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[YesAuto Car Purchase Manual] Lufeng Xiaoyao is indeed a very topical car recently. Not only is the name “Xiaoyao” very unique, but also the shape and interior design of the vehicle are also eye-catching. On January 4, Landwind Motors officially announced the official launch of Xiaoyao. The official guide price of 7.99-131.9 million yuan is not cheap, but this does not affect the strong interest of many consumers in this car, so I will give it today. Everyone analyzes which model of Xiaoyao is more worth buying.

● Landwind Xiaoyao model configuration list

Lufeng Xiaoyao official guide price
Model Price (ten thousand yuan)
1.5T 5MT bronze version 7.99
1.5T 5MT Silver Edition 8.39
1.5T 5MT Panorama Gold Edition 9.19
1.5GTDI 6MT Silver Edition 9.99
1.5GTDI 6MT Panorama Gold Edition 10.69
1.5GTDI CVT Silver Edition 11.19
1.5GTDI CVT Panorama Gold Edition 11.89
1.5GTDI CVT Panorama Platinum Edition 12.79
1.5GTDI CVT panoramic diamond version 13.19

Lufeng Xiaoyao offers five body colors for consumers to choose from , including Xiaoyao Red, Moya Brown, Gilt Gold, Haoyue White and Gobi Grey. Regardless of the fact that all models of Landwind Xiaoyao are equipped with 1.5T engines, they are actually equipped with two different power systems. The three entry-level models (5MT bronze, 5MT silver, and 5MT gold) are equipped with the Dongan code name 4G15T ( Manifold injection) 1.5T engine, while the rest of the models are equipped with Jiangling's 1.5T engine code-named JX4G15 (in-cylinder direct injection). The latter has higher power parameters and is matched with 6MT and CVT gearboxes.

In terms of models, Lufeng Xiaoyao has launched a total of five configuration levels, of which the bronze version is the most entry-level model, and the one configuration level higher than the bronze version is the silver version , including 1.5T 5MT silver version and 1.5GTDI 6MT/CVT silver version. ; The next higher configuration level is named the panoramic gold version , which also includes three different models of 1.5T 5MT panoramic gold version and 1.5GTDI 6MT/CVT panoramic gold version; the last top and top models are respectively named 1.5GTDI CVT Panoramic platinum version and 1.5GTDI CVT panoramic diamond version . The price difference from the lowest model to the top model of the whole series is 52,000 yuan, which is a considerable span.

● 1.5T bronze version ( including model: 1 model )
Official guide price:
1.5T 5MT bronze version: 79,900 yuan

1.5T bronze version configuration

1.5T 5MT bronze version

Manufacturer's guide price 79,900 yuan
engine Dongan 1.5T turbocharged engine
Gearbox 5-speed manual
Parking brake type Handbrake
Wheel size/tyre size 17 inch 215/60 R17
Main/passenger seat airbag Main●/Vice●
ISOFIX child safety seat interface
Braking force distribution
Steering wheel adjustment Up and down + forward and backward adjustment
Seat material Fabric
Rear seat reclining method Proportion down
Low beam lights halogen
High beam halogen
Adjustable headlight height
Rearview mirror electric adjustment
Air conditioner type Manual air conditioner

As the most entry-level configuration of the whole series of Landwind Xiaoyao models, the 1.5T 5MT bronze version priced at 79,900 yuan is equipped with a Dongan 1.5T engine that outputs 150 horsepower, and the transmission system matches a 5-speed manual gearbox. The new car is not equipped with basic safety equipment including electronic body stability system, traction control, etc. The comfortable technology configuration is basically not equipped with the rearview mirror electric folding and electric windows. The rim size is 17 inches, and the steering wheel is up and down + front and rear four. To adjust. It can be said that in addition to the low price of this car, the rest of the configuration does not have many bright spots, and it is not worth giving priority to purchase.

