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[YesAuto Car Buying Manual] In recent years, the cartoon “Bear Haunted” has spread all over the country, and the protagonist Xiong Da Xiong Er has also become a star character. Unexpectedly, Skoda also brought its own “Bear Brothers” in the auto market. Kodiak (a kind of brown bear name) has established a new image of Skoda SUV in the market, and now the “Little Bear” Koluok has also landed in the Chinese market. The new car has launched a total of 4 models equipped with 1.2T/1.4T engines. Models, the price range is 139,900 to 185,900 yuan , let's take a look at which model is the most cost-effective.

SAIC Skoda Koluoke guide price


Price (ten thousand yuan)

TSI230 Standard Edition (1.2T)


TSI280 Comfort Edition (1.4T)


TSI280 Deluxe Edition (1.4T)


TSI280 Ultimate Edition (1.4T)


Model introduction:

Koluoke is positioned as a compact SUV, and the appearance is the continuation of the family design of Skoda SUV. The overall shape is similar to Kodiak, and the body size is closer to the same level of CR-V and Guide. See Friends who have been to Kodiak will be more familiar with Koluoke's style.

In terms of options, the new car comes with 6 colors to choose from, namely black, white, gray, orange, green and gold to meet the needs of young consumers. In terms of rim configuration, rims of different sizes will be provided according to different models. The entry-level 1.2T model uses 16-inch wheels, the two 1.4T models in the mid-range use 17-inch wheels, and the top models use 18-inch wheels. Rim. The interior also has two different color combinations, the standard is black interior, and the top and second top models can choose beige interior.

In terms of configuration, the new car has a relatively complete electronic safety configuration. ESP, tire pressure monitoring, reversing radar, etc. are all standard equipment of the whole system. At the same time, the fixed-speed cruise, start-stop and brake energy recovery systems are also standard. It reflects the high degree of importance that manufacturers attach to technological configuration, and also ensures the safety and convenience of new cars.

In terms of power, the new car will provide two powers of 1.2T (TSI230) and 1.4T (TSI280). The maximum power of the two is 116 horsepower and 150 horsepower respectively, and the peak torque is 200 N·m and 250 N·m respectively. In terms of transmission, the entire Ke Luoke series comes standard with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

■ Configuration analysis

Ke Luoke currently only has 4 models with 2 displacements, and the number is small, and the price difference between each model is relatively large, and the level of configuration is also obvious. It should be said that it is not difficult for consumers to choose. Below we detail the configuration differences between each model to help you choose a better car.

TSI230 Standard Edition

Koluoke’s entry-level model is a TSI230 standard version with a 1.2T engine. The price of 139,900 yuan should be said to be not high among compact SUVs. The 1.2T engine has a small displacement, 200 Nm and 116 horsepower. It should be said that it mainly meets the daily transportation needs, but it cannot require much power experience.

The configuration performance has certain bright spots. In addition to the eight systems mentioned above, the front and rear one-touch electric anti-pinch windows, HHC ramp assist system, and UV-resistant heat-insulating glass are all practical configurations. The configuration of the same level and the same price range has certain advantages. If you have a low demand for power, you can consider it.

TSI280 Comfort Edition

The TSI280 comfort version is replaced with a 1.4T engine. There is no need to worry about power. The difference between the comfort version and the standard version is not big. What is visible is the upgrade of the 17-inch wheels and the increase of 9 inches in the interior. For the functional entertainment system, the overall configuration should be more balanced, with no obvious shortcomings. Of course, the price is also a gap of 17,000 yuan compared with the standard model. The total price of 156,900 yuan should be said to be not low, and it is basically the mainstream level of the same level.

TSI280 Deluxe Edition

Compared with the comfortable version, the deluxe version has more configurations, which have improved safety, comfort and convenience, and the price increase is 13,000 yuan. Among them, the more practical configurations include panoramic sunroof, leather seat, keyless entry and one-button start, etc. The safety improvement includes ACC adaptive cruise, front safety assist system, rear view camera, etc., it should be said that the price difference is 13,000 yuan It is still good value for money, the total price is controlled within 170,000, and the price is relatively high.

