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[YesAuto Purchase Manual] In June this year, Zotye’s new SUV model T600 Coupe was officially launched. This medium-sized SUV based on T600 is more inclined to younger consumers. There are a total of 11 models, providing 1.5T and 1.8T power. The former has 6 configurations and the latter has 5 configurations. I believe that so many styles will definitely make prospective car owners a little confused when choosing. This article will solve this problem for everyone to see which model to buy is the most affordable.

Zotye T600 Coupe guide price
Model Price (ten thousand yuan)
1.5T MT luxury type 8.68
1.5T MT exclusive type 9.58
1.5T AT luxury type 9.88
1.5T AT Premium 10.68
1.5T AT premium type 11.58
1.5T AT flagship 12.58
1.8T DCT luxury type 10.58
1.8T DCT exclusive 11.38
1.8T DCT noble type 12.28
1.8T DCT flagship 13.28
1.8T DCT Internet Supreme Type 14.68

● Static performance review:

T600 Coupe, from the name of such a fashionable model, it can be seen that this car must be taking a young and fashionable route. Indeed, compared to the relatively modest shape of the T600, the T600 Coupe is much more eye-catching. In some detailed designs, such as the LED width lights under the front bumper, the T600 sports version is borrowed.

In terms of body size, the length and height of the T600 Coupe are larger than those of the T600, while the width and wheelbase remain unchanged. The side suspension roof design also makes the overall visual effect more beautiful, while the T600 is more ordinary.

The design of Zotye T600 Coupe in terms of details is quite satisfactory, and the fully-covered door design can also prevent passengers from rubbing their trouser legs when getting on and off in rainy days.

The rear shape is round and full, and the diamond-shaped exhaust hole at the bottom also highlights the sporty temperament. In terms of rims, except for the three luxury models (with the lowest configuration) and the 1.5T manual exclusive model, which are 17 inches, the rest are all 18 inches. The brake disc with perforated markings is also one of the more eye-catching configurations in the same class.

Coming to the car, the layout of the center console of the T600 Coupe is closer to that of the T600 sporty, but it has been optimized in detail. For example, the handlebar part has been changed to a traditional lever type that makes it easier for most consumers to use. Replaced with a D-shaped flat-bottomed steering wheel and so on.

In terms of materials, the T600 Coupe uses a piece of hard plastic on the top of the dashboard, and almost all the places within reach are covered with soft materials. Considering that its price of about 100,000 yuan can have such a performance, it can be considered It's pretty good.

Experiencers with a height of 180cm sit in the front row and adjust the seat to the lowest level. The headroom is 3 fingers. As a medium-sized SUV model, the performance is slightly cramped, but when it comes to the back row, the headroom is still 3 The legs are 1 punch + 4 fingers. Overall, the ride space of the T600 Coupe is not particularly large. The volume of the trunk is good. After all, the size of the body is displayed here. It would be better if the partition material of the trunk was thicker.

Zotye T600 Coupe provides three sets of power to choose from, 1.5T+5MT, 1.5T+6AT and 1.8T+6DCT. The 1.5T engine has a maximum power of 156 horsepower and a peak torque of 207 N·m; the 1.8T engine has the maximum power. The power is 177 horsepower and the peak torque is 245 N·m.

The front Macpherson + rear multi-link independent suspension is a relatively satisfactory combination in this level. According to the feedback in the previous test drive article, the adjustment of this suspension is not bad, the chassis feels more compact, and corners The time is also quite simple, which is consistent with the sporty temperament of the whole car.

● Power selection:

Before analyzing the configuration, let's talk to everyone about how to choose the power system. The first is whether to choose 1.8T or 1.5T. In terms of parameters, the difference between the two engines is 21 horsepower and 38 Nm. The difference between the same configuration model is 7000 yuan, but the current 1.5T model can also enjoy the preferential purchase tax policy (this policy will As of December 31, 2017), in fact, the difference in the terminal selling price will reach about 10,000 yuan. Calculating this way, it is not very cost-effective to spend an extra 5-digit price in exchange for such a small power advantage. Therefore, under the premise of enjoying the preferential purchase tax policy, I recommend buying a 1.5T model.

Secondly, let’s look at the 1.5T model. The price difference between the automatic and manual transmission models with the same configuration is more than 10,000. In addition to liberating the left foot, it can also obtain the cruise control function. In addition, only two entry-level models of the T600 Coupe provide manual transmissions, so consumers who have a need for configuration will naturally skip the MT models directly.

● Configuration analysis:

Zotye T600 Coupe configuration analysis
Configuration power system
Luxury 1.5T+5MT, 1.5T+6AT, 1.8T+6DCT
Exclusive 1.5T+5MT, 1.5T+6AT, 1.8T+6DCT
Noble 1.5T+6AT, 1.8T+6DCT
Flagship 1.5T+6AT, 1.8T+6DCT
Internet Zhizun 1.8T+6DCT

Although there are 11 models in the T600 Coupe car series, it seems a bit complicated, but let us sort out the idea is actually very simple, apart from the differences in the transmission system that have been analyzed just now, there are mainly 5 configurations: luxury and exclusive , Noble, Flagship, and Internet Smart Zun, so we only need to analyze these 5 types of configuration models.