● 1.5T silver version ( including models: 3 models )

Although the same 1.5T silver version, the three models of this configuration are equipped with two different 1.5T engines, of which the Dongan 1.5T engine is matched with the 5MT gearbox, and the 6MT and CVT gearboxes are matched with The JMC 1.5T engine with direct injection technology and higher power parameters. Therefore, since the two power models are different in power parameters and configuration, we will introduce them separately.

Official guide price:
1.5T 5MT silver version: 83,900 yuan

Comparison of configuration differences between 5MT silver version and 5MT bronze version
Project/model 1.5T 5MT bronze version 1.5T 5MT Silver Edition
Selling price 79,900 yuan 83,900 yuan
Spread 4,000 yuan
Roof rack
Seat adjustment 4-way manual 6-way manual (increase high and low)
Exhaust pipe decoration

Compared with the 1.5T 5MT bronze version, the difference in configuration of this silver version is that compared with the bronze version, the three configurations of roof rack, seat height adjustment and exhaust pipe decoration are added, and the price is compared The bronze version has increased by 4,000 yuan. However, like the bronze version, the new car also lacks safety equipment and comfort equipment, and there is no substantial improvement compared to the bronze version. Therefore, in contrast, it is better to directly choose the more entry-level bronze version in order to pursue a lower price.

Official guide price:
1.5GTDI 6MT /CVT Silver Edition: 99,900 yuan / 111,900 yuan

The two models of the 1.5GTDI silver version are replaced with a JMC 1.5T direct injection engine, with a maximum output of 163 horsepower and a peak torque of 250 N·m. Compared with the Dongan 1.5T engine of the first two models, an increase of 13 horsepower, 40 N · Meter torque, the matching gearbox is also changed to a 6-speed manual and CVT gearbox, but the engine block material is changed to iron.

Comparison of configuration differences between 5MT Silver Edition and 6MT Silver Edition
Project/model 1.5T 5MT Silver Edition 1.5GTDI 6MT Silver Edition 1.5GTDI CVT Silver Edition
Selling price 83,900 yuan 9.99 million yuan 11.19 million yuan
Difference with the former 16,000 yuan 12,000 yuan
Brake assist system
Traction control
Body stability control
Parking type Handbrake Handbrake Electronic parking
Uphill assist
Cruise control
Steep slope
Electric sunroof
Panoramic skylight
Keyless start
Keyless entry
Multifunction steering wheel
Rearview mirror heating
Rearview mirror electric folding
Rear windshield glass heating
Parking radar Before-/after- Before-/after- Front-/Back

In terms of configuration, these two silver models are more improved than the 5MT silver version. In terms of safety configuration, there are three items of brake assist, traction control and electronic body stability system. Other aspects also include keyless entry/keyless start. , Multi-function steering wheel has three configurations, in addition, it also provides four configurations of rear-view mirror heating, rear-view mirror electric folding, electric sunroof/panoramic sunroof, and rear windshield glass heating. Compared with the 6MT silver version, the CVT silver version also adds four functions: electronic parking, rear parking radar, constant speed cruise and steep slope descent.

In terms of selling price, the official guide price of the 6MT silver version has increased by 16,000 yuan compared with the 5MT silver version, but it can not only be used for the difference in the power system, but also the safety and comfort configuration has been comprehensively improved. It is not a problem to meet the needs of daily use. And the price of less than 100,000 yuan is within the acceptable range for a compact SUV of a Chinese brand with a stylish personality, so this model is more worthy of recommendation. As for the CVT silver version, its price has increased by 12,000 yuan compared with the 6MT silver version, and this price difference can also be exchanged for further improvements in several comfort configurations. As the entry model of the automatic version of all models, although the price has reached 11.19 However, in a comprehensive comparison, I think this car can also be considered in your car purchase. After all, there are not many people who have a demand for automatic transmission models.

● 1.5T Gold Edition ( including models: 3 models )

Consistent with the silver version, the three models of the gold version are also divided into two power system models. The 5MT panoramic gold version is the top model equipped with Dongan 1.5T engine, and the 6MT/CVT panoramic gold version is matched with the Jiangling 1.5T engine. Car model, so we talk about the same two types of cars separately.

