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[YesAuto concept car real shot] At the 2020 Beijing Auto Show, GAC has brought the Yingdong ENPULSE pure electric concept car. This car is compact and powerful, positioned as a pure electric high-performance roadster, a field that the Chinese brand has never set foot in before. Not only that, but the factory staff vowed to say that the possibility of mass production of this car is great! Is it true? At the booth, I met Zhang Fan, deputy dean of the GAC Research Institute and director of the Concept and Modeling Center, and asked him to talk about the story behind this car.

Article summary:

It can be said that this car has taken full advantage of the pure electric platform: high power density, and the battery is arranged at the bottom of the car body, which can well reduce the center of gravity and increase the vehicle limit. In view of the purpose of this type of car, car owners are not so anxious about mileage. However, there are voices that show that today's young people's enthusiasm for cars, especially for driving cars, does not seem to be so high. I wonder if this sexy but cost-effective small sports car can stir the heartstrings of “Gen Z”? Let us look forward to the day when it goes off the production line.