◆ 1.5T manual luxury type/1.5T automatic luxury type/1.8T automatic luxury type

Guide price: 86,800/98,800/10.58 million

As just analyzed, the three power systems all provide the luxury configuration level, from the cheapest to the most expensive, the price span is close to 20,000, which is quite large among the models of around 100,000 yuan. However, in addition to the difference in power, only the manual luxury model lacks the cruise control function, and the rest of the functions are exactly the same.

1.5T manual luxury type/1.5T automatic luxury type/1.8T automatic luxury type basic configuration
External configuration

17-inch wheels, rear radar, halogen headlights, LED daytime running lights, roof rack

Internal configuration

Steering wheel up and down adjustment, driving computer display, GPS navigation system, central control 9-inch color screen, Bluetooth, 4 speakers

Security configuration Main/passenger airbag, front side airbag, ABS, ISOFIX child safety seat interface,
Comfortable configuration

Automatic headlight height adjustment, imitation leather seats, rear seats in 4:6 ratio, manual air conditioning,
Pollen filtration, electric sunroof

The configuration of the entry-level model is relatively basic, except that the central control 9-inch color screen and GPS navigation are more comfortable for the whole system, and the other performance is relatively average. In particular, the lack of functions such as the body stabilization system and the electronic engine anti-theft has reduced the safety factor of these three models to a certain extent. Therefore, unless the purchase budget is very limited, it is recommended to purchase a higher configuration .

◆ 1.5T manual exclusive type/1.5T automatic exclusive type/1.8T automatic exclusive type

Guide price: 95,800/10.68 million/113,800

The exclusive model can be described as the second-lowest model of the T600 Coupe. Compared with the luxury model, it has a price difference of 8,000 to 9,000 yuan. It seems that the span is quite large, basically close to 10% of the car price, but the configuration that can be exchanged is also quite rich. .

Luxury type / exclusive type configuration comparison
Project/model Luxury Exclusive
Price (ten thousand yuan) 8.68/9.88/10.58 9.58/10.68/11.38
Spread (ten thousand yuan) +0.8-0.9
Type of assistance Mechanical hydraulic power Electric power
Wheel size 17 inches

1.5 manual exclusive type 17 inches /

1.5 and 1.8T automatic exclusive type 18 inches

Brake assist
Traction control
Body stability control
Front/rear parking radar Before-/ After ● Before ● / After ●
Reverse image
Uphill assist
Engine electronic anti-theft
Keyless start
Keyless entry
Leather steering wheel
Multifunction steering wheel
Number of speakers 4 6
Ambient lights in the car
Rearview mirror heating
Air conditioning control method Manual automatic
Rear exhaust vent
Temperature zone control

The price difference of 9,000 yuan (8,000 yuan) can be exchanged for more beautiful 18-inch wheels, and the power-assisted method has also been upgraded from mechanical hydraulic to electric, making it easier to drive. This increase in safety configuration also makes driving more secure on weekdays. In terms of convenience configuration, the appearance of front radar, reversing image, uphill assist, multi-function steering wheel and other functions are also popular. However, if the configuration in the above table is to be installed after purchasing the car, it is not only difficult to realize, but the cost is bound to be far greater than 9,000 yuan, so the difference is very cost-effective. And the equipped configuration is enough for daily use. For consumers with too much budget, the exclusive type is a cost-effective choice .

◆ 1.5T automatic distinguished type/1.8T automatic distinguished type

Guide price: 115,800/122,800

The premium model is the mid-range configuration of the entire series, which is 9,000 yuan more expensive than the premium model. However, the greater significance of its configuration upgrade is to enhance the sense of grade of the vehicle, mostly for the icing on the cake.

Comparison of automatic premium type/automatic premium type configuration
Project/model Automatic exclusive type Automatic distinguished type
Price (ten thousand yuan) 10.68/11.38 11.58/12.28
Spread (ten thousand yuan) +0.9
Front/rear head airbag (air curtain) Before ● / After ●
Panoramic skylight
Lumbar support adjustment
Main/passenger electric adjustment Main ● / Vice ●
Adjustable button for the rear passenger seat (boss button)
Number of speakers 6 8
Automatic headlight
One-key lift of car windows Whole car
Anti-pinch function on windows
Automatic anti-glare inside rearview mirror
Rearview mirror electric folding
Induction wiper

Electric adjustment of the main and co-pilot, panoramic sunroof, anti-glare of the inner rearview mirror, and one-button lift of the window are the distinguished configurations with higher gold content. The rest such as the “boss button”, 8 speakers, etc. are more for It just enhances the sense of grade of the vehicle. The price difference of 9000 yuan is within a reasonable range, but for consumers, the premium model is not as cost-effective as the exclusive model. If the budget is sufficient, you can actually buy the flagship model with more complete configuration in one step (the next detailed analysis), while the exclusive model is actually It can also meet the daily car demand .