Official guide price:
1.5T 5MT Panorama Gold Edition: 91,900 yuan

Comparison of configuration differences between 5MT Gold Edition and 5MT Silver Edition
Project/model 1.5T 5MT Silver Edition 1.5T 5MT Gold Edition
Selling price 83,900 yuan 91,900 yuan
Spread 8,000 yuan
Panoramic skylight
Multifunction steering wheel
Trip computer display
Seat material
Rear windshield glass heating
Pollen filter
Number of speakers 2 pcs 6
Tire pressure monitoring function

As the top model equipped with Dongan 1.5T engine, the 1.5T 5MT panoramic gold version has an improved configuration compared to the 5MT silver version, mainly focusing on the comfort configuration, which adds a panoramic sunroof, multi-function steering wheel, driving computer display, and imitation Leather seats, rear windshield glass heating, pollen filtering function and 6-speaker audio system are equipped with 8 items. In addition, the center console of the car is made of slush molding process, and tire pressure monitoring function is optional. It is a pity that the 5MT panoramic gold model also lacks in safety configuration, including functions such as body stability control and traction control, which are not equipped.

In terms of price, compared to the price of 83,900 yuan for the 5MT silver version, it is 8,000 yuan more expensive. The increase in this series of configurations is basically in line with the price difference. I personally think that this 5MT panoramic gold version is not a priority model, but The recommended value is higher than the 5MT bronze version and 5MT silver version.

Official guide price:
1.5GTDI 6MT /CVT Panorama Gold Edition: 106,900 yuan / 118,900 yuan

Comparison of configuration differences between 6MT Gold Edition and 5MT Gold Edition
Project/model 1.5T 5MT Gold Edition 1.5GTDI 6MT Gold Edition
Selling price 91,900 yuan 106,900 yuan
Spread 15,000 yuan
Brake assist
Body stability control
Traction control
Uphill assist
Keyless entry
Keyless start
LED daytime running lights
Parking radar Front-/Back
Rearview mirror heating
Rearview mirror electric folding

Next, let’s take a look at the two models of the 1.5GTDI 6MT/CVT panoramic gold version. We have already discussed the power situation of the two models more clearly at the silver version. Their power equipment is exactly the same as the 1.5GTDI 6MT/CVT silver version. . In terms of configuration, the 1.5GTDI 6MT panoramic gold version is compared with the 1.5T 5MT panoramic gold version priced at 91,900 yuan. It mainly adds three safety configurations including brake assist, traction control and electronic body stability system, as well as uphill assist, There are six configurations of rear parking radar, keyless entry/keyless start, LED daytime running lights, rearview mirror heating, and rearview mirror electric folding.

Comparison of configuration differences between 6MT Gold Edition and 6MT Silver Edition
Project/model 1.5GTDi 6MT Silver Edition 1.5GTDi 6MT Gold Edition 1.5GTDi CVT Silver Edition 1.5GTDi CVT Gold Edition
Selling price 9.99 million yuan 106,900 yuan 11.19 million yuan 118,900 yuan
Corresponding price difference 7,000 yuan 7,000 yuan
Panoramic skylight
Trip computer display
Seat material Fabric imitation leather Fabric imitation leather
LED daytime running lights
Number of speakers 2 pcs 6 2 pcs 6
Reverse image
Tire pressure monitoring device
8-inch center console display
Wheel size 17 inches 17 inches 17 inches 17 inches (optional 18 inches)
Cruise control
Steep slope
Automatic headlights
Induction wiper

Compared with the previous configuration level 1.5GTDI 6MT/CVT silver version with the same power, it has more features such as panoramic sunroof, driving computer display, imitation leather seats, LED daytime running lights and 6-speaker audio. In addition, these two models can also be equipped with reversing video images, tire pressure monitoring devices, and 8-inch center console color large screens. Among them, the CVT panoramic gold version is also on the basis of the 6MT panoramic gold version, with four more configurations: fixed-speed cruise, steep slope descent, automatic headlights and sensor wipers, and can be equipped with 18-inch wheels.

