[YesAuto Test Drive] It’s the new Regal again…it’s true, this year I have written no less than 5 articles about the new Regal test drive or test (click here to see all the new Regal articles), but who will let you make the product? The thread is so long! This time I bring you the test drive feeling of the new Regal 1.6T (hereinafter referred to as 1.6T). I will tell you my feelings about the small-displacement turbo and manual gear that you are very interested in.

● Talking about the appearance is too boring…

It has the same red T as the 2.0T logo. The wheel hub is the same as the 2.0 naturally aspirated model, with a size of 17 inches and a width of 225mm. There is nothing else that belongs to the 1.6T special logo.

● Interior part, talk about the seat

The 1.6T seat is made of black fabric. The feel and friction are good, and the vision is quite fashionable. Everyone can understand the picture, and it shows a sense of movement at a glance. Sitting on it feels the same as it looks, and the wrapping is well integrated. Although the waist is not adjustable, it is really comfortable for me, a 175cm (80kg) fat man!

The seat height adjustment is a design that should be spanked. The button design is not obvious to the touch, so that the first half of my test drive was driving in the highest position. Later, I felt this height adjustment. I don’t know if I was too stupid. The button design is too concealed.

● About 1.6T engine (not direct injection engine)

The data of this 1.6T engine is quite scary. The seemingly weak 1.6 displacement can squeeze up to 230Nm peak torque and 179 horsepower maximum power. The power per liter exceeds 80kW, which is too scary and too scary…

Seeing whether this small engine in front of me is a new generation of “god” engine, we will bring it to you in future performance tests. Today I can only talk about my test drive feelings.

● Driving experience

The coupling point of the clutch is not high or low, the clarity is within a reasonable range, and it is easy to get started, and the stroke is adjusted very short without deliberately emphasizing the movement. The turbocharger will be strongly involved at around 1500-1800 rpm, and the change after the turbo is started is quite obvious. Obviously, the initial working pressure value of the turbocharger of this 1.6T engine is relatively high. Perhaps it is this to make up for it. Its own shortcomings with small displacement.

When accelerating during driving, you can feel the increased pressure of the supercharger itself every time you high throttle. Generally speaking, there is a sense of acceleration. The process is a bit dry and not lubricated. This is indeed a small displacement turbocharger. A natural BUG of the compressor. Excluding what is dry and not dry, the acceleration process should be 230Nm torque, and the test results are estimated to be not bad.

This 1.6T engine also has a special feature in the “Superboost” mode. In this mode, the maximum torque can be increased by 35Nm (total torque 265Nm) and the most powerful acceleration lasting 5 seconds. This mode is not difficult to understand. It is nothing more than a function that is achieved through secondary air intake or increasing the boost value. However, the manufacturer did not arrange a person to explain clearly what this 1.6T ultra-propulsion mode is at this test drive meeting. The use of secondary air intake is still achieved by increasing the pressure value. It is a pity… I made a suggestion to GM. Such a good highlight did not arrange for an engineer who understands the product to explain it. I am really sorry for the media.

● About 6-speed manual transmission

In fact, when you buy a medium-sized car, few users still like pure manual, so I personally think that the 1.6T manual gearbox must be very demanding, because everyone has too many automatics at this price. The gearbox is optional. If you choose manual, you must pursue the pleasure of shifting brakes. If the pleasure cannot be provided, no one will check out, right, what do you think?

I am very pleased that the smoothness and gear stroke of this 6-speed manual gearbox can still be compared with the Volkswagen MQ system gearbox! It's just that the accuracy of entering the block is still a little bit worse. Of course, I think my requirements are a bit too demanding. Basically, this is a gearbox that will definitely impress you.

● Preliminary test drive conclusion

Buick didn’t want to take this 1.6T Regal for sales, just to enrich the product line and give users one more choice, so in fact, the meaning of what we talk about here is not too big, after all, one model and sales volume Irrelevant strategic products, users will pay attention to rather than choose. I suggest that you still consider a medium-sized car with automatic transmission. At this size, no one is willing to bother to shift gears manually. Although it is fun, I think this power combination (1.6T+6MT) is still used on the Cruze. Cool and more in line with the market. (Photo/Text Car Home Han Road)

● Digression

I have seen many readers in the community talking about which of the new Regal 1.6T (6MT) and Magotan 1.8TSI (DSG) is faster. I personally think that the manual PK dual clutch is not very comparable, but if everyone If you want to know which of the two cars is faster, Autohome can do it for everyone, because we happen to have a 1.8TSI (DSG) long-term test car in our hands. Vote to decide:

Voting: Survey of interest in comparison between the new Regal 1.6T and Magotan 1.8TSI
1. Do you think the performance comparison test between New Regal 1.6T/MT and Magotan 1.8TSI/DSG makes sense?
I think the powertrains of the two cars are still comparable, and I recommend a comparative test.
I think one manual and one automatic are not comparable. Even if a comparative test is done, it will not explain the problem.

● New Regal 1.6T parameters/configuration