◆ 1.5T automatic flagship type/1.8T automatic flagship type

Guide price: 125,800/132,800

The flagship model is the top model of the 1.5T model, while the 1.8T model is the second top model, which is 10,000 yuan more expensive than the lower level configuration of each. Although the price difference is large, the functions that can be obtained are Quite rich.

Automatic distinguished type / automatic flagship type configuration comparison
Project/model Automatic distinguished type Automatic flagship
Price (ten thousand yuan) 11.58/12.28 12.58/13.28
Spread (ten thousand yuan) +1
Tire pressure monitoring
Parallel auxiliary
Lane departure warning
Panoramic camera
Electric trunk
Induction trunk
Full LCD dashboard
Mobile phone wireless charging
Heated front seats
Low beam lights halogen Xenon
High beam halogen Xenon

As we all know, the cost of the xenon lamp is not low. In the aftermarket, it often requires several thousand to change a set of xenon lamps with far and near beam lenses. The functions such as the induction electric trunk, panoramic reversing image, lane departure warning, and tire pressure monitoring are all configurations that can greatly improve the convenience of daily use of the car. In addition to the full LCD instrument panel and wireless charging, the sense of technology in the car can also be greatly improved. In short, it is undoubtedly very cost-effective to spend 10,000 yuan in exchange for so many configurations. For consumers with sufficient budget, we recommend buying the flagship model .

◆ 1.8T Automatic Internet Smart Zun

Guide price: 146,800

The top model of the whole series is 14,000 yuan more expensive than the second top model, and a full 60,000 yuan more than the entry-level 1.5T manual luxury model. However, the difference in configuration performance and the second-top models are not very big.

1.8T automatic flagship type / 1.8T automatic Internet Zhizun configuration comparison
Project/model 1.8T automatic flagship 1.8T Automatic Internet Smart Zun
Price (ten thousand yuan) 13.28 14.68
Spread (ten thousand yuan) +1.4
Electric welcome pedal
Main driver's seat memory
Number of speakers 8 12
Tufted carpet
Tye-net Intelligent Control System

It can be seen that the configuration difference between the 1.8T automatic Internet Zhizun model and the flagship model is mainly reflected in the configuration that enhances the sense of grade of the vehicle, such as electric welcome pedal, subwoofer, tufted carpet, etc., but in fact, for the T600 Coupe The main target consumer groups should not particularly care about these functions. And that set of Tye-net intelligent control system that can be named “Internet” is unfortunately we haven't had the opportunity to experience it before. However, the guide price of 146,800 yuan has little advantage from the Chinese brand SUV. Obviously, the significance of this car is more to set the benchmark of the car series. It can also be used as the first pioneer product to test the water of the Internet car. The sales task is bound to not be weighed on it.

● Recommended models

Zotye T600 Coupe 2017 1.5T manual exclusive type

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price


Zotye T600 Coupe 2017 1.5T automatic exclusive type

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

10.68 million

Five-star recommends two 1.5T exclusive models, the prices are 95,800 and 106,800 respectively. The main reason is that the exclusive safety configuration is relatively complete, and the functional configuration is also relatively rich, which can well meet the daily needs of the car. If you don’t care about the tired left foot when driving, you can choose the manual transmission model; and if you are not used to driving Manual gear, or often running at high speed, friends who have a certain demand for fixed-speed cruising can suggest the automatic distinguished type.

Zotye T600 Coupe 2017 1.5T automatic flagship

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

12.58 million

Four-star recommends 1.5T automatic flagship model, the price is 125,800 yuan. As mentioned earlier, for consumers with sufficient budget, we recommend buying the flagship model. It can be described as comprehensive in terms of functions, whether it is a sense of class, a sense of technology, or practicality. As for why the 1.8T model is not recommended, the reason is also mentioned at the beginning of the second page. The main reason is that the current policy causes the 1.8L displacement to be much higher than the 1.5L in the terminal price, which results in the former's cost-effectiveness.

● Full text summary

Zotye T600 Coupe, as a medium-sized SUV model of a Chinese brand of about 100,000 yuan, still has its own advantages: the design acceptance is high, the configuration is relatively rich, and the price is very reasonable. Most of the most important competitors at the same price are in class. One size smaller, which is quite attractive to Chinese consumers who love to buy big cars. In terms of configuration, its overall division is also more reasonable. Our five-star recommended sub-lower model is definitely the main sales force, which is about 9,000 yuan more expensive than the entry-level, but it can be exchanged for a bunch of configurations, which is quite cost-effective. Consumers with more budgets can buy the flagship model and can feel the T600 Coupe with more features.

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