In terms of price, compared with the 5MT panoramic gold version (91,900 yuan), the 1.5GTDI 6MT panoramic gold version (106,900 yuan) is more expensive by 15,000 yuan. The price difference is in exchange for an all-round improvement in configuration, covering safety and comfort Two aspects of sexual configuration. Compared with the 1.5GTDI 6MT/CVT silver version (9.99 million yuan/111,900 yuan), the 6MT/CVT gold version is both expensive by 7 million yuan. The added comfort configuration is only in the optional configuration. The aspect provides more abundant. In view of the configuration situation, the 5MT panoramic gold version has purchase value. For the 1.5GTDI 6MT/CVT panoramic gold version, on the one hand, the official guide price is slightly higher, and on the other hand, compared with the silver version, there are fewer key configurations, so it can not be included in the priority category.

● 1.5GTDI platinum version ( including model: 1 model )
Official guide price:
1.5 GTDI CVT Platinum Edition: 127,900 yuan

Comparison of configuration differences between CVT Platinum Edition and CVT Gold Edition
Project/model 1.5GTDI CVT Gold Edition 1.5GTDI CVT Platinum Edition
Selling price 118,900 yuan 12.79
Spread 9,000 yuan
Wheel size 17 inches 18 inches
Front/rear side airbag Before ●/after-
Reverse image
Panoramic camera
Leather steering wheel
Electric adjustment of main/passenger seat Main ●/Vice-
Heated front/rear seats Before ●/after-
8-inch center console display Front-/Back
Bluetooth phone
Number of speakers 6 8
Low beam lights halogen led
High beam halogen led
Air conditioning control method Manual automatic
Ambient lights in the car
Internet of Vehicles/Navigation System
Engine start-stop technology
Remote start
Front/rear parking radar Front-/Back Before ○ / After

The 1.5GTDI platinum version is the second top model of the entire series. It only includes the CVT platinum version and does not provide a manual transmission version. Compared with the 1.5GTDI CVT gold version with a lower configuration and also equipped with a CVT gearbox, it adds 18-inch wheels, front side airbags, reversing images, panoramic camera, leather steering wheel, electric adjustment of the main driving seat, Front seat heating, 8-inch central control display, Bluetooth phone, 8-speaker audio, LED headlights, automatic air-conditioning and many other configurations, and optional interior atmosphere lights, car networking/navigation system, engine start-stop technology , Remote start and six configurations of front parking radar.

In terms of price, the price of the 1.5GTDI CVT platinum version has only increased by 9 million yuan compared to the CVT gold version. The comfort configuration obtained by such a price difference is basically a large-span improvement. In terms of the price-performance ratio of this model, it is indeed outstanding. It is stronger than the 1.5GTDI gold version, but the official guide price of 127,900 yuan seems to be a bit entangled for consumers who buy this car. After all, this price can already buy many joint-venture compact SUVs.

● 1.5 GTDI Diamond Edition ( including model: 1 model )
Official guide price:
1.5GTDI CVT panoramic diamond version: 131,900 yuan

Comparison of the configuration differences between the diamond version and the platinum version
Project/model 1.5GTDi CVT Platinum Edition 1.5GTDi CVT Diamond Edition
Selling price 12.79 million 131,900 yuan
Spread 4,000 yuan
Front/rear parking radar Before ○ / After Front●/Back
Tire pressure monitoring
Remote start
Navigation system/Internet of Vehicles
Ambient lights in the car
Red brake calipers
Shark fin antenna
Flowing water turn signal
Engine start-stop system

The 1.5GTDI CVT panoramic diamond version is the top model of the Landwind Xiaoyao car series. The official guide price reaches 131,900 yuan. Compared with the platinum version, the configuration improvement is not much. Basically, the platinum version of the model is optional. The car has become standard equipment, including tire pressure monitoring, front and rear parking radar, remote engine start, navigation system, car networking, and interior atmosphere lights. In addition, the diamond version also adds red brake calipers and shark fin antennas. , Flowing water turn signal and other configurations, but the engine start-stop function is still optional.

