paddock video signals, driver tracking, timing data, racing front signals, and Real-time playback function. Compared with live TV with a single function, its function is much more powerful.

At the signing ceremony, in addition to the leaders of LeTV and Jiushi Race, hundreds of F1 fans also attended the event. The organizer also prepared a racing simulator on site for the fans to experience. In addition, in the topic discussion session after the signing ceremony, in addition to the “Arctic Shrimp” Pan Yongyong, who is familiar to Shanghai fans, was present to host the event, and Ye Fei, a well-known F1 race commentator, was also invited to participate in the interaction with the fans on site.

On February 27 this year, LeTV Sports and NBA China announced a long-term partnership. LeTV, as the “NBA China Official Internet TV Broadcasting Partner”, will broadcast NBA events to fans across platforms. LeTV’s acquisition of the exclusive rights to broadcast F1 events by new media can be said to be another breakthrough for LeTV.com in the field of sports broadcasting. Compared with traditional TV live broadcasts, the 6-channel picture signal provided by LeTV events is believed to be useful for professional fans. It is a better choice for watching games.