TSI280 Comfort Edition and TSI280 Deluxe Edition Configuration Difference Table
Model TSI280 Comfort Edition TSI280 Deluxe Edition
price 15.69 million 16.99 million
Spread 13,000
Panoramic skylight
Three-dimensional straight waterfall chrome grille
Body chrome door handle
Full-frame car window metal trim
Chrome-plated tailpipe decoration
Seat Fabric PVC and fabric inlay
Three sports multifunctional steering wheels
Front and rear door welcome step trim
No reminder of rear seat belt
Double front side airbags
Front and rear penetrating head air curtain
Keyless entry and one-key start
Front covered electric heated seats
Driver seat adjustment 6-way manual adjustment 8-way electric adjustment and 4-way electric lumbar support
Driving assistance system (ACC adaptive cruise, front safety assist system)
The exterior mirrors can be heated
Driving mode selection
Intelligent multi-road conditions full LED headlights with steering assist lighting system Optional
Fully automatic air conditioning with dual temperature zones
Rear seat air outlet
Rear view camera

TSI280 Ultimate Edition

Compared with the luxury version, the flagship version has 15 upgrades and a price increase of 16,000, most of which are relatively high-end equipment, such as LED headlights, automatic parking, electronic handbrake, reversing warning brake function, and blind spot monitoring. The improvement is obvious, but these are all configurations that are icing on the cake, not a necessary function of the daily car, and will not affect daily use. The price difference of 16,000 yuan is still relatively large. The total price exceeds 180,000 yuan. It is already close to the higher-level Kodiak. In the same price range, it will face competition from the higher-level models. It should be said that the overall price/performance ratio is not very high. , Suitable for friends with sufficient budget.

■ Recommended models

The price of the luxury model has increased by 13,000 compared with the comfort model, and the configuration has increased by more than 20 items. It has comprehensive improvements in safety, performance and comfort, such as reversing images, electric seats, panoramic sunroofs, and 6 airbags, which are basically equipped The mainstream configuration of the same level is suitable for friends with sufficient budget and high configuration requirements. The total price reaches 169,900 yuan, which should be said to be not low in the same level, but the advantage is that the configuration is rich enough, the active and passive safety configurations are complete, there is basically no need to install other configurations after buying the car, and the overall cost-effectiveness is relatively high.

Ke Luoke 2018 TSI280 Deluxe Edition

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

16.99 million

The comfort type is a relatively balanced configuration in the Koluoke car series. The 1.4T engine has sufficient power and is easy to use in daily use. The configuration is mainly that the active safety system is relatively complete. ESP, reversing radar, tire pressure monitoring, multiple collision prevention systems, etc. are already standard. In terms of comfort, 9-inch multi-function navigation entertainment system, start-stop, fixed-speed cruise They are all equipped, and there are no obvious shortcomings in function. The price of 156,900 yuan is not high among compact SUVs, and is basically in the mainstream range. The overall price-performance ratio is good, and it is worth buying.

Ke Luoke 2018 TSI280 Comfort Edition

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

15.69 million

■ Summary:

There are only 4 versions of Ke Luoke, and the differences in price and configuration of each version are relatively large, and the distinction is clear. For consumers, it is mainly to think clearly about their needs, and it is not difficult to choose a version that suits them. From the overall performance and configuration performance, the most recommended is the TSI280 deluxe version, this version is suitable for most people. The biggest shortcoming of the entry-level TSI230 standard version is that the power configuration is slightly weaker. The compact SUV driven by the 1.2T engine can cope with daily travel, but the power experience will be slightly worse. If the demand for the car is mainly for urban transportation, it does not pursue the power experience. Friends of you can also consider, the configuration is sufficient, and the price of 139,900 yuan is relatively economical. The top-equipped flagship model is mainly due to the high total price. The price of more than 180,000 is still a bit high for most consumers at this level, and the price is close to the Kodiak 2.0T model, which belongs to the focus on richness. Friends who are equipped and have sufficient funds. (Text/Car Home Liang Haiwen)

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