As for the selling price, compared with the platinum version, the price of the diamond version is 4 million yuan higher. The price difference can be said to be relatively small, and the value of a series of configurations in exchange is still higher than this 4000 yuan, which also includes Front and rear parking radar and tire pressure monitoring are commonly used configuration options. But it has the same problem as the platinum version, that is, its official guide price is relatively high. If you just buy it as a family car and a transportation tool, the top model is definitely not the preferred choice, but this does not deny this The top models are still cost-effective.

● Lufeng Xiaoyao product review

Landwind Xiaoyao is positioned as a compact SUV and was officially launched on January 4, 2018. The new car launched a total of 9 different subdivision models, with a price range of 79,900 yuan to 131,900 yuan.

Lufeng Xiaoyao’s styling is very individual, and some coupe SUVs have a good sense of sight. The front face adopts the family-style design elements of Landwind, and some radical and smooth lines are used on the body. Although if you don’t look carefully, there will be some sense of sight of the Mercedes-Benz GLA class, but the overall styling elements are still used very decently, incorporating a lot of autonomy. Design language. Except for the top and second top models equipped with 18-inch wheels, all other models are equipped with 17-inch wheels as standard (currently not pictured), and the CVT gold version can be equipped with this 18-inch wheel as an option.

The interior materials and workmanship of the Xiaoyao are quite good. The control panel of the gold version and above is all made of slush molding. The red and black color of the interior also highlights the youthfulness. The integrated seat is very Mercedes-Benz, and the manufacturer claims that the interior of the Xiaoyao With the luxurious design of Mercedes-Benz and the sense of sight of Porsche, it really “does it” in terms of interior color matching and detailed design.

The specific performance of the ride and storage space has been demonstrated in detail by our colleagues during the test drive. You can understand it through the pictures.

In terms of power system, Lufeng Xiaoyao provides two 1.5T turbocharged engines for consumers to choose from. The Dongan 1.5T turbocharged engine matched with a 5-speed manual transmission has a maximum output of 150 horsepower and a peak torque of 210 N·m; The Jiangling 1.5T turbocharged engine matched with a 6-speed manual and CVT gearbox has a maximum output of 163 horsepower and a peak torque of 250 N·m.

Before, my colleague conducted a test drive on the 1.5GTDI Diamond Edition of Xiaoyao: “The power performance of the new car is satisfactory. The 1.5T engine does not take much effort to drive this SUV weighing more than 1.5 tons, and the accelerator pedal is not heavy. You don’t need to step very deep, you can start smoothly. If you drive with a relaxed attitude, you will feel that the car is easy to control, the speed is very linear, and you will not feel the power connection when the gearbox is shifted. The noise of the engine running is proportional to the depth of the accelerator. In proportion, the overall vehicle noise control is pretty good. As far as the chassis texture is concerned, Xiaoyao has reached or even surpassed the chassis texture of the joint venture SUV, which is satisfactory.”

Full text summary:

The young and fashionable exterior design and excellent interior materials and workmanship, coupled with the high-level driving experience, have laid a good foundation for Lufeng Xiaoyao, and the model is also aimed at young consumer groups. This is what Lufeng Xiaoyao is. The positioning is very right. The price of the new car at RMB 7.99-13.19 million is not low. Therefore, in terms of model selection, we pay more attention to recommending two silver models with relatively low prices. This is mainly due to the fact that the price of the vehicle and the corresponding configuration are considered. In comparison, buying this Chinese brand compact SUV with a strong personality at a price of about 100,000 is more in line with consumer expectations. Although the configuration of the silver version is not rich, it is enough. Of course, if you have a sufficient budget and are particularly interested in the Xiaoyao car, the top-of-the-line diamond version can also be considered. I wonder if this article provides effective advice for your car purchase?

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